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  1. New To Battlefield 4!

    Thank you for taking your time to tell me all this. I am exploring the different possibilities and will definitely try all these out. I am still getting used to the game, but I know I will definitely continue playing. I hope to level up fast!
  2. New To Battlefield 4!

    Hello! I have never been the kind of guy who spends a lot of time playing First Person Shooters, because I find most of them very repetitive and quite boring. Some of my friends told me to buy Battlefield 4 and I was not sure about it because I don't usually get attached to those kind of games. I read some reviews online and watched some videos on YouTube and I felt the game would be a great addition to my library. I decided to purchase it and give it a shot. Well, I am now addicted to it. The game is just so beautiful and well done; it really blew me away. I am just a beginner, so if anyone is in the same position as me and want to play, send me a message!
  3. Coming Back To Gaming

    Hello,   I joined the community some time ago but quit gaming for a while right after I joined. The reason why I left is because I had to focus on school and college applications. When I decided to come back, I realized I was not really involved in the community back then. Therefore, I want to meet new people and be more active both on the forums and on TeamSpeak 3.   I decided to make a comeback thread to let people know that I am back and more interested in gaming than ever.   Have a great day/night.
  4. Wrist Injury

    Thanks for sharing! I will check the available options.
  5. Wrist Injury

    Actually, I am buying a new mouse soon and I will consider that option, because my mouse is really uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Wrist Injury

    Hey!   I want to start saying that I've been a gamer for a long time now and this has never actually happened to me before. I was peacefully playing and listening to music when my hand started aching. I was confused by the inexplicable pain, but did not pay attention to it... until now. It started turning purple/black and then the pain was much more intense. It resulted to be what my doctor called 'an injury caused by videogames addiction'. I am not taking a break though (can't stay that long without playing).   Have a great day!
  7. Favorite soda/pop?

    Dr Pepper.
  8. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    Thank you!
  9. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    I am really tempted to buy Batlefield 4. It looks nice. I'll do what you told me and let's see how it goes.   Thank you.
  10. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    Hey! Thank You! In fact, I am actually Spanish descendant from my mother's side (as well as Colombian). Overall, the country is nice, although we suffer from third world problems. After all, we are not fully developed yet. Despite this, the country itself has managed to grow inmensely over the past decades. The history is beautiful and interesting. In my opinion, this region is something really special, and filled with undiscovered things. Anyways, I appreciate your interest in the country I live in. It is beautiful, although I am hoping to move to another place where everything is more advanced (technology, medical resources, education), because I prefer a more modern and up-to date lifestyle. Despite this, I am proud of being Panamanian.   To answer the other question, I must say that I mainly play Dota 2. But, I am open to play any kind of game. Whatever it is, I may give it a try. If you have any game you would like me to try, please tell me. I really need to expand my library. Hope we can play someday.
  11. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    Thank you!
  12. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    Thank you very much. :D
  13. TheTacticKnight's Introduction

    Hello everyone.   My name is Luis, but I go as the name of "TheTacticKnight". I am Hispanic and was born in a tiny country located in Central America called Panama. I am 16 years old and can easily communicate in English. My birthday is on April 8th.   I am a nice guy with a passion for videogames. Gaming is a huge part of my life and so, I feel it seems adequate to look for people that share the same interest as I do. As a gamer, I have tried a lot of games before and I think I am willing to try much more in the future. That is one of my main objectives when joining the community. Also, I find it interesting to meet people and even become friends with them. These two reasons, fueled by my desire to improve my abilities on certain games have led me to join the community.   My library is diverse. I do not like only one type of game, as I can enjoy a bunch of them. The games I am actually playing at the moment include: Dota 2 and Minecraft. I have also played other amazing games, such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Castle Crashers and Call of Duty (Black Ops II and Ghosts). I also own other games, such as: Left 4 Dead 2, Payday 2, Prison Architect, Counter Strike: Source, Garry's Mod and Sid Meier's Civilization V. I am willing to expand this library, as I am interested in games such as Battlefield and DayZ.   Some games can get boring when you have no one to play them with, so I look at this as an opportunity to be able to play them with fun people that enjoy them too. So, I think the community would really suit me well, as I am open-minded and friendly (although I am shy).   Thank You.

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