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  1. Best grenade

    I have recently abandoned grenades because the regular and impact have such a short range and the minis do next to no damage unless directly on target. I have used the smokes and it has saved my life more times than not. The real question is what do you all find more useful the Smoke or the flashbang? thanks
  2. Worth a Buy?

    Hello commanders, I have been looking at buying star citizen for a long time and I have a burning question. Based on what is available right now how similar is it to elite dangerous? I bought ED because it had everything EVE online had without all of the...unexciting bits and I really enjoy it. The problem is since both SC and ED are space sims that look similar and I assume that one will be better than the other. I just need to know if I should wait for it to come out or will it be good enough where I can buy it now and still get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
  3. Populating Number 6

    Lol I was in the video getting kills :D
  4. 'Hello_ADK'

    @[member='Sikosis999'] Indeed we can. add me if you wish
  5. Recently me and my friend have been doing stupid stuff to mess with people. I love to duo top with people and when top lane is pretty much won one of the two starts roaming. It works like a gemssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  6. Funniest afk reasons

    One reason that will stick in my mind forever is when my hard drive died so I tried to reboot before I knew it was dead and was very mad at this point. I had to use my friend's old laptop to finish the game. Amazingly we won because our kat got fed off of a noob yi  :blink:
  7. Whats your favorite TF2 Class ?

    My favorite TF2 class would have to be the soldier of course. There is nothing like being able to rocket jump and do a ton of damage sometimes at the same time. The one thing that makes the soldier OP is the black box giving 25 HP on hit. Doing this allows you to sustain yourself for a long time getting many kills
  8. How Competitive Are You?

    When you're always on the top of the leader board there's nothing else to compete with you there's no need to be competitive. Fruit for thought ;)
  9. I bought wildstar when it came out and I enjoyed it for the month I had it. Due to financial troubles I was unable to renew my sub after that one month. I renewed my subscription eager to get back into the action and I was disappointed to find that my server had two people on it which were me and some random other guy. This was a week before the giant server merge so I decided to wait until then. When the servers merged a astounding 7 people where online. I want to buy it again but, and MMO without players is like a boring single player RPG with many features that are unuseable. I wonder if it will ever come back
  10. Michiganders

    @[member='Phreaktaco'] You think I watch football lol I have no idea why they did it but, it sounds like a d**k move
  11. Michiganders

    I live in the only good city in a 100 miles of it...Mt.Pleasant going to CMU ^_^
  12. Unlocked the Bow today

    How does one acquire all the jet kills? I mean I've spent hours in Air superiority server and I just get people who would rather crash into the ground and kill themselves than giving the kill to someone. I also suck at flying so I usually try to stick on the ground.
  13. I prefer using Keyboard and mouse. I used the Razer orbweaver for a bit (picture) but, I prefer the layout of a keyboard over that
  14. What is your IGN?

    my commander's name is Eggman141 just like every other gaming account I have lol
  15. Free skins

    Riot is having a special this week. If you were a good little boy/girl (no bans for more than a week or a lot of reports) Riot will give you a free mystery skin! All you have to do is log on.

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