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  1. Anyone using the Rift yet?

    I tried a version of it last August and it made me kind of feel sick. And i don't normally get sick from anything. But if they can get it right and it doesnt make me feel nauseous then I will definitely be getting one.
  2. :D INN featured my video!

    D D D Daaaammmn...Decoy. Thats awesome! Congrats on the feature.
  3. Gladius   I want to do some escorts, exploring, mining, and dirty dog fighting.
  4. Hello

    Thanks for suggesting it. Had a blast so far and met some really nice people.
  5. Hello

    Hey. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  6. elite dangerous?

    I have both and want to play more E:D till SC comes out. I think it could hold over the itch till the latter releases.
  7. PSA: log into your hangar before the 1st

    Oh Ok. Gotcha. Ill have to check that out. Thanks!
  8. PSA: log into your hangar before the 1st

    Nice! is there an inventory system in now or you will get it in the future?
  9. Thats awesome. I think i saw this on reddit right? Looks awesome!
  10. Hello

    Thanks! I appreciate it.
  11. Hello

    Hey everyone. Ownsby here. My buddy Loopup2u suggested I join up with you guys. Loop and I have been gaming since we were kids in Jr High together, back in the day playing Interstate 72.   I play a bunch of different games ranging from pretty much every mmo to a ton of Dota 2. Lately i have been getting into CS:go and TF2 more. I have also been playing a bit of Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen when I can get it work.  :D   Thanks for taking the time to look at my intro post. I look forward to playing some games with you guys in the future.

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