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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Element in Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?   
    I always thought that not many games uses the SLI/crossfire. Kinda like the cpu cores and utilizing only single core. Many it still do, maybe no longer.
    For me, if i had a job, I would have a much higher budget and the 500 bucks difference would be like 3-4 days worth of work. Maybe a week worth of min. wages.
    I'd still end up with the 980 TI. the performance of 970 vs 980ti is pretty differiatial.
    Take the chart for what you will. To me, titan is powerful and I am surprised 980ti beat it barely.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Element in My next computer build   
    I'm still in a budget lol. I got the parts now.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Pendersen in Star Citizen + NV-Link + Pascal, Direct X 12, and other technolgies   
    OH boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!  Q'1 or Q'2...  I can wait.. OH boy oh boy oh boy! 
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Kraven213 in Star Citizen + NV-Link + Pascal, Direct X 12, and other technolgies   
    Reading this added 6 months to my "time to order a top end PC" countdown
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Pendersen in GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown   
    If you're waiting till next year make sure you check out the new upcoming hardware, there is a new series of GPU's coming out from both sides:
    Release time is Q1 or Q2 of 2016, as far as I can tell by what I've read, the increase in power should be by a factor of at the very least 2.
    That being said, scary to think what they might cost...
    'You can also expect Nvidia Pascal GP100 to achieve magnanimous throughput because the consumer variant is going to be running on 4096-bit memory bus with HBM2 on 1GHz'
    However it has the potential to slash costs on the 900 series :D
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Spyderbyte88 in Windows 10   
    @[member='terminatorjim6300'] i dont have it installed but ill get around to installing and testing it on windows 10 and let you know
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    terminatorjim6300 got a reaction from Pendersen in GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown   
    Very interesting how overclocking the Fury X does not make much of a difference, but overclocking the 980Ti does, I am defenitly going for a 980Ti (or two :-) ) for my PC next year
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Jokerz in Windows 10   
     Response Via Email (Tongariki T.) 07/30/2015 10:56 AM Greetings Jokerz313,

    This is a Steam overlay issue but still needs to be fixed on 10, some were able to fix it by disabling the Steam Overlay. We suggest you stay on 8.1 for now since it is working. Ultimately, the decision is yours of course on what OS you will stay. =)


    Your reference number for this contact is: 150729-000555.

