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  1. Hi there! You wanted me to leave a message here so you could get my tags on Discord. Nice to meet you!

  2. The Guardians

    And here's the forum update detailing changes: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/300177-Elite-Dangerous-The-Guardians-2-2-update MASSIVE!
  3. The Guardians

    Well, whatcha think?
  4. I'm Baaack - Sorta

    ibulleti, the hot Cobra jockey, takes on the Spiceywiener Python, and lives to tell the tale. Albeit, flying a little funny afterwards...
  5. I'm Baaack - Sorta

    It's been a few weeks.  I had no intention of being away that long at all.  But life has a way of taking over at times, eh?   Part of the reason was to get the computer room/mancave clean and to re-arrange some things, mount speakers, etc.  I've got that at about 95% and couldn't resist firing this thing up to see what ED looks like with the new G-Sync monitor, etc.  The nice thing is I had forgotten I had 18 cool million credits waiting for me at Diso for that CG - yeah, it's been THAT long since I've been in-game.   I'm not yet at 100% back for a few small reasons but I will be around trying to get up to speed on all the new changes from Powerplay to ADK's latest strategy and Teamspeak changes.  Not the least of what's going to hold me up is the fact that I tried to remove all the skin from my X-52 Pro trigger finger while doing yardwork.  I didn't succeed.  I only removed it from one side of my trigger finger.   TL;DR I'm back, will be trying to see how and what ADK's doing with Powerplay and I should be back at full strength sometime next week.   Fly safely, Commanders!
  6. Rank Progression is a b*tch

    Well done, Commander!
  7. The newsletter and titan blacks

    The question I have is whether it can be found other than in Open Play, or is it ONLY found in Open Play.
  8. A very interesting read:   Jupiter May Have Destroyed The Solar System's First Planets
  9. This game, since 1984, has always had a steep learning curve with a high difficulty.  That said, I find it immeasurably easier than those earlier games.  As the game expands and the devs add more depth and detail, it's all going to seem more daunting to the beginner and more engaging than it is today.
  10. My first NPC wing encounter...

    Checking any wing affiliation of your targets is important.  I've engaged an Anaconda in a CZ before, for instance, and noticed it was 1 of 3 in a wing.  Sure enough, two other ships engage me shortly after I'm tearing into the Anaconda's shields.  I checked the other threats, saw them to be small ships, disengaged from the Anaconda, took those two out, and returned to down the Anaconda.   Of course, I've also been focused on a target like that when 2-3 other ships start tearing into my shields and panicked.  So know your limitations!   :D
  11. Fanally got my next Federal Navy progression

    The difficulty ramps up as the reward does.   Trust me.   :D
  12. Stats After Lugh CG Completion

    15MillCr bonus by collecting 3.5MillCr in bounties is all I could muster as life got in the way this week.  But color me quite pleased!  Looks like folks are doing well for themselves.  Keep up the good work - there are plenty more missions going on and coming up!
  13. lalande 18115 civil war?

    My understanding, at this point, is that missions have impact on Influence whereas trading and bounty hunting have little, if any, effect.  Supposedly, this will change in the future.
  14. Lowered gaming time

    Good luck and stay Crispy!
  15. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=128851     Gonna hafta start being a lot more careful about picking up Wanted tags, Commanders!

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