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  1. So close yet so far. .

    wow.  I envy the amount of IP you have.  I dont play as often as I used to, so I'm always low on IP and my days of buying RP are long behind me.
  2. Funniest afk reasons

    I saw this thread and I had to chime in... In middle of winning LOL game, wife starts telling me she needs me to run to store for her.  I'm like can it wait I'm in middle of a game I can't pause.  She is like no i need my "pads" now.  So now that's two pieces of bad news.  Anyways, I went to the story, came back, game was still going but my team wasn't doing well.  They start asking wtf etc etc,  and I was like i had no choice I needed to get my wife item's for "that time of the month", game lost.   I was renting a condo in a mostly older person neighborhood.  Its late, 1 am ish, I'm in middle of a game and I hear someone playing with my condo's front door.  I grab my pistol, no i dont type a word I just react, take saftey off as I run to front of house.  I see the person attempting to open my car door, locked, I start opening my front door drawing my weapon as he opens my wife care, not locked (ARGH!!!), I yell at him let him know saftey is off one false move and he dead.  Held him at gun point til cops got there.  Once i got through that by this time the game had finished since cops and statements and all that crap took time.  Me and my friends were running as group of 5 so i had all these messages.  I had to explain why i didnt' bother to type anythign and just reacted and they finally calmed down about me leaving and them losing the game.
  3. new member, long time LOL player

    @[member='Joey'] I build with tons of health runes and health improving masteries.  Level 1 e, with its aoe damage clears pretty quick on Naut, and nice shield to help stay out clearing longer before having to back.  It can be on par with phoenix udyr lvl 1.  Thanks for the warm welcome.  My son broke my headset today, so i'll not be on chat for a bit as I'm on my way to disney this weekend and wont be back for a week.   @[member='Phreaktaco'] Thanks for the warm welcome.  Once I get back from my trip and get new headset for sure I'll give you some reasons to procrastinate.  HeHe. 
  4. Hi all,   New to the forums here but a long time League playser, since season 1.   I have a crap load of champions, as I'm sure we all do, but I tend lately to stick to the same ones.   Morgana, my fav, I play her tanky ap caster mid.  I can often not die at all in a game with her and carry. Mundo, one of my top 3 favs, love hitting cleavers all day long, play him top or support. Mord, ap caster, top Cho ap caster top Amumu, jg naut, jg Azir, mid Zed, mid   I used to be heavy support Soraka, Sona, Thresh, and Nami.  But I lost my love for that role as I kept running into so many inexperienced adc that would think having healer like soraka and sona would mean they could get hit for free.   Hope to catch you all online, my ingame name is UmaOgoto.  I've not had a good year, lol, stuck in elo hell in solo queue.    
  5. @[member='Sikosis999'] Will do.  Thanks for the reply.   @[member='TCM Sky'] I'll go over to the LOL forum and post shortly.  Thanks for the reply.   @[member='darkelf1'] i never purchased BF4.  But I might pick it up shortly along with Hardline.  Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi,   This is gonna sound weird but I'd rather not share my name in written form here, I'll gladly disclose on team speak. I'm a professional developer, I'm in my early 30s, and I'm an avid hobbyist. Hobbyist as in I fiddle in a bunch of stuff and I'm actually pretty good at a lot of stuff. From random skills like catching stacked quarters off end of my elevated elbow with the same elevated hand to working on my own game engine on my own time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; that being so i can't stand COD series and I love BF. I designed and developed my first video game at age 11 on the TI 83. It was a full blown rpg, with random enemy encounters as you travel, full cities, and even greyscale animated fight scenes. My first dip into more modern gaming development/modification was the first installment of rainbow six. Learning how to make models, insert them into the game, add behavior. Then half life sdk, source sdk, unity, and eventually unreal engine. I play the piano, trumpet, and flute well; while I play many other instruments at a decent level. I also compose music, I composed the song my wife walked down the aisle to on our wedding day. My gaming interest is a mixed bag, I have a game room with over 12 consoles and tons of games from as early as before NES era to as recent as current gen consoles (xb1, ps4, wii u), I have my pc where I play BF and League of Legends as well of the slew of other games I've acquired over the years. I spend a lot of time on the ADK BF3 Canals server.   That's enough about me for now, how is everyone doing?  

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