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  1. Worth The Buy?

    Oh yes, i didn't think so much about software but how to make more out of hardware.   So yeah for office chromebooks are perfect, cheap, most charge with a phone charger, very very very long battery life, and cloud based if one breaks you continue on another like nothing happened.   So yeah it really is  a good deal.
  2. How Competitive Are You?

    Yup, that's when target acquired and the next game comes into play. :)) But it's hard to get in top 10 of all time :P especially for clean players without cheating in any way. :) So it's hard to say i finished getting to the top of a game, let's go to the next one. :)) It's something to work for, the pleasure of our brains trying to improve, so it's a inborn defect in all of us, everyone just experience it in other domains.
  3. How Competitive Are You?

    But of course you play in a race against others so it's nice to build up your score, right now i try to build better stats to fix the way i played in the beginning and ruined my stats. And that's the whole fun part on multiplayer games, race against others, otherwise we would of just played the single player.
  4. The Guru of 3D's Mantle Performance Review

    Same here no difference with mantle with 280x oc and i5 4690k at stock, no difference with 1 to 4 boards, no difference in 2-3 screen mode, no diference at all in fps i mean, i get a 10% reduction in cpu usage so a little in temps too(@20-30% cpu usage with only chrome and bf4), and that's all no matter what driver version, i always keep everything daily updated, and edge freak to keep everything updated.
  5. Nice spawn, ea/dice style

    Today when i played when i spawned on b this is what i saw :)) even though i was at b till someone killed me, until i got killed couldn't do anything just shoot without sound for my gun. :))   I don't know why it did this, hope this is the right place to post this. Thanks.
  6. Perform a Trace Route to help!

    I have an improvement idea, use winmtr this way you have live stats and see even the loss in a node on the way(and some other stuff too), plus it is more userfriendly and easy to use, i think this is the best way since most users use windows only.   Cheers, hope it helps.
  7. Worth The Buy?

    @LegallyBlindCake    You could use chromium os if it's for desk work and browsing, best experience if not i'd recommend xubuntu or lubuntu i wouldn't recommend mint especially cinnamon that mint uses. :)   And if you really need windows, use windows 8.1 it really work well even on systems with 512mb ram if it's configed properly. :)
  8. Nvidia 600 series cards?

    If you use ati you'l have even more problems, with everything you can have problems, but with ati i have big problems with performance in crossfire and problems with general performance in allot of games. :)) It may be software or hardware problems, but it must have a fix don't despair.
  9. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    I usually make a mix of eating dark chocolate and pepsi light. :)
  10. Trap?

    Again i revive an old thread but yes, trap is the bomb, i'm glad it revived, i too am subscribed to trap city, trap nation and trap & bass.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpO0PXTKrmE
  11. metal band

    Come a little late with comments but i needed to say this.   Even though metallica had some nice interpretations(from a technical point of view), and like any band has it fans, it actually mostly made covers and/or stole other songs.   And i as a hard style listener among other music genres, coming from genres like pagan black metal, grindcore, deathcore, nu metal... and after those genres you listen metallica you feel like it has nothing with rock main genre and mainly because they play ballads, but that's just my feeling, everyone enjoys something else, that's the beauty of humans, diversity...   Anyhow i prefer more of the original songs that metallica sung, and think that metallica ruined them. Big old stars where dio, ozzy, they had something unique and special... metallica as a cover band, didn't, not even some unique voice like ozzy on black sabbath.   So if we're talking about oldies, black sabbath should win the prize of best band or at least one of the best bands, a single best doesn't exist.   For newer bands a little i would say, otep, strapping young lad, lux occulta, beherit, baxaxaxa, trans siberian orchestra, morgul, diablo swing orchestra, even tenacious d with jack black and tons more...   Cheers!
  12. Black metal played in Major Scale

    This video reminded me of this :))   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r4NQC1zl1o

    Well for me they are as natural as any thing a human does. :) But i can't understand those doing it for fashion, using piercings and tattoos as fashion accessories. I mean those who think they would impress people if they will become something they aren't, the so called posers.   And about art, they are art in the purest way, just the artist needs to have a good hand and they can do magic.   Wish ya many more tattoos. :)
  14. Geforce or Radeon ?

