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    dubijj or jimmy6300

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    Computers, Gaming, Nerf, Laser-Tag, Movies'

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    NC as jimmy6300NC

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    Windows 7 Professional 32 and 64 Bit
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    whatever a Dell Precision T3500 has
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    Intel Xeon W3670 Hex Core @ 3.20 GHZ
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    Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9-270X 2GB
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    525 Watt
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    6 GB 1066 MHZ
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    1 Western Digital 500 GB 1 Hitachi 750 GB 1 Hitachi 2TB
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    Platronics GameCom 780 Headset
  • Monitor
    1 20' Dell Monitior 1280 X 1024
  • Case
    The Dell Precision T3500 one
  • Peripherals
    Old IBM PS2 Trackball aand Old PS2 keyboard
  1. Fan Controller\Heat Monitoring LCD's

    Hello, I was just looking at various Fan Controller LCD's, and I was wondering if you guys had any experience with these, I am only looking for one to monitor my CPU temprature, fan control is not something I am going to utlize for a while, so I was wondering, which one is good for that? All I want is for it to fit into a optical drive bay. Thanks in advance.   Jimmy
  2. Rate my new rig?

    I honestly do think it is a nice build you got there man, you will notice a big difference in performance over your current one, have fun :-)
  3. Valve Removes Steam Paid Mods

    I can't express my utter joy when valve removed the paid mods, I don't buy a game to spend $$$ on mods, also I am surprised they could do this in the first place, I thought that the makers of the workshop games wouldn't like people making money off of thier thing.
  4. GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown

    Good point @[member='khemimbalance'] since I am getting my PC next year, I will have to see what is out then, if it is like $1000 video card, then I will go for a couple of 980Ti's but if it is around $800, and the performance is double that of a 980Ti or so, I can justify that
  5. Windows 10

    Hmm, does anyone who has Windows 10 and is runing an AMD card have Batman Arkham City? And if they do, does it work? When I ran it on the preview it would crash, I haven't upgraded yet, may not till I get my new PC next year, but I am considering it, also, Plantronics needs to get its head together and realease a Windows 10 driver for the Gamecom 780\788, I will upgrade if that happens
  6. GTX 980 Ti vs. Fury X: Overclocking Showdown

    Very interesting how overclocking the Fury X does not make much of a difference, but overclocking the 980Ti does, I am defenitly going for a 980Ti (or two :-) ) for my PC next year
  7. Rate my new rig?

    I think its cool, but for $4k you could craftily do a hex core i7 build instead, maybe even a 5960X, I know because I have been trying different stuff on CyberPower
  8. Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?

    Hey guys, as you may know I am going to get a job next year and a buy a really powerful gaming PC, probably the only time in my life I am going to do this, but I was experimenting with custon builds on the CyberPowerPC site, and this is what I have come up with right now http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1H6VJ5 but I discovered that 3-Way SLI 970 cards is $500 cheaper than 2-Way SLI 980Ti, I was wondering what you guys think of that, the price differemce is nice, but the performance still has to be good, and I know with how the VRAM on the 970 is, that may be a bit of a bottleneck, but what do you guys think? And do you have any alternatives with good performance and good price? Also, other comments about my build there are quite welcome. Thanks in advance.   Jimmy
  9. My next computer build

    @[member='Element'] That is agreat cheap build in my opinion, but also, what games do you plan on playing? That would be a big factor in those parts I think
  10. Problems Playing Star Wars movies on my XPS Laptop

    @[member='DowntownRiots 95/5'] There usually isn't much programs running in the background, it has steam and origin, but those don't start on bootup, also it has over 10GB of HDD space and Windows 7 was reinstalled about six months ago from Dell restore discs, it has not been defragged however, that may help, the performance monitor says around 50-60 % of ram is used on startup. Mostly it is for my little brother who plays Jedi Knight, and Star Wars Battlefront 2 on it, and I did recently have it blown out with an air compressor, so the fans are working good again, I will try that software you recommended and also see about defraging. Also it is not connected to the internet or anything, so nothing is updating in the background.
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Thats not where I do my gaming in the first picture though, just was there all set out so I took a pic
  12. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Well, I figured I would post a couple pics of my PC, it is not nearly as fancy as any I have seen here, but I can play Planetside 2 at almost ultra settings, same with Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed 4, I can also run GTA V on mostly high settings.   [attachment=6264:11008416_1375165829468520_7095421214555256788_n.jpg]   [attachment=6265:11742635_1465909547060814_8514716176429179512_n.jpg]   That is mine, is is just a Dell Precision T3500 workstation turned gaming, here are its specs:   OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit CPU: Intel Xeon W3670 Hex-Core @ 3.20 GHZ per core GPU: Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9-270X 2GB OC Guru Edition RAM: 6GB HDD: Nothing fancy, just three drives with 3.25TB total   I will be getting a quite fancy computer next year though
  13. My Computers

    Just some pics of my computers
  14. Can you beat this price with a custom build?

    Yeah, I gotta say, I do trust Dell/Alienware over a custom, and I have had Dell computers all my life, and bluetooth wise, thats an easy fix, I would buy an XPS 8700 but I think I would like 6 or more cores in my computer
  15. Hey guys, my little brother had his birthday yesterday, and he got the Star Wars movies on DVD, now I let him play on my old Dell XPS M1710 laptop, you can see it explained in detail here http://www.notebookreview.com/notebookreview/dell-xps-m1710-review-pics-specs/ It does have the cooling issues that Dell was sued over in 2011 or so, but I have Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit installed and it is running Windows Media Player 11, when he was watching Star Wars 2, I noticed it was lagging kind of a lot, especially in the action scenes, I am at a loss to explain this especially since it runs other movies like Transformers 4 and Star Trek Into Darkness flawlessly. If you guys have better software to suggest for playing DVD movies that is a free download, I would greatly appreciate it. Well, here are its specs   CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 @ 2.33 GHZ GPU: Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX with 512MB of VRAM RAM 2GB HDD: 180GB   Those are its specs, I would greatly appreciate any help guys, and thanks in advance. Jimmy

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