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  1. CoryLamborghini's Introduction!

    @[member='yourfavplayer2'] First welcome to ADK! It's pretty fun hanging out with these guys when you need someone play with. Again welcome!
  2. Battlefield 4 Favorite map

    Well I would have to say my favorite map has to go to Zavod 311. That map just has such a good layout for flying in my opinion. For instance, you could fly through the building or go behind trees to escape stingers or iglas.

    Anybody here think stingers need a nerf! As someone who has started to begin flying in Battlefield 4 I've started to realize the frustration good pilots feel about stingers and AA. I've gone so much to  the point where I don't even use stingers or the aa. Anyways what is your guy's take on this topic?
  4. Vari4ble's INTRO

    Hey ADK members,  Just wanted to start off by saying I'm someone who loves to play a lot of Battlefield 4. So far I've been playing on the PC for about a year and half. Before that, I was on the xbox 3 playing BC2 and BF3. Apart from gaming, I've a huge tech. enthusiast so much to the point where I'm actually pursuing a degree in computer engineering at UCSC if anyone from adk attends their currently. I'm also someone who enjoys talking with other people. Finally, I've signed up to be a member multiple times and I haven't got accepted; however, I hoping I'll be able to make more post as I have a somewhat busy lifestyle. Again, thank you guys for the good times I've had in TS!
  5. BF4 - ENTER 2015 with ADK

    Hopefully I will be able to represent ADK in cool way such you for 2015. Maybe someday I will post for ADK someday to show my respects. Hope to see some of you on the Battlefield!
  6. favorite Class?

    In Battlefield 4 my favorite class has to be the assault class. You get the like the best guns in the game and you get the med. pack and the defibrillator which are without a doubt the most useful tools in the game.
  7. How Competitive Are You?

    In many games that I play I like to come out on top. I try to play so hard to the point that I've set up my turn distance with a ruler and set up BF4 with the mini-map a certain. Do you guys really like to play really competitively?
  8. The Guru of 3D's Mantle Performance Review

    I feel that Mantle does nothing for my system; however for systems with low-end CPUs and high-end GPUs their is almost no noticeable bottle-necking as I've seen on my cousin's rig.   
  9. A Better Bow?

    Anyone wish that DICE could bring more scopes to the bow and higher up the reload speed. I feel like the weapon really sucks in comparison to BF3's Bow. It would be awesome to beat people that think their weapons outclass the Bow.
  10. Best weapon ?

    My favorite gun has to be Bulldog as it packs a big punch like the Scar-H; however, it has the rate of fire like a normal assault rifle. I just wish they could lower the recoil a bit it would be a freaking laser beam.
  11. Favorite Map/DLC Map

    In terms of my favorite DLC I'll have to say Final Stand also. The maps that it comes with in my opinion are mostly balanced with a few maps only really good for the rush game-mode. I'm hoping though that the maps that DICE promised up will be favorite DLC overall. 
  12. BF4 Feedback & Suggestions

    I was wondering if you guys could make a rule to where if one team gets base-rapped the other team pushes back to cap points. It is simply not possible trying to push on lockers when you get pushed back into your base. Also, if you guys could ban the bi-pod courtesy of another member who I thought brother a brilliant way to alleviate the bi-pod glitching issues. Sorry I don't remember what the member's name was.
  13. I remember I had to do something similar to this except it was with a standalone desktop monitor. So it must of been a lot harder more you as you had to do this on a laptop. Well glad you fixed it.
  14. A Quick Frostbite Performance Meter Intro

    Looks pretty good as the meter is showing a constant curve. So when you play game you must not notice any significant drops in FPS. I'll have to take a look at this meter since I sometimes have some drops. Thanks for the tip.
  15. I was flying UCAV....

    Wow your really good at flying those UCAVS. To be honest never even used the UCAV. I've almost always stuck with the Medic Class.

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