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    War_Adm1ral reacted to Snipe for a article, The World Always Needs More Heroes   

    Soldiers. Scientists. Adventurers. Oddities. 
    In a time of global crisis, an international task force of heroes banded together to restore peace to a war-torn world: OVERWATCH. 
    Overwatch ended the crisis, and helped maintain peace in the decades that followed, inspiring an era of exploration, innovation, and discovery. But, after many years, Overwatch’s influence waned, and it was eventually disbanded.
    Now, conflict is rising across the world again, and the call has gone out to heroes old and new. Are you with us?

    Hey everyone!  As Many of you know, Overwatch was released on May 23rd, and ADK would like to invite everyone to join us in the Overwatch section!  With this article, we’re trying to update as many people as possible about what is going on in the Overwatch section.  With this, we’ll provide you with information about joining us via Battle.net with your BattleTags, Overwatch Recall Nights, and more leadership for the section.  
    Overwatch is a fun game if you’re queuing by yourself.  However, it’s much more fun playing in a full lobby.  In the Overwatch section, we would love to play with as many people as we possibly can, and people are always looking for a group to queue up with.  To make it a little easier for people to find each other, we have created a thread to post your Battle.net BattleTag, which you can find here:

    The second thing we would like to cover is what we are calling “Overwatch Recall Nights”, which will be our community events.  These events are being planned to get as many people playing Overwatch together as possible.  We would like to have these events at least once a week, and currently have polls out for the game modes people would like to play the most, as well as the nights that work best for everyone.  If you are interested in these events, please take a few minutes to select the option in each poll that works best for you.  

    Lastly, we are looking to expand the Overwatch section, which requires more leadership.  If you enjoy playing Overwatch, and would like to make sure the section grows to its fullest potential, please read and comment on this topic:

    Overwatch is a growing section in ADK, and we plan to increase its activity by adding people on Battle.net to join lobbies, creating events, and adding more people to our leadership team.  We hope many of you will join us for some fun in the Overwatch section!  

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    War_Adm1ral reacted to Marcinkoman for a article, Metro: A Different Perspective   
    The non-Metro lover believes that this is a map about stagnation. The fight stalemates at the B flag and Russia walks away with a victory. Thus, in order to enjoy playing Metro one must enjoy sitting in one spot and waiting for kills. The notion of kill farming encompasses this viewpoint. The player that enjoys this must just want to pad their k/d and has no idea what capping a flag is. Who cares about capping flags when you can get kills instead......right? To be fair to the critics, there are most definitely players that seem to have this mind set. 

     The other version of Metro is much different. I view Metro more like a game of rush. The Russian side are the defenders and the US side are the attackers. There are four sets of Mcoms in this version of rush. The approaches to the B flag are the first set of Mcoms. Getting into a position to actually cap B is the second set of Mcoms. Taking over the ticket hall all the way to the outer doors are the third set of Mcoms. Getting out of the building and to A are the final 4th set of Mcoms.
    When the match starts, the Russian side has to get into position to defend the four main approaches to the B flag. Those approaches are the red stairs, the front escalators (by the elevators), the ramp, and the back escalators (by turn styles). The US side has to quickly establish itself at these choke points to avoid allowing the RU side into the downstairs which can often mean game over. On the flip side, the Russian team needs to quickly establish their defense of these areas to prevent an early breakthrough. There are various initial aggressive pushes that can be made by either side right off the bat. Sometimes they work and tip the match right away and other times they are beaten back on both sides. If none of those pushes work, now comes the time to probe for the US side. The more experienced players will try each of these choke points to find the weak spot (often multiple times). And will continue rotating through all of them until they find one that is sufficiently weak for a push.
    Once the weak spot is identified....its time to get very aggressive and PUSH. The push will often happen in stages as multiple layers of defense need to be weakened before a true break thru push can occur. This is dependent on which choke point is being pushed. The example being the front escalators: in order to make headway via this route, the immediate area on the top of the escalators must be cleared, then the top of red stairs, and then the left/rights sides of the elevators must be cleared. With all those defenses cleared, then the US team can push up to the back of the elevators and begin capping the B flag. Each choke point has its own layers of defense that must be dealt with in order to make progress. Sometimes just the effort of a probing push will draw enemies away from other parts of the map and thus free those sectors up for their own push. So- push one choke point, draw enemy to it, and then quickly switch to another for the real push. There are many different ways to achieve success. They key is to keep pushing.
    This progression of a US win happens in rush like stages. The US side must gain access to the platform in order to cap B. So first it's a fight just to gain access to the B flag platform. Then its a fight to cap B. Then it's fight to hold B and another one to push beyond B. Once the US team has capped B and pushes up to the ticket booth or beyond, then the match starts to flip. Pushing out to A is a whole new set of choke points and it's time to find a way to push out from there.
    Now it is the turn for the RU team to get aggressive, begin probing, and push. Can they get back in the building? Can they regain the advantage? These phases can go back and forth multiple times in any one match. 

    A willingness to be diverse.  Players need to be willing to change their approach and their kit according to the situation and the potential or lack there of. In any one match, I will get kills with multiple weapons. Often I will have kills with an assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, carbine, and various side arms. I may start with an assault rifle to probe/push, switch to a sniper rifle to deal with a pesky sniper/LMGer, move to a shotgun to get thru a tight CQB spot, go to recon with beacon/tugs/carbine when behind enemy lines or to cement gains, and back to assault rifle. I will often switch weapons among these classes too depending on my needs (high ROF, longer distance, etc..). And finally a willingness to be aggressive and die- potentially a bunch. If a player is willing to be diverse and aggressive then they can really make a difference in the match. Just do whatever the situation calls for. 
    Lastly, teamwork. This map requires a lot of it, and at the very least squad work. Pushes need multiple players, breakthroughs need to be cemented with squad spawns, weak spots need to be protected, and so on. Everyone needs to do their job or that team will likely lose. I know that this is true of most maps, but its also a reality on Metro.
    I could write a ton more and go into more depth on every choke point according to what side your on, where the best spots to push are, critical areas to defend/be aware of, but I have probably gone on to long already. :) 
    Without a doubt many of you will disagree with this approach to Metro and likely some will just dismiss it outright. But I ask you to simply know that Metro can be a dynamic map if you want it to be and are willing to do what it takes to make it so.

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