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    Girls, Girls, Gaming, Girls and Girls

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  1. I have made up my mind. Chao

  2. I have made up my mind

  3. Immature people smh

  4. Snipers in Bf3

    @[member='Fanaticdude'] it seems like you are knife specialist man, you took so many tags that awesome. I really suck at taking dog tags because i always end up getting killed chasing behind people to take their tags. Sometimes i am that unlucky that my guy only slice the opponent when trying to take their tag and that person just turn around and kill me lol. But i when i do get tags its the best feeling lol
  5. Snipers in Bf3

    @[member='HansJob'] I really don't think you are that bad at sniping lol. But hey probably you need some practice to get good at it. When i started sniping i really sucked at it until i decided that even though i'm getting killed i would still use the class until i got better and who knows i started to improve  just within the 2 day span of playing with the recon class i was getting better and better at it. I really like sniping, although i usually play COD and quick scoping was my thing i adapted to Bf3 sniping easily because i usually play Halo and i was a great sniper on that. 
  6. Favourite Basketball Team?

    Well i am not a huge fan of basketball but my favourite team is the LA Lakers. The reason i support that team is because my parents are fans of the Lakers so it inevitable that i would also become a fan of the Lakers. So comment your favourite basketball team, why you support that team and your biggest rival in the NBA.
  7. The Introduction of the Local Idiot

    Hey welcome! If you play minecraft or BF3 you can hit me up on origin @Rhizen or on the TS server. 
  8. That girl though

  9. Anyone See The Interview?

    i watched it. Pros it was really funny. Cons too much dicks and butts XD
  10. Wolf of Wall Street

    Well i like the movie because it was pretty interesting. I would recommend it to anyone over the age of 18 lol
  11. Spicy vs Non Spicy Foods?

    Ok guys which do you prefer spicy or none spicy foods? If you want to state why you like either or dislike either is fine. I prefer spicy foods simply because i am jamaican lol 
  12. I am a huge fan of football fan. My favourite team is Chelsea Fc. My favourite players are Eden Hazard, Lionel messi and Zenadine Zidane. If you are a football fan tell me your favourite European team and three of your favourite players.
  13. Snipers in Bf3

    I have been playing the sniper class a lot since the pass two day on Bf3 and i think i'm becoming very good at it. So i just want to know which of you guys love sniping? Also i want to know which sniper you prefer and rate yourself out of ten your skill level with the sniper. I rate my self at 6/10 atm and my favourite sniper is the SVD98. 
  14. BF3: the lost star

    @[member='Trolley'] As you i know i play bf3 often. but our time difference are not really that awesome, thus restricting our playing time together. But if you are online and want to play just msg me on steam. Check my bio for my steam account

    Origin ID: Rhizen

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