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  1. Letter of Resignation

    Hello all, It comes with sad heart that I am officially renouncing my status as a community member. I've considered this community home for approximately 4 years and I never thought a day would come that I would have seen myself a part of a community that last longer than 1 year. Although I wasn't here for the first 2-3 years of ADK's birth I still feel I have seen us accomplish many milestones. With that said, it is great to consider the accomplishments that have been achieved over the years, but where there are happy moments - there are nor so memorable moments. It is my belief that communities of this type have every possibility to exist and function for very lengthy periods of time, but it takes dedicated and special people to make that happen. Regardless if they have the highest of authority or just an average member..its the people that make of the community. I feel over time many ideas that have been offered up or brought forth by admins and members alike were so quickly disfavored. It is no surprise that over time things change. Those can be changes that are both good and unfavorable. Nonetheless I feel a large combination of small factors have forced me to make my decision. These include things both controllable and things that ADK as a community cannot defend against. Some of things: Failure to split responsibilities evenly amongst management and adminship alike. Even if the highest ranked members have things to do they shouldn't be burdened with tasks that remove them from being a part of the community rather than working for it. Some sacrifice is obviously worthwhile and needed. We should have allowed members of all levels to actually have time to enjoy playing games with one another. Rather than constantly shutting themselves out to hang out with on their "best friends/buddies". The types of people requesting to join. The mindset of the world player base appears to have shift some and it seems most people are abandoning or not holding to heart the ideals of a community or group. The type of leadership in effect. I feel the current chain of command is so unstable and now officially at this point there are virtually 4-5 vacant positions of Community Managers/Admins. These people are supposed to be some of the most trusted and loyal members of the community who help share and suspend the load of the community all together. Now we only have legacy and honorary positions essentially and it is just bad business. Considering the above point..It has come to my understanding that things have just about always been structured like a totalitarian dictatorship. I'm not saying the system can't work because look where its gotten us. But it can't work forever and when people feel unappreciated and overburdened with work it actually becomes depressing to see the amount of work and dedication one has put in only to see it eventually burn, wasted, and forgotten. I'm not saying that the experience has not been worthwhile as I have learned a lot and have had a lot of great experiences and appreciation with how the community was operating for the first 2 years of my membership. Considering what events have transpired in the last 8 months I remain convinced that ADK was in fact heading in a direction that may not be recoverable. I chose not to believe it and attempted to have some faith in the system but I feel ultimately that on average members nowadays don't feel motivated and happy as those who were around for the first 5 years. It used to feel like a large family but after additional drama and ineffective management of such started springing up, people started forming little cliques and private/exclusive groups within ADK. Game sections no longer operate in unison and instead some sections are just outright acting as their own little community. I refuse to go into other specifics as there have been just too many occurrences with situations over time that constantly kept digging a bigger hole for the community to get out of. You would have a hard time finding tons of other members more loyal than I and I want that to be clear that ADK has had my loyalty for the past 4 years. But I can't keep trying to remain loyal when the community does not do the same for me in return. The thing I remained dedicated and loyal to has fundamentally changed. It has become a waste of energy and to a degree has become emotionally taxing to feel slave to a system that no longer inspires people to be a larger part of. ADK has dark times ahead and this looks to me like the damage has to far spread. The phoenix was fitting for ADK but if it has been corrupted at all levels it will eventually one day not rise from the ashes. I feel a massive disease if on the loose and I'm sad to say that I feel it will eventually consume whatever is left of the community. I wish it well though and hope that the ideals that represents ADK once again stands out and outshines all odds but from this point forward, I will not be a part of it. I have big ambitions for my own goals and life changes and wish good luck for all. I have served and enjoyed working with many members of the community both active and long gone.
  2. Unfortunately no. Doesn't mean it can't still happen but the game is currently no sponsored or actively seeking sponsorship. If you find enough people for it you could have a shot at getting it set up.
  3. ^,...,^ <3

  4. Yellow Mellow

    While Valor and Mystic hold a knife to each others throats we stand readily for the moment. Putting the trust in our instincts and intuition.
  5. Team Instinct Logo

    All hail zapdos!
  6. Incense data revealed

    Good find
  7. WoWs Username Master List!

