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  1. How are u running your Deagle?

    Rds green laser and flash hider
  2. Your favorite gun and setup after patch

    as always Scar H coyote angled grip and flash hider :)
  3. ADK Shenanigans ~ lol

    thats funny lol
  4. Favorite Loadout?

    Assault: Scar H Deagle neck knife Defibs med box defensive perk m67 frag
  5. That Metro Goodness ;D

    very nice quality video man..
  6. Best grenade

    id go with flashbang, because with smoke people can still see if you're spotted but when you're flashed and can't see at all
  7. How Competitive Are You?

    at most cases id say yes because im usually trying to push forward or make the proper flanks to help the team. 
  8. favorite Map?

    operation metro conquest and kharg island TDM
  9. Getting the UCAV

    im still trying to unlock this. jet flying is stupid hard in this game lol
  10. lil video of my mg4 ;)

    nice video. Mg4 is nice gun :)
  11. ACE 23 best attachments?

    i use flash hider and angled grip on everything
  12. favorite Map?

    Operation Metro
  13. 17 Man UCAV

    i remember watching this on youtube this was friggin epic
  14. favorite Class?

    Assault all the way!
  15. Best weapon ?

    I have to agree Scar H is the best bf4 weapon. just an amazing gun

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