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    Gaming, my car and motorcycle.

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  1. Member Picture Thread

    sup ^^ Picture of Me and Jordanne after a band percussion show [attachment=423:IMG_6167.jpg] Me in my house [attachment=424:IMG_5879.jpg] My car + motorcycle [attachment=426:IMG_4823.jpg] [attachment=425:IMG_6924.jpg] Little off topic with my stuff but oh well
  2. EA in a nutshell

    Sound more like COD though in my opinion, especially at 0:30, but EA does force DICE and Frostbite to pump out the games. Great video though I loved it. (made with Garry's mod)
  3. Hey everyone

    [quote name='Rexperience' timestamp='1338281105' post='30100'] Challenge accepted. [/quote] I'm going to start running... take your time please . -runs-
  4. Hey everyone

    I already have a few =ADK= member tags including Cowman, Hareraser, Blindspider and many more . Really fun playing with you guys and non of you haves my tags ^.^.
  5. Hey everyone

    Hello everyone of =ADK=. I'm Ryan Adams(you can mostly call me Wolf or Wolfy(Wolfie) all works). I mostly play BF3 (I own every BF game though). I also play APB:R, Stronghold Kingdoms Beta I am 17 years old but I'm more mature than most other teenagers around my age. Also I'm a pretty good jet / Helicopter pilot in BF3. I'm also now a Senior in high school and graduate year of 2012-2013. Don't really know what else to add but ill post it later. + here is a picture of me. [attachment=420:IMG_5879.jpg]

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