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  1. best loadout for classes

    so what so you thing is the best loadout for your favorite  class in the game?
  2. shotguns...

    I hate shotguns so much but my question of the day is do you like them  or not...    
  3. hello

    so my name is jonas millan i am from venezuela, i am a telecommunications engineer  and i want to join the adk comunity i have play bf4 from a long time but alone xD so now i want to play with friends sooo lets play together sorry for my english  i like fps and rts games.
  4. favorite Class?

    whats your favorite class in BF4? mine is engineer :D  
  5. favorite Map?

    which one is your favorite map on BF4? mine is shangai :3
  6. favorite Map?

    which one is your favorite map on Bf3? mine is grand bazar good close quarters :D
  7. best champ mid?

    what for you guys is the best champ on mid rigth know? for me is zed (i like ninjas xD)
  8. connection problem

    I download TF2 yesterday for first time but I have a connection problem, the problem is than wen i want to play multiplayer the game says than i have to log in to play but i am already log in... so plz if you guys know what to do plz write T.T
  9. what is the story behind your name in LoL? mine is Aludin... Alduin was taken :C
  10. favorite Pro Player?

    hey guys what is your favorite pro payer in LoL? mine is Faker for 2 reasons first i love zed he is a beast with zed and the second orianna he is a beast with orianna too so xD (main mid  )
  11. Best weapon ?

    so guys for you for you  which is the best weapon in all BF4?? for me is the Scar-H i love that weapon xD
  12. New jungle

    So i have play the new season jungler but i dont like this new jungle... so what do you guys think of this new jungle? i personal dont like than jungler can not gank that quickly than befor, and the GOD that mosters on that jungle are killers xD
  13. Hi i am Jonas

    Hello my name Jonas my ingame name its Jonas Millan (not a creative tipe) well not a lot to said i play a lot of bf4 im pretty bad also xD... i started playing videogames since i can remenber btw a have 20 years i am from Venezuela so sorry my English grammar xD back to the video game part well i can said than i like a lot of the story in games i pretty much play like millions of games since piracy its legal in my country... but i have tons of games originals i have to said i love rpg fps Rts moba my favorite ones are The elders scrolls , fallout3, BF,Bioshock and total war. i really dislike Assassins Creed like a LOT... i consider myself as a person than have play so many games than i can make review i want to make a youtube channel but i am too shy for that and i am like a heater on my reviews xD i am a console heater because i buy once a Xbox360,ps3 and a wii and the 3 of them broke so i just play pc for now xD i make a lot of sport too like paintball, swimming, running i tried parkour but i almost broke my leg so... no more parkour. i sing up to ADK because i don't want to play BF4 alone and well that's all i am sorry for my English  i really hope you guys can understand so if you got a question or something feel free to ask.

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