  8. Attack Forts in "Bastion" "Bastion" is a new mode where you attack or defend forts or strategic stations like radar stations and other fortifications. We wanted to toss in some gameplay diversity for high-tier battles, and currently you can try it on the "Atlantic" map. Neutralizing/capturing these key locations results in Domination points, so the mode should be familiar if you've tried "Domination" battles at higher tiers. To win, a team should be the first to earn 1,000 points by suppressing and capturing enemy fortifications and destroying enemy ships. Bastion Mode: Fast Facts Available in tier X battles (tier VIII, IX and X ships) There are certain capture sectors for onshore installations on a map. While these sectors are neutral, the installations do not participate in a battle. Once captured, they start to provide fire support and intelligence service to the team who controls them 'The Atlantic' -- the only map where Bastion mode is currently available -- provides two possible settings for capture sectors -- sectors 3 and 4. They are chosen randomly Forts and Surveillance stations lose health points when they are hit with main guns, secondary guns and bombs. Dealing damage to Forts and Surveillance stations causes the loss of capture status of sectors they belong to and brings additional domination score for the team When a Fort or Surveillance station runs out of HP, it is considered conquered Conquered objects are temporarily out of battle and gradually recover their health points. Once recovered, they work as usual If Fort or Surveillance station located in enemy's section are conquered, the sector becomes neutral Forts and Surveillance Stations have simplified damage models without armor and fire. Any hit influences an object directly in a full scale Forts attack enemy ships at the shortest distance to them Forts equipped with 406mm artillery guns and 80mm AA-guns. The type of shells (AP or HE) is chosen randomly Forts have a limited field of view and perform their best acting together with the Surveillance station, while surveillance stations are able to locate enemy's ships and aircraft, but not torpedoes Forts have their certain sectors of fire and dead zones where they cannot shoot enemy's ships Fort Characteristics Hit points: 300,000 Fire range (main gun): 13km Loading time (main gun): 3-5s Fire range (AA-guns): 5km Average damage per second (AA guns): 77 Visibility: 10km View: 5km (individual), 15 (with allies) Full regeneration: 2.5m Surveillance Stations Characteristics Hit points: 9,000 Visibility: 15km View: 15km Full regeneration in 3m New Maps for tiers VII-X: Sea of Fortune A location somewhere between France and Great Britain with interesting gameplay situations in all directions. The right flank is ideal for aggressive battles involving cruisers and battleships, while the left flank is suitable for long-range firefights because of the relatively low height of the islands. The center of the map has an important strait passing through it and a small picturesque island with a castle! Loop A fictional location somewhere near the crossing of sea lanes. "Loop" contains two groups of Portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Large islands provide opportunities for defense and unexpected breakthroughs. Due to the dense arrangement of the islands, you'll need to plan your route in advance in order to assist your allies. Improved Matchmaker The matchmaker is responsible for composing teams for a battle. With the new system, we're aiming for a strict balance of the number of top-tier ships in each battle. The features of the new matchmaker are as follows: We're completely excluding situations when opposing teams appeared to have different number of players Aircraft carriers on opposing teams will continue to belong to the same tier Battle tiers exist in every battle and provide the upper limit for the maximum tier of a ship in that battle. These "tops" or "top ships" will be subject to the following rules: The maximum difference in the number of Divisions, destroyers, and battleships between each team is limited to one, while the difference in cruisers between teams is limited to two The number of top ships will be strictly symmetrical for each ship type: if in a tier VIII battle, one team has two tier VIII battleships, two tier IX cruisers and one tier VIII destroyer. The other team has an identical composition The above rule also applies to battleships belonging to a tier that's one step lower than the battle tier. For example, if in a tier VIII battle, one team has one tier VII battleship and the other team also does Please let us know how you feel about these new changes, too: The new matchmaker logic does not provide for any 'mixing' of ships by nation -- there could be a theoretical situation where three Japanese destroyers will encounter three U.S. destroyers If it takes too long to assemble teams for a battle for whatever reason, battles may be fought between smaller teams with incomplete lineup (11х11, 10х10 etc.) Balancing the lowest-tier ships outside of their type is allowed. For example, a tier VIII battle could involve a tier VI destroyer against a tier VI battleship Balancing two same-type ships with enemy ships of adjacent tiers is allowed if they are not at the top of the team and if they are not battleships. For example, in a tier VIII battle, a tier VI cruiser could find herself against a tier VII cruiser on the opposing team Divisions may include ships of various tiers (low-tier ships are allowed to Division with high-tier ships) Improved Audio Enhanced sound configurations Option to select voiceover language Option to select audio modification "National" voiceovers for Commanders Option for selecting the Arpeggio voiceovers to be used throughout the entire game Option to completely turn off music playback in the Port and/or during a battle New music tracks Refined the sounds of hits to the ship and to the landscape Reworked sound of the stun effect Levelled the overall volume of the sound profile for a wide and narrow dynamic range Improved Interface New Ribbons Your accomplishments will now be tracked in more detail, with