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bob quick

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  • Birthday 08/08/1986

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    United States
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    Fast cars

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    bob quick
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    bob quick
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    Bob quick
  • PlanetSide 2
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    bob quick

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    Windows 7 64-bit
  • Mobo
    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5
  • Processor
    AMD FX 8120 8 core
  • Graphics
    nividia GeForce GT 740
  • PSU
  • RAM
    gddr3 g.skill 8G
  • Storage
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    Realtek HD Digital Output
  • Monitor
    60in samsung
  • Peripherals
    naga epic , Tt , nostromo , Astro A50
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  1. this is bob

    @[member='Sikosis999'] on xbox one i play gta5, bf4, and forza 5 [drift] pc H1Z1, arma 3 [BR, overpoch, KOTH, Altis life], dayz SA, space ing, minecraft, terriria, worms, a lil PS2, i play about any thing realy
  2. Alabama???

    I live in north alabama cullman.
  3. how is the tension on the side of your head kina hot a big dome if they too strong i has issue with brain pain. good review happy to see some imput on the subject.
  4. Who has xbox one

    i has a xbone one it is great fun.   BF4  forza 5 [drift] GTA5   that is mostly it add me bob quick shoot me a message 
  5. "Hello, is it me your looking for"

    welcome and hope you have fun.
  6. this is bob

    So i play games alot like way too much any thing realy i just love the chalange of new games. Bob is a open NORML member.  i work as  personal security in hollywood but much prefer to build minitrucks from home.   other than that all i can realy think about how mutch of this i spelled wrong and am now hunting spellchek ok im out   bob quick OUT :stormtrooper:

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