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    War_Adm1ral reacted to Phire for a blog entry, The Ups and Downs of Involvement   
    Recently I stepped down from my position as the Planetside 2 Outfit Leader. It's been an odd experience to say the least.

    I started playing with =ADK= back in the spring of 2013, but didn't end up dedicating and applying for membership till August or so of that year. From the moment I joined the community I was always involved up to my head in something. My initial adminship was with the Minecraft community, which was a lot different back then.
    I have a lot of different conflicting personalities, but one of them is being a go-getter. I see something that I feel needs done or changed and usually decide to take it into my own hands. Thus being said, I was not only involved with the community, but consistently extremely busy. I've also never known a time in ADK without drama. There's always something to deal with, someone who's acting out, a circumstance that's gotten out of hand, etc. You're more aware of your surroundings when you're an admin.
    Once I came to Planetside I became a member of the Officer Corp, which is oddly different that other adminship positions elsewhere in ADK. There's a long, drawn out ranking system and you depend on the other Officers to teach you basically everything. Long story short I skipped quite a few ranks and became one of the section leaders, at which point I asked the current PS2 section leader to completely drown me in paperwork. During this time PS2 also went under a complete reworking. Drama happened, I took over. My fellow section leaders, you will understand the weight that comes with keeping your game in balance.
    TL:DR- I've always been involved with something in ADK.
    So what happens when suddenly everything just stops?
    It feels weird to suddenly not be a part of any of the gaming sections in a gaming community. It's a completely conflicting feeling, not being sure if you miss the work that comes with being an admin. I was discussing with some friends this evening about perhaps becoming more involved with a gaming section, but the issue that comes from being an antisocial pessimist is that I prefer to play games while listening to music rather than listening to twenty people scream and yell.
    The world tells you that games and the Internet shouldn't matter. It takes personal experience to relate, just as you can't truly sympathize with someone without understanding yourself. Whatever you invest your time in becomes something that you care about, whether it's sports, family, or gaming. Most people game to relax, but there's more than one way to go about it. Some gamers prefer to be just that- gamers with no real responsibility or accountability. Then there's the people who find enjoyment in running the stage and making other people's gaming experiences worthwhile. One is not better than the other either.
    I frankly loved admining. For those of us who enjoy shouldering responsibility, it is a wonderful experience. Real life however has the unfortunate reality of kicking you in the butt all too often. It's frankly relieving to not have to worry about members or play time or drama or recruiting or the numbers anymore, but at the same time it's a package that I greatly miss.

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