    Any vendor you like in video boards, i use only asus and gigabyte the rest have too many downsides from my point of view, i would choose gigabyte for longer warranty generally 3 year for a gpu and asus for better and more often bios updates and better build quality sometimes.   As for chipset vendor, amd is nice and mantle even nicer bad they have bad game support and tons of compatibility problems, i would use an amd if i'd have no budget for something better. As for the best buy is the 970 nvidia best performance/price ratio for now. So nvidia is the best chipset for gaming from a compatibility performance point of view anyhow.   And if you want oc, amd overclocks poorly or even if they overclock ok, the performance improvement is close to none, so again nvidia.   If you want more than one gpus again nvidia, amd has extremely little improvement in more than one gpu setups.   If you want a gpu for work, again nvidia has support almost in any graphics, math, rendering app, amd almost in none.   Oh and nvidia cuda offloads math from the cpu so physics work from the gpu too, so less stress on cpu. And most games use nvidia physics because they have one of the best physics engine.   Oh and who said an amd 280x is an nvidia780 equivalent is 'lying' and didn't use both or any of them (i can say because i used almost any gpu from any vendor because i make builds very often) :)) amd 280x OC is an nvidia 760/760 oc equivalent and actually even almost 2 times more power hungry, nvidia are the lowest on power usage and amd as usual even on cpu's allot more power hungry. With the downside with some vendor versions and chipset models on nvidia have a bit higher temperature.   So nvidia + intel for high end and amd for low end and budget limited. With a good gold or platinum psu an i5 and a 970 nvidia you get @ 100-300w power consumption in high usage and even as low as 30w on desktop use final intake with the power loss from the psu too in the calculations. Whatever would anyone do, someone should never use amd as cpu, only if is it's an apu series A, that is a great option for those who want the cheapest pc but want to play some light games too. And a little tip for cpu if we spoke of amd too, in games i doesen't matter the cores number(threads), it matters the performance per core, that's why amd is not good for any gaming, 1 intel core is stronger than the entire amd cpu, that's why you get more fps in a stable environment. So, whatever you would choose, always pick the ones that have most performance but they are in your budget limit, you can always compare video boards using public graphs of gpu performance for a general perspective when picking a performance part.
  15. Getting the ADK Android App

    You could use something like this to install the play market and that's all you can easily install the adk app and anything else you need.
  16. Getting Back Into It Build...

    @[member='plaxus']   Well with ssd is expensive as hell and the more ssd's the more speed. But with normal hdd is nice too with 4 hdd with 128mb buffer you could achieve @1gb/s read/write average. Which is wow, and would cost @[member='300cc2']$ for 4tb/2 so 2tb in raid 10. :) Anyway now with the cloud file backup solutions you could safely use raid 0 or one hdd/ssd configuration. I personally use google drive for usual files, pictures, media like music and videos, movies, as for private files like my own projects or script database (as i am a developer i have tons of scripts and stuff starting from web stuff  and even gaming projects, assets of all kind, os files... big heavy files and which i don't want anyone to see) i use a netbook transformed with a modded ownclowd into a small static cooling server (so no sounds) that uses max 4w of power. :)) And this way i don't loose anything, as for game saves every system like steam or origin supports cloud save files so no worry with them, and the best part i can keep them in sync with all the devices around me.   And relevant to the ssd's, yes pci-e best way if you want many ssd's as sata is very limited, when i say sata i especially say the chipsets have very limited bandwidth so yeah i recommend and use in builds pci-e for more than 2 drivers and even for 1 drive it is a small speed difference that i noticed actually, but for let's say 4 drives with pci-e you get full speed that means, almost double the speed.     sata 2 Link speed: 3Gbps Effective data rate: @275Mbps   sata 3 Link speed: 6Gbps Effective data rate: @560Mbps   pci-e 2.0 Link speed: 8Gbps x2 Effective data rate: @780Mbps   Link speed: 16Gbps x4 Effective data rate: @1560Mbps   pci-e 3.0 Link speed: 16Gbps x2 Effective data rate: @1560Mbps   Link speed: 32Gbps x4 Effective data rate: @3120Mbps
  17. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    @plaxus   Yap had at least, more than 2 280x at least on 1150 socket, where it is as 8x/4x/4x/4x pci-e has very little performance improvement.   WIth one between 10.000 and 11.0000 points in 3dmark 11 with 2 @14.000, with 3 @14.500, with 4 @15.000. So i sold some of them and i am have regrets not having a 970 nvida. :)) And even had temperature problems with 4 of them. :)) instead of @55 degrees c they even could get to 100 degrees easy. Even though this is the choolest case i had as temperature point of view.   Amd has some serious game compatibilities, even though i really dig mantle.
  18. Getting Back Into It Build...