ribbons for ricochets, over-penetrations, non-penetrations and more! The "damage counter" will appear during the game and is updated in real time. In the same advanced mode, a damage counter appears near the obtained badges, updated throughout the entire battle. Please note that this counter doesn't include the damage dealt to onshore objects like Forts. The standard layout of the components was reworked as well. The "Hits to Citadel" badge now appears in black while the "Critical Hit" one comes in yellow to better distinguish between them. We also added two new badges: "Suppressed onshore object" and "Secondary battery gun hits." Other Interface Improvements When the "Vsync" option is switched off, the "Triple Buffering" option can be disabled as well We've enabled an option to save all Port chat history during battle Added a friendly fire notification for the team members. The notification is displayed at an interval of at least 60 seconds Fixed the minimap bug that allowed players to set a waypoint on the landscape when playing an aircraft carrier Option to display a survey in the Port, if a player leaves a battle before it ends Added automatic Secondary guns/AA turn on in settings if manual priority is set Enhanced Armor Models With the recent arrivals of Soviet and German cruisers, we've decided to rework the models for our Japanese and American cruisers, which are a bit older. In some cases, this resulted in the redistribution of around 5% of a ships' HP. In some cases, the improved level of detail on the inclined protective deck and ship's lines increased the chances for armor-piercing shells to ricochet though the armor's interaction with high-explosive shells and bombs won't be affected. General Changes All armored artillery guns, main guns, AA- and secondary guns of all ships. Exception: main guns of battleships. Those models will be upgraded in a later Update. Germany Dresden, Emden, Hermelin, Hindenburg, Admiral Hipper, Karlsruhe, Kolberg, Konigsberg, Nurnberg, Roon, Tirpitz, Yorck (Except the hulls that were initially added in 0.5.6 with a new level of detail.) Japan Aoba, Atago, Chikuma, Furutaka, Hashidate, Ibuki, Iwaki Alpha, Kuma, Mogami, Myoko, Tenryu, Yubari, Zao Soviets / Russia Aurora, Diana, Mikhail Kutuzov, Murmansk, Orlan America Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chester, Cleveland, Des Moines, Erie, Indianapolis, Marblehead, New Orleans, Omaha, Pensacola, Phoenix, St. Louis Other Changes and Fixes Ship Balance Tirpitz: we reconsidered horizontal pointing angles of main guns. As a result, pointing angles of the second the third and the fourth main battery turrets extended at 8, 10 and 6 degrees respectively. The changes became a result of increased accuracy of main guns motion trajectories, which will make the game more comfortable without influencing the ship's balance Yubari: health points increased on 400 points (from 18300 to 18700). This change will slightly increase the ship's combat effectives Warspite: 2 AA-guns Oerlikon Mk4 were added in accordance with historical configuration. As a result, an average damage of AA-guns within 2 km raised up to 3 points (from 44 to 47) Shchors: horizontal pointing angles of main guns were narrowed down in order to fix the bug with her settings that had led to angles dissymmetry. (A) and (B): horizontal pointing angles of the third main gun turret were narrowed to 3 degree (B): horizontal pointing angles of the first main gun turret were narrowed to 3 degrees Tracers For a better visual distinction between AP and HE shells, as well as between a player's own and other shells, the tracer color scheme has been adjusted Situational Awareness Improved the logic of the "Situational Awareness" Skill. From now on, the detection indicator is displayed in all cases when the ship is visible to the enemy team, including the short interval (approx. 3 seconds) which is set between the time of the last detection and the moment when the ship disappears from the location it was spotted Game Client Optimized method for storing Python scripts, which are now placed in a separate packet. This should reduce the risk of problems with game updates, especially when several versions are released at once Content compression in .pkg archives has been introduced. This change will allow us to save your hard drive space Improved the system for connecting user interface modifications to the game client. This will allow developers to work more closely with the creators of modifications Personal Offers in Port We have enhanced our Personal Offers mechanism. The changes will have a positive effect on the protection of the game client and allow for more diverse and interesting offers to players New Tech Testing The following ships are now available in the game client for testing by developers and supertesters: Krasny Krym, Scharnhorst, Koenig Albert, Kaiser, Flint, and Black. These ships are not available for purchase and research, but players may encounter them in battle Minor Changes and Improvements Fixed bug that blocked the joining-battle screen for people with an incomplete division, or for the team of a player who refused to join a division Fixed bug that caused an indication of the Random battle icon in Co-op battles Fixed bug that made some nicknames to be hit by the obscenities filter in combat chat Fixed bug that caused a squadron that had just taken off the deck of a destroyed carrier to hang over the water Fixed bug that caused an instantaneous launch of a catapult fighter after the death of the previous one Fixed bug that didn't allow entry to the game to users who haven't played since the previous Ranked Battle season Fixed the tooltip description for the checkpoint in the standby screen for "Standard battle" mode Fixed bug with invoicing an extra star from the previous Rank battles season. The current progress of players is not affected Svetlana: Fixed bug that in some cases led to a miscalculation of the deck armour Kirov: refined the appearance of its main guns turrets Ranger: AA Guns Modification 1 was replaced with Secondary Battery Modification 1
  9. Hey...its me ...your stalker ......guess what..........:wub:

  10. =ADK= CS:GO Summer 2v2 Tournament

    This sounds great. What time is the event?
  11. Ranked Play Has Arrived!

    Attention all heroes: Ranked play has officially landed on PC. Please refer to the following on more information regarding the new update. Overwatch players, get ready to sharpen your skills, perfect your strategies, and test your mettle in the ultimate competitive arena. Welcome to our newest game mode: Competitive Play! Competitive Play is available right now on PC, and will be arriving soon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. GETTING STARTED: Competitive Play is designed for those who truly want to put their skills to the test, and offers a more serious experience than our Quick Play or Weekly Brawl! modes. To make sure everyone has a solid understanding of the game's mechanics, maps, and heroes, Competitive Play will be locked until you hit level 25. Once you reach level 25, the mode will become available via the "Play" button in the main menu. Simply select "Competitive Play" from the submenu, and you're ready to enter a match. You can join on your own or in a group, and Overwatch's matchmaking system will automatically find the best game possible for your skill level. SKILL RATING: Before you can kick off your competitive career, every new player must first complete 10 placement matches in order to obtain their initial skill rating. This rating will be a number between 1 and 100, with higher values indicating a greater skill level. Skill ratings will be visible at the beginning of every match. As you compete, your rating will increase or decrease with each win or loss based on a number of factors, including your own performance and the skill of the other players in the match. SEASONS: Competitive Play will consist of four seasons, each lasting two and a half months. During that time, players can increase their skill rating and battle their way up the ranks before the stats are reset at the end of the season. This is followed by a two-week offseason, after which a new season will commence, beginning with a new set of placement matches. The names of these seasons, along with their schedule, will mirror the seasons in the northern hemisphere—and the Summer 2016 season is already underway! MATCH FORMAT: We've also made several important adjustments to the game just for Competitive Play. Some of these changes are simple interface modifications that allow players to access key pieces of information at a glance, while others are focused on balance to ensure that maps and modes don't favor one side or the other. Let's break down the changes for each game type separately: CONTROL MAPS: Competitive Play's scoring system has undergone a major overhaul. Control maps, for instance, are played in a best-of-five format, which differs from Quick Play's three-round system. During a Competitive Play match, the first team to score three points wins. ESCORT AND HYBRID MAPS On maps that contain Escort elements, teams are awarded one point any time a capture point is taken or a payload reaches a checkpoint. Both teams play one round on offense and one on defense. After those rounds have been completed, the team with the most points wins. However, if the game ends in a tie and neither team has delivered the payload to its final destination, the team that pushed the payload further will be the winner. On King’s Row, Numbani, or Hollywood, if neither team takes the first point, or the final score is tied, the match enters sudden death. Beginning with the Fall 2016 season, Escort and Hybrid maps will also use the same time-based system as Assault maps (see below). ASSAULT MAPS: Assault matches are handled in a similar fashion, but with several mode-specific adjustments. Each team plays one round on offense. The team with the most points after these rounds wins. However, if the first team fails to capture a point, the match ends as soon as the second team captures the first objective. If the score is tied after the first two rounds, each team plays a second round on offense. Instead of playing with a standard five-minute clock, teams only have the time that was remaining on the clock at the end of their previous offensive round. If a team has no time remaining, they do not play an additional round. Also, if either team had