    Tonga T.
    Technical Support
    DayBreak Games
    I will give it a few days and try windows 10 again.  Issues still need to be worked out with network adapters. 
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Pendersen in GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown   
    LOL, well put.  I'm impressed with the work you put into this.  Glad to see a full breakdown.  More power to them, hope AMD adds some input and help to unlock the potential of their latest device.  I'm pretty big fan of Nvidia, not to knock AMD, I've just experienced a lot of issues with their GPUs, and very few with Nvidia's, but that's a personal experience I'm sure there are those that would beg to differ.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to desijatt in GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown   
    How Much Is “A Lot”?
    AMD officially launched their Radeon Fury X last week, and in a few more weeks, we should see the air-cooled version (though exact specs for the vanilla Fury are not yet clear). With our initial Fury X review, we didn’t have time to test everything as thoroughly as we’d like, but we’ve updated the original benchmarks—no more factory-overclocked EVGA 980 Ti comparisons, and everything is running in the same standardized test bed:
    Maximum PC GPU Test Bed:
    CPU Intel Core i7-5930K (4.2GHz Overclock) Mobo Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 GPUs AMD Radeon Fury X
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti SSD 2x Samsung 850 Evo 250GB HDD Seagate Barracuda 3TB 7200RPM PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Memory G.Skill Ripjaws 16GB DDR4-2666 Cooler Cooler Master Nepton 280L Case Cooler Master CM Storm Trooper
    The change in test beds and comparison to the EVGA 980 Ti didn’t affect the review, as we had already factored in those items, but we were also able to play around with the Fury X a bit more and run some overclocking tests. We’ve seen reports of up to 10 percent GPU core overclocks on Fury X around the web, but our particular sample proved unstable even with a mere eight percent overclock, despite maintaining low core temperatures. We ended up with an even less impressive seven percent stable overclock, which, as you might imagine, means real-world performance is only 3–5 percent faster than stock.
    There are two important limitations with the current state of Fury X overclocking that need to be addressed. First, there are no utilities (yet) that allow adjusting the core voltage. Bumping the voltage a bit is often the difference between almost stable and fully stable overclocks, not to mention given the liquid cooling and low temperatures, Fury X should still have room to go faster with additional voltage. The second is that there isn’t currently a way to adjust HBM clocks. With 512GB/s of bandwidth it might not seem like a bottleneck, but considering Fury X has 45 percent more computational power than 390X but only 33 percent more memory bandwidth, that assumption may not be entirely correct. Interestingly, there are other posts circulating the Internet suggesting the HBM memory can be overclocked by as much as 20 percent, and that it actually makes a difference.
    These two limitations mean that this is only a preview of what Fury X overclocking may offer, and we are really hoping to see a lot more in the future. AMD needs to deliver better performance in order to compete with Nvidia’s 980 Ti, as it only ties or trails the competition (depending on benchmarks, resolutions, and settings) currently, and that’s only the stock-clocked 980 Ti. Factory-overclocked 980 Ti cards have existed since launch, with EVGA boasting a 10 percent core overclock initially, and now the Classified model comes with a nearly 20 percent factory overclock, and that’s only that beginning. Zotac just sent us a sample of their 980 Ti AMP! Extreme, which comes with a 25 percent factory overclock on the core, and an extra three percent GDDR5 overclock for good measure. But we already managed a 20 percent core overclock on the reference card, and 11 percent GDDR5 overclock as well, so it will be interesting to see how far we can push some of these other 980 Ti cards.
    If you’ve wondered about the reasoning behind the initial review scores, overclocking is certainly a factor. Nvidia’s Maxwell 2.0 cards (GTX 960/970/980 using GM204 and GTX 980 Ti/Titan X using GM200) have all proven very capable overclockers. For high-performance enthusiast cards, getting great out-of-box performance is expected, but being able to tack on another 15–25 percent through overclocking really pushes things over the top. Conversely, a product that offers competitive stock performance but only a small overclocking potential is typically less desirable, assuming all other factors are equal. With that said, we felt it would be enlightening to take another look at the Fury X vs. 980 Ti, this time with the best stable overclocks we could manage on each card.
    As usual, we want to note that nothing is guaranteed with overclocking, other than perhaps factory overclocks, so these results are more of a baseline than something you will experience. Your choice of case, power supply, and case fans can all play a role, not to mention ambient temperature, drivers, and VBIOS. We’re far more confident in our 980 Ti results as being representative of the GPU than we are of Fury X, and hopefully AMD will help unlock the full potential of the card in the coming months. For now, however, despite the similar price, overclocking in particular will heavily favor Nvidia.

    Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves








    Note: 97th percentile average used for Heaven minimums

    At stock clocks, the Fury X and 980 Ti are at least reasonably matched. AMD claims a couple of wins and two more ties at 4K, and on average we’re looking at less than a 10 percent delta between the two GPUs—and an even smaller difference at higher resolutions. The average of our eight core games gives Nvidia a ten percent lead at 1080p, seven percent at 1440p, and only three percent at 4K. Minimum frame rates favor Nvidia a bit more—18, 14, and six percent at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K—likely thanks to the 6GB VRAM on the 980 Ti. And, of course, AMD is doing this with liquid cooling and lower temperatures, while still using a bit more power; they’re running beta drivers as well, but that’s how things currently stand.
    Throw in overclocking and the comparison becomes far more lopsided. At present, the best we’re able to manage with the Fury X is a seven percent overclock, while on the reference 980 Ti we’re able to hit +225MHz on the core and +900MHz (7,910MHz effective) on the GDDR5. That represents a 23 percent core overclock and a 13 percent memory overclock. And if you’re wondering, the Zotac 980 Ti AMP! Extreme goes even further; we were able to hit 1,300MHz on the core and 8,300MHz on the memory—stay tuned for the full review.
    Looking at the overclocked results, it’s a clean sweep for the 980 Ti right now. Even games that traditionally favor AMD (e.g., Hitman: Absolution) are ruled by the overclocked 980 Ti. The smallest lead we recorded for the 980 Ti OC is around five percent, in Hitman at 1440p and 4K. In games where the 980 Ti already held a lead, there can be a chasm between the two cards; Heaven, for instance, has a 28 percent lead at 4K and a 45 percent lead at 1080p. Ouch. On average, the 980 Ti OC leads the Fury X OC by 26 percent at 1080p, 21 percent at 1440p, and 15 percent at 4K in average fps; looking at minimum fps, right now 980 Ti OC leads by 39/32/24 percent over Fury X OC. About the only consolation prize is that the overclocked 980 Ti has peak power use for the system that’s about 20W higher than the overclocked Fury X—426W vs. 408W—but that’s partly due to the rest of the system working harder to provide the increased performance, and overclockers aren’t usually ultra-concerned with needing a bit more juice to keep their system running at top speed.
    To the Victor Goes the Spoils And there you have it: AMD has plenty of work to do if they want Fury X to match the GTX 980 Ti consistently. Improving performance by 10–15 percent is certainly possible, and we’ve already seen Nvidia do that with driver updates since the launch of the Titan X. However, at least right now, AMD seems to be taking the Titan X approach to clock speeds with Fury X, meaning all of the cards are full reference models running reference clocks; at least the pricing is also consistent, though finding the Fury X in stock is another matter. The 980 Ti, on the other hand, is open for experimentation, and factory core overclocks of 10–25 percent are readily available, often at only a minor price premium. Even if you stick with the reference cards, it looks as though nearly all 980 Ti GPUs will happily run at 1,200MHz base, with boost clocks hitting 1,400MHz or more in some cases.
    What we want to see from AMD in the coming weeks are two things. First, we want drivers that perform better than the current launch/beta 15.15 drivers. All indications are that AMD could net 10 percent or more performance with additional tuning, and that would be enough to match 980 Ti performance in most cases. Second, considering the “overbuilt” liquid cooling, we want to see voltage unlocks and HBM overclocking. If HBM can indeed be clocked 20 percent higher (600MHz base instead of 500MHz), and that results in another 10–15 percent improvement in performance, then we’d be looking at parity. That may not be the most exciting result if you want to argue about which graphics card is best, but stronger competition from Team Red can only help consumers in the long run.
    But until/unless these improvements come to pass, the GTX 980 Ti is the best choice for gaming enthusiasts. It's fast, it's available, and it can overclock like a Swiss watchmaker hopped up on muesli.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Pendersen in Can you beat this price with a custom build?   
    I find that the price difference between my dream rigs I slobber over on newegg, vs prebuilts and customized gamer rigs from alienware and most other gamer rigs have a cost range difference of $1000+ without an extended warranty.
    As @[member='BewareDaBeast'] mentions, the 6 core vs 4 core difference is usually the biggest reason for me to go full custom. 
    I've priced out a few custom 6th gen i7 rigs VS some alienware 4th gen i7's and found for the same cost I could have the newer tech, IF I'm willing to deal with the burn in testing and multiple warranties.
    Higher end components usually come with their own warranty, better components usually have 2+ year warranties attached to them.
    For example:
    Limited Warranty period (parts): 2 years
    While this means that you could have to dig your Motherboard out and be minus a rig for awhile, the same is true for the prebuilt, most of them require you ship the whole rig in, or bring it to a qualified tech.  Meaning you're out of a PC that time in either case.
    For me, the best point to a prebuilt is burn in tests, they'll put together the rig, and test the hardware (or use pretested hardware), not a hard task, but time intensive so useful.  Less time till play.
    Both options have their good points, but for me, I simply prefer full control over the product I get.
    I hope I can build up a SLi system with two of those ZOTAC 980 Ti's... :Hungry Zombie:
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to DowntownRiots in Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop   
    Another thing that help in over all performance is to go to you Performance Options, Virtual Memory, and Power Profiles.
    Performance Options
    Start -> Right Click on Computer -> Advance System Settings -> Advance Tab -> Performance -> Settings... -> Visual Effects Tab -> Click on Adjest for best performance -> Apply.
    This should totally disable all the 'pretty features of Windows interface. The stuff that makes it looks nice (ie Shadows, translucency, animated window movements, and other various effects). If you don't like the look of the color scheme, and you probably won't, simple fix to change coloring is...
    Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Windows Color.
    From there you can change how all the things that Windows' windows are displayed (color of windows/text/icons, size of buttons, font, font size, etc).
    Virtual Memory
    Similar to the previous steps for Windows Performance options this is mainly for adding 'extra RAM' to your system by is hard drive space for RAM processes. This may help in all some intensive programs needing the extra space to run their functions. I will warn you adding only so much will make a difference, slight as it might be, but you are limited as well by your free space on your hard drive. While I have yet to find a specific answer on how much free space to have leaving enough space for your temp files to be added without eating all the memory is important. Also the less space you have free on your hard drive does increase both the amount of defragmentation and time it takes to defrag the drive. So leaving at least a couple of free gigs free (5-10gigs) is what I try to leave. Currently I have about 518gigs free on spread across three drive (194gigs avgerage) I am not worried about it at the moment. So if you could add at least 2 gigs to Virtual Memory you should see some improvement in running certain programs or just longevity of use between restarts.
    Start -> Right Click on Computer -> Advance System Settings -> Advance Tab -> Performance -> Settings... -> Advance Tab -> Virtual Memory Section - Change... - Select available drive -> Custom Size -> add allocated space,
    Power Profiles
    Final suggestion I can give is adjust power profile performance settings. This pretty much tells your computer should it focus on its resources on making things run smoothly or running pretty. When performance is an issues, smoothly is priority. 
    Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver ->Power Management Section -> Power Management - Change power settings -> Click on High Performance  
    Option continuence down the rabbit hole... 
    Right Click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen Saver ->Power Management Section -> Power Management - Change power settings -> Chance advance power settings -> Drop down menu -> High performance.
    Hope this help further, good luck!!
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Viper in Windows 10   
    Windows 10 shares your wifi with everyone now, is it possible that may be causing your internet to slow down or not work? Check in the settings and make sure it isn't sharing it 
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Element in My next computer build   
    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FYnzwP - Intel build - $828.91 price (fluctuates)
    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/J4pnVn - AMD build - $690.84 price (fluctuates)
    Some other parts are missing because I'm lazy to look for them in my current computer or some other reasons I've lost in thought.
    This is assuming building within the end of this year or around next year.
    I'm poor as dirt because college student has no money and no 1k lying around. And no job :(
    Graphic card at 770 because I'll be moving that from this computer to the next. 980 would be my pick.
    Motherboard, asus didn't have a 6 sata port motherboard that I know of. So I had select the maximus hero. CPU will change this though if I select AMD over Intel.
    Case ... up for grabs. Definitely want a full tower. Fan filters easily accessible and remove for cleaning.
    CPU ... can be different. I'm selecting this CPU because I want to stick to this cpu until the computer is bottleneck by CPU. AKA I will not upgrade CPU/Motherboard. I'd rather build a brand new computer. AMD or Intel ... atm intel wins in single core and most games are single core,
    RAMs ... it was corsair venge or g.skill ... 8gb or 16gb... still up for debate.
    decisions... decisions...
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to DowntownRiots in Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop   
    Try Windows Media Player Classic. One of my favorite video players. Quick to load and no annoying unnecessary graphics and info added. I doubt this will make a difference, but maybe you need a updated/correct video codec. Do you have a lot of programs running in the background? That rig is at least 9 years old... maybe its time to reinstall windows. A fresh install, hopefully you have your old Dell CDs, if not might set you back a hour or two getting all the basic drivers and installing them.  I try and keep my non-essential background running programs to a minimum, but just from everything my Windows 7 64-bit OS is using 4gigs (5.4gigs including Chrome) of RAM. You have only 2gigs.... so yeah. Alternative add my page filing space allotted. How much of your HDD is free space? Last defragmentation of that drive? Being such a old system and low memory/space for current software you're pretty much giving that rig hospice care.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to viperman in I just cant understand why we cant make our goals?   
    you can get a pre-paid debit card and use that as a guest for paypal.
    YOU do NOT have to have a paypal account to donate
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to BewareDaBeast in Can you beat this price with a custom build?   
    Not quite sure if you noticed the parts list.
    It does contain 6 cores, The exact same specs if not better than the Alienware system.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to BewareDaBeast in Can you beat this price with a custom build?   
    May not have Bluetooth but otherwise i would say it's a great build.
    You could get a 980 / 980Ti but that involves a lot more cash.
    Looks like a build that could be potentially better than the Alienware build but then again, I haven't researched the components.
    Could always just buy a 4790k, I've got one and it's awesome.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Wesker in Alienware or XPS?   
    A ran an alenware x51 for a very very long time.  Was able to fix a GTX 650 2g (with a pair scissors to the board of the card... lol) and went to 16 gigs of ram and I played games without lagging, the whole thing cost me around $600 so, im a fan of alienware.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to desijatt in Windows 10 May Not Be Pre-Installed   

