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    FPS games, Photography, Aggressive skating, Good time with friends.

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    Windows 7
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    Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2120 @ 3.10GHz (2 CPUs+2Threads), ~3.1GHz
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    ATI Radeon HD5830 1gbDDR5
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    Cooler Master EX2 725watts
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    8gb HyperX Blu. ddr3
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    Turtle Beach X12 headset
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    Acer x223w
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    Antec Dark Fleet DF-35
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    MadCatz Cyborg V7 keyboard + Advance Sentinel 2 Cooler Master mouse
  1. Last vacation day, i only have pc super action gaming on my mind !

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SirOssII7


      Yup, getting back to work, school and other everyday tasks after the vacation is good for the health.

    3. Trolley


      same for me

    4. SirOssII7


      I had so much fun playing in the same team with you guys! For me, getting back to the ''routine'' also means good cooperative gameplay with a super team, so i hope to see you again to destroy everything on the map so people will still talking about us in 500 years! See you soon!

  2. SirOssII7 at your service !

    Hahaha Thank you guys i think i will enjoy my stay :)
  3. Happy New Year soldiers !

    Positive attitude i like that !   Thank you i will take your advice. Things are going so fast sometimes and you are absolutely right, we have to remember not only the bad things but mainly the good things we accomplished, or that we saw around us. Life is good and we have to focus on making things better and better. It's true i had great moments last year. It makes me want to share one great moment with you from 2014...i didn't get married ! Nahh just kidding. One good news is i finally can drive a motorcycle yesssss !! Seriously it changed my life in some kind of way. It's fun, i feel like i'm totally free, sometimes getting in a drive-thru  is making you like a weirdo but at the end i make people laugh. Ahhh, see, remembering is good and now i just want to get more fun and go on BF3 to express more of myself ! :D   Cheers !  And thank you again !
  4. Need a new resolution? I stick with 1680x1050 again this year.

    1. LaithSJ


      I only have 1024*768 lol

    2. SirOssII7


      lol. Probably one of the longest time used of this resolution too. But you know what, if i play on my flatscreen in my living room i use the 1024x768 too. The screen is big enough so the image is still bigger than my 22 inches screen. Humm, maybe i should make t-shirt with all sort of resolutions and people can see who's playing on this or that resolution, like a little tag on the t-shirt. (just an idea...dont think i'm crazy haha)

  5. Happy New Year soldiers !

    I want to take a moment to offer my best wishes for the New Year already started and also to wish you all a super-duper extra   fantastic pc gaming year ! Cheers everyone !     [attachment=4565:happyNewyear.jpg]    
  6. First of all,  I would  like to thank ADK for their invitation and for letting me introduce myself !   For people that already know me from Teamspeak on the BF3 channel, you'll see that i'm a kind of person that like to have fun and laugh but also keep focus on the game (witch i think it's difficult because i know we're having so much fun anyway). I mean, i consider myself as a serious gamer when it's time to support my team, but what i enjoy too is when i'm having a good time with friends on a server and on a channel so we can share the same victory and disaster and laugh about it haha.    Life is hard and cruel (that's what they say  xD ) so for entertainment... i turn into pc gaming mode ! I prefer to keep a positive attitude and if i can transfer the good vibe in the game then i am at the rescue ! Ok ok...it feels good to rescue the universe, but i can't hold it anymore it's too much for me...the only thing i'm good is to destroy my enemy"s spawn beacon and eliminate their entire squad ! With the help of my team of course.     Part of my life ; I have a good pc game library, many classics. I'm a regular pc user but i also have consoles at home and i try to be up-to-date with the video game industry. It is in constant evolution and i think it's important to know what is going on in the industry.  I've start to play free online fps and learned all the beginner tactics that doesn't help and only get you kill, so decided to play with better players to improve my skills. Improving my skills didn't mean i became a better ''shooter'' but also a better communicator.    The problem is, my orders wasn't clear enough because of my cheap microphone (damm i miss that microphone ) I've start to buy better pc gear and with time i realized i was more a gamer than a surgeon. So i put back the surgeon board game into my closet and really became addicted to pc gaming. PC GAMING ROCK !! Spread the word !     Open mind ; I speak french but i'm almost bilingual as you can see. But that doesn't stop me from being in a conversation for pc parts, gear, new games, new technologies, geography, history, broccoli, everything ! Social is part of my life so if you want to share something great or not great fee free to share it,  i'm ears open !  Enjoying a good talk is always good.       ADK Server found me ; It all stated after i came back from work (air vent inspection)  that i realized that all this time i was playing on ADK server !! (after 94 hours in ADK's server)   I'm the type of person that need to look over stats, look for a better way to improve. And i thought it was the right time for me to move for the next level. I received good support from ADK while gaming that i saw these people were serious so i joined.      Fruit and Vegetable ; I want to declare that, yes, i eat my fruits and veggies like never before ! I think it is good for mental and physical health. And also...coffee. I don't know if it's possible to plug a coffee machine near my pc desk but i would like too. ( I'll see what i can do and get back with more update ;)     1 000 000 $; If i had a million dollars, i would create a Gaming Training Camp for gamers. I'm serious. That would be awesome the more i think about it.     Time is running fast ; Life is good, and the best is to enjoy each moment and try do as best as we can. I think that way. Beside work, photography and aggressive skating (skate-park), what i like the most is to share gaming experience with a community that share the same passion for video games. And by joining a real club, i feel that i can contribute better and more officially for gamers out there in the lost world.  Many play test for video game companies also had good influence on my learning and game analysis.   My experience tells me that there is a lot of players out there with full potential, but maybe need a little more support and more guidance. And what a good feeling to receive support from an official.  I really think it makes the difference in the mind of a person and he (she) will be more confident.    I feel that i have the maturity and the potential of helping my community in real life but also in my gaming community. Gaming is not all about pc and hardware and points. It's also about the people. And i am glad to join the ADK Community !        Thank you !!  I wish you all good gaming session!    Best regards, ________________________________________________________ SirOssII7  (OssII7 in Teamspeak & Battlelog) but you can call me Seb ! 
  7. A perfect team with perfect gear

    I play a lot on =ADK= 24/7 Norshahr Canals it's the best close combat map ever ! But now i've join the ADK community and i feel i can improve my skills, my points also my tactics. By playing with other registered users and members i think we can win at every battle. I've seen the good results when i played with other players in ADK and the game seems to be more intense. I thank everybody for that ! Now, i've played so long with the same rifle and i need to know more about different weapons mostly adapted for the TDM in Norshahr. Not that i don't know wich one take, but if i can have really good suggestion(s) for a perfect loadout i will appreciate it !! I use the P90 and the A-91, but it's time for me to take new challenge(s) and mainly to improve my skills with other weapons i'm not use to. I really need the best of the the best ! Thank you in advance and the most important...have a good gaming session everybody ! Peace !
  8. What should i wear in Noshar tonight ? // Que devrais-je porter à Noshar Canal ce soir ?


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