fewer than two minutes left on the clock during their previous round, their time is increased to two minutes—but this is their final offensive opportunity. When either team runs out of time, the team with the higher score wins the match. If both teams are tied with no time remaining, the match enters sudden death. SUDDEN DEATH: In sudden death, the game randomly places one team on offense and the other on defense. Teams then play a single, abbreviated round. If the attackers capture the first objective before time runs out, they win the match. Otherwise, the defenders are awarded the victory. Please note that this mechanic will only be active for the Summer 2016 season. For more information, click here. REWARDS: In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can earn new rewards that are only available through Competitive Play. At the end of a season, anyone who has completed the 10 placement matches will receive a special spray and player icon, with a new set of designs being released every season. On top of that, your weapons locker is about to get a little shinier. As you win matches, you’ll earn Competitive Points. Based on your performance, you’ll also receive a number of points at the end of the season. These Competitive Points can be exchanged for cosmetic Golden Weapons for your heroes. At some point during each season, we’ll also activate a leaderboard system that will highlight the best players in the Overwatch community—so if you manage to fight your way into the top 500 players on your platform, you'll receive an in-game notification, certifying your competitive credentials for as long as you can hold the position. But remember: you only have a limited time to climb the ladder before your stats and ranks are reset at the end of the season. PLAYER CONDUCT: Because of the more serious nature of the mode, penalties are more severe. In Competitive Play, leaving a game early or stepping away from your computer during a match will make you ineligible to join a new game until the original match has been completed. There is an option to rejoin an in-progress game—however, failure to rejoin will result in a penalty. Continued infractions will lead to restrictions on future competitive matches. As the violations start to pile up, Competitive Play will be locked for an increasing amount of time. Completing matches without incurring further penalties will, eventually returning the account to good standing. But repeated violations can also result in a ban on Competitive Play for the current season—including the forfeiture of any rewards. Let’s walk through the details: If you become inactive or leave within the first two minutes of the game, the entire match will be canceled. Leaving before the end of a match will make you ineligible to join a new game until the original match has been completed. If the infraction happens after the two-minute mark, you will be given one minute to reconnect. If you return, the match will resume normally. If not, the remaining players will be given the option to leave without receiving a penalty, but they will receive a loss. What qualifies as "inactive"? Generally speaking, any time a player doesn’t touch the mouse or keyboard for 30 seconds—whether they're on the character selection screen, the pregame countdown, or in the main phase—they will receive an inactivity warning. If no input is recorded within 15 seconds of the warning, the player will be kicked from the game. Also, players who avoid combat for three minutes will be considered inactive. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN: Now that you understand how Competitive Play works, it’s time to jump into the fray. This is only the beginning, though! With each new season, we'll be making changes and other improvements based on player feedback. If you'd like to take an even deeper dive into the latest update, feel free to check out the patch notes. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest news and updates— we’re always happy to answer any questions that you might have. We'll see you on the battlefield! Source: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20167051
  12. Hi guys

    Welcome to the =ADK= Forums @bascomz. What are your hobbies outside of gaming.

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