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  1. Been awhile.

    Busy, work and such for me. There have been many new faces around lately though so stop by and say hi in game sometime. We could use another raider. Hope the overwatch has been very .. over... watchy? or something.
  2. Raiding For Wild

    Yeah my awesome job has me working some stupid hours. Eight to 18 hours at a time and they never know when or what days. Im looking at quiting and hope to be able to next week if i get a job offer after a recent interview. Its why i havent been there recently.
  3. Chicken's Raad Anthem

    Ok chicken.... I know it's your name and all.. but do you have some real life chicken issues that you need an intervention for?? :P lol.
  4. Cooking is awesome!

    Took it long enough. Also the rep vendors no longer sell the foods if someone hasn't checked yet. So cooks are now the source for raid food. Congrats proffy! Our cooking leveling may not have just been for "fun".
  5. Sadness

    Yay! Will be glad to see you back around wild and congratulations on getting to check stuff of your list. Even good stress is stress so I hope you get some more relaxin' time coming your way.
  6. That's a pretty good form there Fyona.
  7. There was a list where new members were supposed to put where they were in the attunement process, and what they still needed and then days were scheduled for people to try to help them get through stuff. They used to  be doing this, however with raid transitioning into our own raids and some other issues that may have arisen, such as a huge influx of newer members I think this process has fallen into the cracks for the moment. I'm not sure what link had the place to list where you were in attunement but I believe it was stickied on the forums, usually xen(if i remember) would set up a day to try to get people onboard to finish their requirements.   Of course It doesn't hurt to bring it up again so people are reminded. I'd look on the forums to see if you notice where the sticky post was, probably raids, and all the newer people should add themselves to it and where they are at. After that I'd say don't wait for anyone to set up and event but go ahead and use the list to post a date that the people needing things can make, as you suggested Fyona. I'd only reccommend using the list that should already be on the forums to organize it but go ahead and set up the times and just make a general discussion post with the times and add people to the OP, to list the groups you might get and go ahead with it. You'll get help if people know that others need a hand, BEFORE, they log on to do something they planned to do themselves with their time.   Good reminder though :)
  8. ADK Raid Reminder

    I'll do either roll. I collect both sets if gear. I've done either roll in GA, mostly Dps, but also healed.
  9. Wildstar Recruitment posts.

    It is common among military personnel, which Rocky is. I've heard it many times in the army.
  10. IMPORTANT: Weekday and Weekend Raiding

    Out of curiosity how am i supposed to sign up for the y-83 thing? I see a sign up but I am not on the list to say yes or no.
  11. Gold Vet Dungeons

    If I had actually noticed the post I'd have said yes :P. I don't always remember to check the adk site for stuff. If you see me in game and are wanting to plan this just yell at me too so I am aware to check here if you have time to let me know online. when Im not in game I'm usually busy with stuff. I'd still like to help when i can though.
  12. Need Help: Low FPS

    I had been recently complaining about my rig suddenly blue screening and/or freezing randomly after drop 4 had happened and only with wildstar. I tried several things but none helped until I decided to check the BIOS I was using a version that had been passed up by about 5 updates. However, I have never really seen much reason to update a BIOS to a board before it was already time to upgrade the entire motherboard anyway. I had already checked so many things that I went ahead and updated the BIOS firmware and I have not had a single issue since from my end at least. I can't fix phagemaw memory leaks from here ;). You might try updating the BIOS to yours, however, if you have not done it before you may want to see if there is a software utility from the manufacturer to update it automatically you can get(this is new, you used to not be able to do that.) or you may have to flash the BIOS manually like is usually required. If you have to do the latter you want to have someone that's probably done it before do it or follow the directions for doing so for your specific board carefully or the computer will not run without a 3rd party assisting. Otherwise, I'd suggest doing whatever you do with Wildstar to see if it drops down low, pull the side of the case off if you know how, and pointing a box fan at it and seeing if the frames improve. You might just need to reapply some cooling goo to the cpu/motherboard connection as it can dry out and stop transfering heat properly. Before doing anything too invasive, BACK. UP. YOUR. COMPUTER. Oh, if only i'd followed my own advice there so many times. :P
  13. 4-10-15 X89 Down

    Nice Vid Hex!

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