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  1. Outdated addons

    Does anyone knows if the outdated addons that use that GameLib call will ever be updated?   I keep getting the error message when I log in, while is is not a showstopper it is annoying and seems like at some point they will just stop working.  
  2. Big servers merge today

    So with today's big servers merge, does that mean entity will become a pvp server?   Also, I am assuming now we will have more potential candidates to recruit for our guild.   I just hope this is not just one more step in the direction of shutting down servers and finally shutting down the game completely.
  3. Totally random dance party. Enjoy!   [attachment=6248:Poeta_Nightfall.150728.185920.png]   [attachment=6249:Poeta_Nightfall.150728.185917.png]
  4. Raid team's builds.

    Could anyone post a DPS SpellSlinger build?   I am not sure if my build is optimal for raiding, even tho I was doing well last night.   Thanks, Poeta.
  5. What does the green name mean on the spreadsheet?
  6. Protogames

    What about next saturday, the 28th? I will probably be home during the whole day or most of the day. Last saturday we got stuck at Bev-o-rage for about 2 hours...   I'd love to get that evil machine down.... ;-)
  7. Anyone knows a good healing guide for spellsingers? Trying to get an off spec...  
  8. ADK Kill X-89

    hahaha, there I am!
  9. Drop 4 - First Impressions!

    I am also enjoying the new drop. I like the daily dungeons / shiphands even tho I have not done them every day. The missing teleport to instance button in the group finder is pretty annoying tho, hope they fix that soon.   On a different topic... how do you guys make the ADK signature image?
  10. ADK Kill X-89

    We need another picture with the newcomers who killed X89 - me for instance! Had my first kill last week, looking forward for raid tomorrow. =)
  11. Bugged Glory Gear

    SSM *is* fun, just take a long time to finish. I never finished it under 2 hours so far. Maybe I'm just that bad. =P
  12. Wildstar Logs

    Yeah I talk to Chet every once in a while to check how he is doing and try to mimic him. I think I am improving. =)
  13. X-89 Kill Log: The Devil is in the details

    Excuse my ignorance, what does strikethrough does? Reduces the chance of deflect?
  14. X-89 Group Pic

    Congratulations again! Hopefully I will be there for the next kill =)
  15. Wildstar Logs

    Congratulations on the X-89 kill, the logs are really interesting. Wish there were more Spellslingers so that I could figure out more information about the rotations.

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