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    Windows 8.1 x64
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    Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
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    AMD FX-8320
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    GTX 660 3GB VRAM
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    Corsair CX600
  • RAM
    8GB 1866Mhz Gskill DDR3
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    930GiB Seagate & 232GiB WD
  • Audio
    Monoprice 8323 & Zalman Clip Mic
  • Monitor
    LG 1366x768 & some Dell as a 2nd(sometimes)
  • Case
    HAF-X Adv Cooler Master
  • Peripherals
    Logitech M500 & Azio Large Lit
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  1. Being auto killed for having frag rounds equipped. Even though I don't have them unlocked even?   Quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N26HKH1wsFI&feature=youtu.be  
  2. The Introduction of the Local Idiot

    I'm gonna have to go back to BF3 and look that up. I only have the canals. Nevermind I have the metro rush server. lol
  3. GuestForeverX co-op & noob

    Yes you did  :lol:
  4. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Saved up for a few years. This is my first. I'm happy with it, but I yearn for more POWER. although that red bitfenix is really loud. Hoping to replace it with another some day.
  5. GuestForeverX co-op & noob

    Hello to all. I'm GuestForeverX the Guest that lasts Forever.  You can call me Jake, or Shagna. Which ever you prefer.   Just looking for a new place on PC to find belonging to. I enjoy Co-op Games I love being part of a team. always have, always will. I usually am online in the morning sometime 5:30-9:00am and 8-10pm at night. (Pacific)   Been on PC gaming for 1 year now after leaving Xbox Live. Although because my desk just doesn't fit me right i'm still gaming with a Xbox 360 Controller. I will be for awhile.   I enjoy many co-op games such as: Borderlands 1&2 Battlefield 3&4 Left 4 Dead 1&2 Payday 2 (just started) Saints Row Series Syndicate(If anyone would actually play) Splinter Cell Blacklist(if ubi would stop taking servers offline >_<)   Going through college at the moment trying to get my associates, and eventually a bachelors degree. So far looking towards servers and networking. I did go off into programming for a bit, and I liked it just not sure if it's for me. I probably will be on much less during school as I try hard for my grades. Actually got on dean's list last semester(Fall 2014).

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