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  1. Creation of a new fighter wing...

    I'm honestly just holding out for Wings :)   I don't like the small frustrations that crop up constantly while trying to get to the same locations (USS out of the question more or less), then worry about the same instance. Then worry about who gets the kill when. All a little ridiculous.    I look forward to playing the game more with you guys after Frontier get their collective crap together :P
  2. NPC's Real Mission

    I skip past them in my Cobra around 100-120 :P I just line up the elevation and speed past or boost if no one's there.
  3. good ship

    The ships go up in price from rank to rank - it's more about what you want it for and what you can afford.   The Sidewinder is the "utility" ship, followed by Adder then Cobra - I love my cobra, I do a mixed bag of missions and basically work on Rep.    For fighters you can do kill missions and bounty hunt slightly easier than in the utility classes. Fighters are generally faster and handle better, with more shields and slightly less hull than their utility counterparts (at first, greater difference later).    I suggest taking some time to look through the shipyards. Different stations have different ships on offer, however the big ones usually have all of the ships. By taking a look through there and familiarising yourself with the different ship modules in the outfitter you'll get a feel for the stats and be able to make better decisions :)   I'd recommend a kill warrant scanner for your killing pleasure, it will allow access to bounties on pirates (both NPC and CMDR) who have done naughty things in other systems, not just the one you're in. Shield Cell Banks are optional early on, they can replenish your shield as long as it's not completely depleted. Frameshift Interdictor is another optional, but even with the extra slots of my cobra I don't use it - USS, Nav Beacons and other landmarks usually net me enough baddies without going fishing. All personal choices :)   For more info it's definitely worth spending time in TS and talking to the awesomely knowledgeable peeps there.
  4. Patch 1.05!!!

    Wings on the horizon... band on the run... hopefully they prioritize shared instancing for people on your friends list :)
  5. Patch 1.05!!!

    It always amuses me when they have typos in release notes like that; it's not the first time for Frontier. You'd think there would be someone checking that the notes were right and that the list items were correct before posting.   Those crazy Brits. Ready FIRE aim!
  6. What Would You Name Your Ship? What port would you call home?

    Lumba (Fujimori) to Djakunda, I had to hop on the galaxy map to double check lol
  7. just a quickie:) question

    And if we ever have a meeting with them that doesn't go as planned... we can change the permissions after they dock :P
  8. What Would You Name Your Ship? What port would you call home?

    I used to love Fujimori Station, not for the name itself - it frequently needed metals/minerals and was close to the Sun, so a short cruise. The next system over produced metals/minerals and needed goods from Fujimori - so I got a nice one-jump trade back and forwards, with frequent goods requests to supplement rep/cash :D I was a happy camper.   As for ship name... irunno - when I played Startrek Online I used to pick Australian city names. Aussie pride :)   Though the way things are, I could easily be confused as British because of that... 
  9. Idea for Elite Dangerous

    https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=76081   Probably this tool, for (trading)? He's been working on it since one of the pre-release builds.   With your idea, at least we would have notes on scouting, though the galaxy is so large that we'd have to short list systems that we think ideal for specific things such as mining etc. It really would be an epic undertaking... that we might not finish in our life-time :P   Down the track as more functionality comes into play, such as walking around on planet, this would be awesome to have.
  10. just a quickie:) question

    It would be Eve-ish, but it was one of the best features there. It would be great to build our own ADK station and set up defenses. There's plenty of unsettled space out there.   We could run our own economy with supply and demand; have settlers on planets cultivating food, industry, etc.   It would give traders & miners something to contribute to the ADK alliance :) Just need the game to catch up to our ambitions.   Defending our, and attacking enemy, stations would be fun as. Pillage for resources - regular ole vikings :P
  11. Fed ranking ceiling?

    I'm a warrant officer, I ended up forum surfing on Frontier's site when I got the permit - there's no further mission or anything, you just have permission to travel there now. I never found a Frontier response to the question, which was posted by a 'lot' of people.   Keep on repping/trucking :D anywhere is good. Saktsak and Kappa Fornacis are popular with ADK atm - we had a pvp event with all ADK members in Saktsak and it's safe to say if another is held it'll be there, or nearby.   Or you can keep an eye out for Galnet news & events, which is what Kappa Fornacis has had going on - blowing up drug-farmers ftw.
  12. TeamSpeak Courtesy Call

    Would it be possible to set up channels for like-minded people? ie. Traders, bounty hunters, pvpers, conflict zones, mining, etc.   At least that way we're all talking about the same thing while we're in there... potentially :) this game has something of a divide in how you approach your millions or standings. It encourages specialization to be truly good at what you're doing, which means setting up a ship and you more or less need to swap ships to do something else.   In other words, we're equipped to do one thing at a time so why not have people doing that same thing in the same channel together. Just an idea, anyway.
  13. Cooking tonight

    Those look awesome :D
  14. Nvidia 600 series cards?

    I run a 660 and don't have a single issue. Are you running beta drivers? You may need to uncheck beta participation.
  15. My 2 cents

    I donated my good will towards your 2 cents... surely that's a +1 at least :P

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