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Digital Daydream

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    Sidney Vancouver Island BC Canada
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    Games, Hippos, Zombies, Cookies, Boys. That Order.

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  1. New guy has arrived. It's Rushsteel

    @[member='Rushsteel'] Hey and welcome! I play H1Z1 as well:)  Theres a wipe I think this weekend at some point so I'll be on after the wipe!! Maybe @[member='Echostorm'] will play too! 
  2. Hello, I'm Echostorm

    @[member='Echostorm'] Yay and welcome!!! Mr. Fox!  You will always be Mr. Fox to me:P I'm headed camping till Tuesday, But this place is great so far :) Very nice people and just try and hang out in Teamspeak maybe and hang out :) When Im back we should play something! 
  3. Is it worth coming back?

    @[member='Echostorm'] Yay!! I got out my wildstar too Echo! Skype me and we can play like old times :P 
  4. Ok, I feel I have to say something on this. I am new sorta, I was here last year but lost computer access for a time.   20 Posts is not alot at all given there are responses to the 20 posts. Nothing sucks more then putting effort into a post or going through hundreds of posts to try and find something that merits a response and an interesting topic, or to spend the time to give input only to have it not even read, much less responded to. If I could give one suggestion it would be to put in an UP Keep amount of posts for members, if post count is really what ADK is after here. I have heard from 2 separate members names will not be mentioned, that once they got approved and got tags it was the last time they even went to the forums...now I am not condoning not posting after you get your tags, I'm not a super forums ferret either, but I do feel a certain amount of feedback is needed more so then just requiring new people put 20 posts that hardly get a response from members...its somewhat discouraging as a new player. I get it, as a new player I have to "endure the flames" of posting, but honestly 20 posts shouldn't be " Flames" it should be a fun time for me to get to know people in the community, so please ADK members take some time to reply to new members and get to know us. More then just a hey welcome. Then never speak to us again.  :D * Gets off her soap box * 
  5. Anyone going to PAX Prime

    I Live 90 minutes from Seattle, so more then likely I'll be there.  It gets tough to find Hotels worth staying at so If you haven't already, reserve a place now:P heh. Seattle is the absolute worst for city transit and finding parking is somewhat a nightmare. If you go every year, then you know the drill. :P 
  6. PlushiePancakeHippo

    @[member='Scorpinox_1'] This post wasn't my app...I thought it was supposed to be an introduce myself, sorry if it sounded like a classified ad, I'm really not good at forums or typing. or public speaking for that matter. I do try and not be too hum drum and cardboard though. I have sent in my app a long while ago, but due to a few mishaps and losing my computer for a very long while I was probably considered DOA here. 
  7. I need people to play with

    @[member='Fear757'] Have you tried joining the teamspeak? Theres people in there that have groups in certain games, they might play with you.
  8. Wildstar ADK Recruitment Post!

    @[member='Mukugrim'] Oh! That's great I wrote it down and I'll send in this transfer ticket and hopefully get in touch with the correct peoples once I get it all done :) Thanks so much for responding to me!
  9. You are being hunted down for reasons unknown by the boss of the last game you played, how screwed are you right now and why.     The Ender Dragon, Minecraft.  and I think I'd be pretty screwed. I think I could maybe throw my fire extinguisher at it and possibly run to the ocean, but honestly not much one can do against a fricken dragon! 
  10. Dear " Normal People" I'm not weird, I'm limited edition.Chill out, you only live once.

    1. LaithSJ


      True :D lets emjoy that once

  11. Subbed or Dubbed

    Well I usually watch Both. Subbed is neat because its what it was originally made with and the voices are what the creator wanted to have for each character. Dubbed I enjoy because I don't speak Japanese or Korean or anything other then English and Spanish and Portuguese and some French...so its nice to watch the actual animation rather then reading the text, I find I miss a lot of the animation when I have to read the dialog. Really is situational  for me, I like both and don't hate either. I am bi-....lol. * walks back to her corner * 
  12. Your 5 PERFECT anime

    1. Robotech 2. Attack on Titan 3. Cowboy Bebop 4. Oh My Goddess 5. Chobits 6.Pokemon 7.Sword Art Online 8. Bleach 9.Thundercats ( I know I know )  10.Deathnote 
  13. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Mine would have to be a few: Sugar Snap Peas and Yougurt Dip with Sanpellegrino Clementina soda is my top top favorite. Next would have to be Moon Cheese and Orange juice with sweet potato Fries:P 
  14. Favorite soda/pop?

    I was raised in South America and in Paraguay and Brazil  they have this amazing drink its made from Guarana, its golden in color and tastes like liquid pineapple banana watermelon kiwi all mixed up but toned down, so good. The one from Paraguay is called PAP. :P http://mlb-s2-p.mlstatic.com/garrafas-de-guarana-antarctica-290ml-cheias-13766-MLB2903992778_072012-F.jpg   http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v25/gracey010/Natali%20Visit%20Nat/DSC02300.jpg
  15. PlushiePancakeHippo

    @[member='Laith SJ'] Hey! Thanks!! Looking forward to meeting lots! Hopefully this time My computer does not take a dive down the stairs. :D 

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