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  1. Grizz's Logs

    Well 18 rolls on the Grade 5 FSD (extended Range) and nothing over 34%. Not happy with that so back at the grind tonight
  2. Grizz's Logs

    Spent the evening farming rare materials at Dav's Hope out in Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23. Got enough for about 30 FSD Grade 5 modifications, heading back to Farseer today. Hopefully got enough to get a good FSD roll. Then Will start working on the Powerplants Overcharged.
  3. Grizz's Logs

    Update: Did some research and found the much needed grade 5 compound for FSD Arsenic to highest concentration noted. 2.7% in the Timbalderis system on body AB 1 D A.
  4. Grizz's Logs

    Well as being basically new in comparison to all the new material in the game, Thought I would keep an on going log of my accomplishments to full Engineering status, and feel free to add tips to help me along the way if you see that I need them. 1. Presently I am working on my first Mod which is FSD upgrades. I have made it to level 5 and had enough to do 3 try's. Nothing good to speak of so I am back at Garay Terminal area doing High Wake scans for those rare Datamind Wakes and and then off to a place for rares callled Dav's for chemical Manipulators and what ever else I can find. Grizz out.
  5. Type-10 Defender out now

    I will be adding this beast to my fleet. It take a ton of dmg and deal out some as well from what i have been reading.
  6. Back From A Long Leave

    Wow pretty impressive. I wish you all the best. I should be up and running by tonight i hope. Will try to be on discord as much as i can. Look forward to chatting with you, Ra3zor and the guys.
  7. Back From A Long Leave

    Update. I am still here folks. I am back from holiday vacation and ordered my ram that was causing the issues lets hope. Ran memtest and it said defected memory modules. So from what i read ram went bad. Should be here Thursday. Got a new headset and i should be on discord tomorrow. Been taking so many notes. So should have a good start. Will still be picking you all's brain though.
  8. Back From A Long Leave

    Oh ok, whew, Thanks Kill, thought I would have to totally give up on Federation involvement. As story line would have it, I was doing some black ops stuff for the Feds and don't think they would be too happy with me if anyone started noticing independent actions. (winks) heh But I will most definitely help out where I can as long it doesn't effect my influence. I need to write my memoirs over on Inara when I get a chance. I will be starting to work on increasing my cash flow first then go to an Anaconda build that especially designed for Engineering involvements in all areas. Btw is that Rhea run for Passenger missions I see on youtube still viable? So that being said, and I am spending all this down time until the Computer techs come to my place on this coming Wednesday. Hellotech guys. (Long story) when I load up the sys, I get the blue screen of death, you know the one, that says your computer has ran into some problems and needs to restart. Collecting some date etc etc. So you do the (sfc/scannow) thing and it finds corrupt files but not able to fix them all so you restart and do the (DISM /ONLINE /CLEANUP-IMAGE /RESTOREHEALH) thing for sys tool to do its thing. It fixes the corrupt files. I have to do this about 3 or 4 times a day. Especially after reboot. Done every trick in the book I can think of regarding youtube and what I can find. Even did a complete new Windows 8.1 clean install and still it does it. So got the tech boys coming out with the gadgets to see if they can figure out what it is. It started happening after a power outage one day. Would of thought a clean install would of remedied it. Oh well, Wish me Luck P.S. I sent a request to join ADK Wing on Inara Grizz
  9. Back From A Long Leave

    Thank you Addict, its greatly appreciated. I do have a few questions though, when I left ADK I was on the Inara website as a member of ADK, now I am not and also ADK was a strong Federation supporter and it says that ADK is now Independent? I have put all my time and energy into the Federation. Not sure what I think of that.
  10. Back From A Long Leave

    I ordered a new headset and got some issues with the computer that is being worked on. I got Discord downloaded as well. My goal is to be ready to go full tilt by Wednesday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Oh btw, anyone know how i can get a hold of Dietinger? Grizz
  11. Back From A Long Leave

    Thanks Guys, I am sure I will need to be picking some brains over all this stuff, Been reading on Inara, ED forums and watching as much youtube stuff as I can. Its over whelming for me now but I am sure it will get better.
  12. Back From A Long Leave

    Greetings folks, I have time on my hands and I am back to get reacquainted with some of the new folk that have joined ADK. I use to play a lot when ChaosRealm and Johnnymind and few of the others were always around. I am doing all the research I know and going to start working on this engineer upgrades which I have no clue about but will learn as I go I guess. I could use help hooking up with the active ED ADK members again. Look forward to see you folks. Grizz
  13. Wednesday Night Saktsak Influence Night

    Weds don't work for me.  Weekends work for me.
  14. Would love to play with you guys!

    What Book said. :)

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