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The Righteous

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    League of Legends, Swimming, Curling, Soccer, Snowboarding, Electrical

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    The Righteous
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    The Righteous

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    HP P7-1449
  1. Discord

    I cant get my discord to work due to my email address apparently being registered already. Im not sure how this happened but i cant figure it out and i miss you guys =[
  2. Official ADK ranked team

    [url="http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22828700"]http://www.lolking.net/summoner/na/22828700[/url]   Pick me pick me!!   Anything but adc plz   Evenings and weekends are free     Greenshaw's tryout notes: need to see you on actual meta and power picks, youve played nothing but galio, shen, and kennen Played galio- won laning phase and had good ults once teamfights started, need to learn to flank with galio ults to set up some fights since you can speed up then flash in. Just be more agressive when teamfighting, and make sure you ward early. You need to pick 2 roles or your app will not continue
  3. J4

    Ahhh icic. So back after first 3 camps. cause usually hes too low to gank anyways it seems. hed always have to gank at lv2
  4. J4

    @[member='AdorableOrphan']  I wanted to start jungling Jarvan, however when i looked into it further, i realized that he really doesnt have any sustain. This being said, I still see him in the jungle all the time. Does anyone know how people make this work efficiently? Do they just have to back 2-3 times before he can get lifesteal or something? Or am I missing something in his kit that allows him to sustain. Input would be appreciated! Orphan i tagged you in this because I figured you may be able to answer this =P Thanks
  5. Warhammer 40k

    And yes I do play the tabletop as well
  6. Happy new year adk

    Happy new year man! I walked outside once. It scared me .
  7. Any Poker players amongst us?

    That' would be super cool! I would totally free roll a tournament every now and then. I may even be willing to donate a small sum to help get the first one going.
  8. Nocturne in the jungle

    Hey guys, I recently started jungling nocturne and love it! I've been doing pretty good with him thus far in normals but I am looking for any nocturne tips/advice that any of you have to offer! (Ex. Builds, strategy, counters, when not to pick him, etc. )
  9. Warhammer 40k

    Are there any dawn of war players out there in our adk community? I wanna play but I don't know anyone who does.
  10. LoL Applicants and Recruits

    @[member='Phreaktaco'] Cool man thanks for the tip!
  11. Nolan | dawelu | Boyfwend

    WELCOME DOOOOOD   hope to see lots of you ingame
  12. Best Jungler in S5 jungle?

    Lmao. Orphan OP
  13. LoL Applicants and Recruits

    I'M TRYING!!! This whole 20 posts thing is tricky tho. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO POST ABOUT lol. Makin it work tho. This post for example. I feel like im cheating the system. =P  
  14. Hi, I'm Happy!

    Hey happy! played with you once before, so make sure to add me up ingame so we can get some duo's in!

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