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    Homestead, Florida
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    I am in to:
    Archery every late afternoon when its still light and its cool out side
    Bowling once week
    School when it starts
    GF when she is here
    Gaming every extra time I have

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    AMD FX-4100 Quad Core 3.60 GHz
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    ASUS R9270X - DC2
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    Corseir 750w
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    2x 16GB
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    C: Toshiba 1TB, D: Samsung SSB 120GB
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    2x 24" ANUS gaming moniters
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    Corseir Mid Gaming Case
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    SteelSeries Sensei Wireless/Wired Mouse, Razor BlackWidow Unltamate keyboard, TB XO7 Pro
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  1. I love this site due to it has all the information about every champ and every item. Also Cloud 9 also will throw some of their own advise on a champ build, you can also look up and find tons of build by other users and what level they are. Remember you have to take in the things that you see fit and make your build one that is best for you because every person will react the best build on the site its just up to the way each player plays the game.   These are just for advise so I can make the best build for my playing style. I mainly use the Mastery/Rune setup and with a new champ the order of the q,w,e should be selected, but in the end I make into my own.   Take in the good, throw out the bad, and make it to you see fit.   http://www.mobafire.com/  
  2. Who has xbox one

    Delete this post.
  3. i want to know

     @[member='Phreaktaco'] I did not know that @[member='Greenshaw'] did this. Like Rabbit said he wish for a feedback and I just tried to help.
  4. i want to know

    Try CGN's   They can be both Community Gaming Nights or Competitive Gaming Nights.   Community Nights are just to get people on ts an LoL, and have fun joking around and stuff Competitive Nights where there are duo or 5's, they make their own teams and they compete as in a tournament or something (Just no prize)
  5. List of people up for Duo Que

      Voli and Yi I mainly jn but I can also play top/bot with them
  6. best champ mid?

    I like Veigar. But its just on who you feel most comfortable playing.
  7. List of people up for Duo Que

    xWillyWooTangx Silver 5 I can play what ever is needed
  8. Funniest afk reasons

    My oddest ones:   My phone was on vibrating mode and it was on my balls and it scared the shit of me and I adjacently reset my computer.   I was cooking and the house cough on fire while I was playing!
  9. =ADK= League of Legends Friends List Updated*

    Thanks @[member='Greenshaw']
  10. =ADK= League of Legends Friends List Updated*

    Why is my (along with some others) color white instead of the yellow like all the other LoL members?
  11. =ADK= League of Legends Friends List Updated*

    @[member='Rabbit'] need help there?
  12. Players added to The Friends list topic

    :excl:  You forgot me xWillyWooTangx
  13. Ranked Teams and Plans 2.0

    xWillyWooTangx Silver 5 Fill, Jn. I can't play support I like to get kills Voli - Jn, Lanes,  Teemo - any lane, adc, Yi - Fill Anytime - Eastern
  14. Cod Xbox one.!!!!

      AC: Unity is not that good its more based on a role actual sorry line unlike all the others where it's free roaming and stuff
  15. Cod Xbox one.!!!!

    I am playing it at the moment so I am down for that.

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