    Bloomberg reports that devices likely won’t have Windows 10 pre-installed on the platform’s launch day, July 29. Why? Because there just isn’t enough time to get the OS installed. Instead, consumers will likely see Windows 10 on a number of devices making their debut in August and September.
    Previously Microsoft was supposedly stamping the RTM seal on Windows 10 this past Friday, but Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of Windows and device marketing, told Bloomberg that the RTM build has not been released to device manufacturers. He didn’t provide an exact date of when the company expects the RTM to go live.
    “You will see computers running with Windows 10 installed very soon after the 29th and then in the fall a whole new class of machines for the holidays,” he told Bloomberg.
    In a separate report, IFA announced that Nick Parker, corporate vice president, OEM Division, Microsoft, will present a keynote during IFA 2015 on September 4. According to the organization, he will present new Windows 10-based “tablets, 2-in-1s, premium notebooks, gaming devices and all-in-ones.”
    That said, customers looking to purchase a device with Windows 10 out-of-the-box should wait until August or September. However, customers wanting to purchase a new device on July 29 will receive help in upgrading to the new platform at special stations in Microsoft’s stores and additional retailers.
    On July 29, the 5 million Windows Insiders participants will receive the “retail” build of Windows 10 first, followed by the consumers who signed up to reserve a spot in the Windows 10 rollout through the “Get Windows 10” campaign. These reservations will be fulfilled in waves.
    Mehdi told Bloomberg that customers who choose not to update their new device in participating stores will instead be pushed up the Windows 10 rollout ladder so that they can get the platform “when they wish.”
    July 29 is an important day for Microsoft, as the company can finally move away from the mess that is Windows 8. Of course, the company cleaned up the platform a bit with Windows 8.1, but customers installing Windows 10 later this month should feel more at home on their desktop or laptop.
    Microsoft did the right thing by opening up Windows 10 to customers willing to undergo the development process. Thanks to these individuals, Windows 10 is partially shaped by the consumer. There are no surprises with Windows 10, as the press, the Insiders and Microsoft itself have been completely transparent.
    Some of the features Windows 10 customers can look forward to include the built-in Cortana virtual assistant, a new Start Menu, better settings management, better security, and for gamers, DirectX 12. Microsoft seems highly enthusiastic about the launch of Windows 10 and consumers will see why on July 29.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to desijatt in Windows 10 Box Art Reportedly Leaked   