    @[member='plaxus']   Hello,   Nice system, and nice case brand, i am a corsair fan. About the raid, think of raid 0 as having no raid, if you have only one hdd and it breaks it's the end of the data on it. For increased security you could go with  raid 10 the speed is almost like raid 0 but you are safe if a hdd breaks, only bad downside is you get half of the storage amount. Or could easily use if don't already have a google drive sync folder(1tb is cheap), or use a home server (or free servers like openshift if you don't want to pay) with owncloud if you are paranoid with file security.   I am happy with 64 and 128mb buffer hdd for now, will want in the future to use a ssd for caching, for now a 64mb buffer hdd as i have my segeate has 130mb/s continuous write and 200mb/s continuous read which is pretty ok, my system boots in 5 seconds cold boot.   I am curios to test intel smart response technology to see if i get any better load speeds for what i use.   @=ADK= warspite   About devil's canyon, i have the 4690k and am impressed with it, sadly i use it with a z87, after just a little time after i made my system the 9x chipset series appeared and the devil's canyon cpus because i am just unlucky and didn't have patience. I initially had a 4440 and upgraded with 4690k and am happy with it, even though in bf4 graph my cpu is 2 times slower than my gpu wich is a 280x oc. And am sad that didn't have budget for a socket 2011. :))   As for the asus gtx970 StriX dc2 i made a build for someone with it and it's wow, couldn't recommend it more,and i am sad too that i have the 280x  amd. :))
  19. Best Standalone Microphone?

    Hello, you could try this it's bestbuy for quality/price ratio at @ 100$ http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Microphones-Yeti-USB-Microphone/dp/B002VA464S
  20. ADK Gamer's Speedtest.NET Speedwave

    I tested myself again here it is, i use a gigabit connection (1gb download / 100mb upload)on a ffth type of connection. I have around 30-40ms ping to european server for the american ones i have around 120-160ms ping sadly.
  21. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    My little baby, only thing i don't like is that it uses socket 1150 and not 2011 but would of meant double the cost and couldn't afford, this doubles as a render pc to and workstation from which i develop cute stuff. It was built about a year ago and still building unto it more fans and hardware. :)   Config:   Mobo Gigabyte z87x OC Processor I5 4690K Graphics Gigabyte 280x oc v2.0 PSU Super FLower 1300w RAM 8gb Kingston @2400mhz Case Corsair Carbide Air 540 [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1537] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1536] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1535] [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1534]
  22. Hello, i am suckahell, i play allot especially on your lockers #5 server and i think it is one of the best servers for just shoot and kill. I may be whiny sometimes but that's because i hate abuse and cheats.   I'v been searching for some time a good platoon and have been only disappointed and since i like your server, good people from your squads and i like that the website is really working and a real gamers community .   Now i don't know exactly what to do on team speak :)) i never used it and what i have to do for a complete recruit, for now i just applied for the platoon #2. And just lack the 20 forum posts and the 10h on teamspeak, even though i am on the ts server don't know where to go next.   See ya in game people ! WooRah!!!
  23. Hello people and non people

    Thank you ! :) Happy to be here.
  24. 'Hello_ADK'

    Ow. Well i tried to go with epg and they are just imature to say at least. Hope to see ya in game. All the luck and headshots!
  25. MY PC

    From when i started building my pc.

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