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  1. Cooking tonight

    *Looks at your plate* That looks really familiar for some reason...   *Looks down* Oh...   Other than the mildly interesting fact we have the same plates, that looks really good. Can I live in your closet and eat your cooking please?  
  2. Free skins

    I got Pentakill Olaf. I'm neither really disappointed or thrilled. I just don't play him, haha. 
  3. Hello fellow gamers!

    @[member='LegallyBlindCake'] Well, the cake is a lie.
  4. Hello fellow gamers!

    Welcome to ADK!   Eh, I don't think you'll have many issues with your banter. My idea of making friends is insulting them and then making horrible puns. I'm only really sweet to people I don't know or dislike.    Which LoL server are you on? I assume if you're Scottish probably one of the EU ones? 
  5. Hello ADK!

    Hello! It's really cool that you're joining a community for the first time. They're a pretty awesome thing. As long as you make the effort to get on TS and get to know people, you'll get hooked.    Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?    (Pssst you should surrender yourself to League of Legends.) 
  6. The t-shirt I got for Christmas

    @Prophet Well, I'm sure it's a very prophetable industry. 
  7. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    The tears of my enemies.    But in reality, I really like cheez-its. So bad for you and doesn't gunk up your keyboard and mouse.
  8. Hello, I'm eLEMONate :)

    @[member='eLEMONate'] Oh that's neat! I graduated highschool early since I took my GED test as soon as I turned eighteen, and I worked retail for a year. I'm currently waiting until summer since I'm moving in with my sister and her husband. I'll be going to community college there. I'll likely be getting a four-year degree of some kind. I'm currently interested in becoming a pharmacist.    I'm envious of those who are good at sports! I've never been good at them. Although, I learned I was anemic after I quit school so that's probably why I was super shitty at gym. 
  9. Hello, I'm eLEMONate :)

    @eLEMONate Hello, hello! Another person from NH I see, haha. Although I'm gtfo'ing out of here in the summer.    Rainbow six was one of my first games I've ever played too. Not on the xbox, though. I've been apart of the PC gaming master race my whole life.    So now that you've graduated high school what are your plans for the future? Also, do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?      Feel free to hit me up on League. My IGN is Mimira.
  10. Path of Exile Guild?

    That could be a lot of fun, I've been wanting to get into PoE, but never had anyone to play with. I cannot remember my in game name at the time, but I'll have to reinstall it and add you.    Is anyone else interested in PoE?
  11. I figured it might be entertaining to talk about my weird hobby and maybe educate people on this alternative fashion.    So what is Lolita fashion? Well, in the most simple terms it's a street fashion from Japan. It pulls a lot of inspiration from Victorian and Rococo era fashion. It's a very modest fashion when it comes to skin coverage. Generally skirts are knee-length or just above at shortest. Your boobs should not be hanging out. So, no cleavage.    Here's an imgur album of a handful of good outfits: http://imgur.com/a/SlTAs   So as a Lolita we tend to wear a LOT of layers. This is a picture of my outfit I'm going to be wearing to dinner tonight.    The really poofy white thing to the left is my Petticoat. It's what gives my skirt it's shape. Petticoats are very essential to the lolita aesthetic. The other white thing beneath it is my bloomers. They're pretty much just shorts since with a poofy skirt there's a good chance you might accidentally flash someone. So yeaaaah, it's pretty important for the sake of modesty.    Now for what people actually see, I have a pretty simple outfit here. A black blouse, a black knit beret with a bow, a floral corset skirt, black heels, and black tights. I'll probably take a picture of it actually worn later.     If I was to bring up some common misconceptions with the fashion, some people seem to think it's a fetish thing. It really isn't. The reason why most lolitas wear it is for themselves. I dress this way simply because I like it. Nothing feels better than looking in the mirror and being able to say "I'm cute as fuck, yo."    When I wear my outfits in public, generally I get a very positive response from strangers. They tend to always think it's a costume at first, but seem to be pleasantly surprised when I tell them it's not a costume, I actually just dress this way. There are a few people who will do stuff like take pictures without your permission, or the occasional group of teenagers will say something, but I really could care less.    My family has mixed opinions about how I dress. My father loves it. Most of my brothers could care less. I know my mother and one of my brothers hates when I wear it out since as they put it "people stare". I'm considerate to their feelings when it comes to that, I'll wear normal clothes when requested. It makes me a little sad though when that happens since it's not often I get to dress up, haha.    Anyways, I'll answer any questions you guys may have! I don't know if this was interesting for anyone, but hey, maybe there's one or two people on the forums interested in actually wearing it.  
  12. Greetings from the Baron

    @[member='darkelf1'] I think it's only the Gentoo penguins that offer their mate rocks.
  13. Greetings from the Baron

    @[member='AdorableOrphan'] Don't make fun of my speech impediment. I can't help it. :'(   Annnd don't make me drink. I try to avoid getting drunk since the last time I got drunk I wrote a five paragraph essay to my friend on steam on why he sucks dick. I wish I saved it, it was pretty glorious despite all the typos.    @[member='darkelf1'] A rock...? DO I LOOK LIKE AN EASILY AMUSED SMALL CHILD TO YOU? I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW I ALREADY HAVE THREE PET ROCKS AND DO NOT NEED ANOTHER.
  14. Christmas Results

    My only day off this week was Christmas which was nice. I got Pajamas, a grumpy cat shirt, a pusheen shirt, a purse, and some fancy soap from my parents. One of my siblings is treating me to dinner tonight for a present which I'm looking forward to since it's been awhile since I last dressed up. My boyfriend got me a dress that should be here early January.    Honestly I think I had the most fun this year by buying and wrapping gifts. I trolled my brother into thinking I got him women's underwear for Christmas. He was pretty annoyed with me until I showed him how I hid the card under some cardboard in the box. 
  15. Greetings from the Baron

    @[member='LegallyBlindCake'] Thank you.   @[member='Joey'] My avatar is actually from a manga called NanaKo Robin, which is drawn and written by Nakahara, Aya. She's the mangaka for Lovely Complex, one of my favorite shoujo series.    Cool, thanks. I'll be sure to hop on when I can! I was on last night, and I joined the ADK in-game chat room. 

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