    here is new windows artbox
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to VikingSyndicate in Windows 10 Updates!!!!   
    Well, I appreciate it. I guess for the time being, I'll try and keep updated on the releases. And wait see how the majority are liking it. I always love new UI's.
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    terminatorjim6300 got a reaction from VikingSyndicate in Windows 10 Updates!!!!   
    Now I am just a kid, but from my experience, newer versions of Windows will use more power, but may also be better streamlined for the newest hardware. If you have the Insiders preview then I would recommend backing up your current os and install it, It was difficult for my dad and I to get it to go on my PC, but we figured it out, although it is probably differemt than yours. Also, I would say you may or mat not see an increase or deacrease in performance on this version, and I cant really say if you will on the full release either, there are just so many variables, but I know that on the computers around my house, the OS that is the fastest is Windows Xp, except on mine, then its Vista, its just not a really big difference. Also, gaming wise, like I said in a previous post, some work, others dont right now.
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to Ritzy in Jurassic World   
    This movie was absolutely terrific! The story was amazing along with the best CGI I've ever seen. It wasn't too serious, with a good bunch of laughs, and the technology evolution from the previous movies makes it seem like a present day picture with a glimpse into our futuristic capabilities.
    Did you see it? What did you think? 
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    terminatorjim6300 reacted to VikingSyndicate in Windows 10 Updates!!!!   
    I am currently running for my PC build:

    -Nvidia Geforce GTX 780
    -Sabertooth 990fx R2 Motherboard
    -AMD FX 8350 Octa-core Processor
    -16gb of RAM
    - I am currently at a 1920x1200 resolution at 59hz.
    -Hard Drive Space is a lot!

    Would upgrading to Windows 10 be worth any extra performance, for workflow and gaming. I work with Image editing, Video Editing, and Game Art. As well as Game.
    Just hesitant on upgrading, I received the download from Windows. But yet still haven't tried it. Just want to know, Is it worth it?

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