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  1. ADK #6 Lockers are back.. Wohooooooo!!

    i work 9 - 5, sorry cannot atm. Will do during this weekend.. hope to see it alive.. 
  2. ADK #6 Lockers are back.. Wohooooooo!!

    What's the requirement for becoming a first level admin?
  3. Hey Guys,   It's good to see the ADK #6 Locker server back! I missed it a lot.   Thank you    Regards, Reck
  4. Server Statuses

    Tons of new games released and bf4 is taking hit, i hope people ll be back soon.. 
  5. Server Statuses

    im sad for not able to play in #6 :-(
  6. Poison Arrows on No Explosive Server

    @[member='KnightsX'] : Thats awesome news and quick turnout dude.. i could calmly join #6 tonight without an element of surprise and rage.. lol
  7. Operation Locker....1st to C???

    @[member='Defiar'] : Check these links bruh.. Looks like its give 10% increase in sprint speed..        http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Specializations   http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Upgrade_Path
  8. Operation Locker....1st to C???

    i thought it depends on the players perks used? For example some players can run faster than the other player because of the perks? right.. At last its all comes down to teams.. But i dont know if there is a real advantage for either teams to cap C first.. Whether running inside or outside..
  9. New Winter Update

    Hey Guys,   Any good thing on the new update apart from the new Maps?   Regards, - Reck
  10. Operation Locker....1st to C???

    Tell your friend to join ADK #6 Locker server, and we ll show him how its done.. LOL
  11. Need a short break from BF4, playing Assassins creed atm.. BRB to Bf soon..

  12. Suspicious Player

    Thanks for clearing my confusion @[member='Laith SJ']
  13. Bf4db.com is down?

    wow disappeared !! lol
  14. Bf4db.com is down?

    Hey Guys,   What happ to bf4db.com? Did they get diced or wat?   They are offline for like close to 2 weeks..   Any info on that?   - Reck
  15. Suspicious Player

    In GCP portal, i dont see his ban.. Does it not propagate always to GCP?

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