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  1. System Requirements

    It looked pretty smooth from their most recent livestream, I really hope it doesn't run like ass because it seems like the majority of these games are really badly optimized *cough* dayz *oough*
  2. PVP Experiences - Stories?

    I would suggest at least upgrading your armor because having that extra hull protection could mean life or death when escaping the clutches of a local diaper head.
  3. PVP Experiences - Stories?

    It seems like players are more than happy to take advantage of a defenseless cargo holder. I have heard may people in the Teamspeak being pirated. If the ADK Elite Dangerous group was to grow, I would be happy to see a armed guard division to help our fellow trades ships!
  4. If anyone wants to play the Halo 5 beta, I love the Breakout mode.    My gt is - RazorCamel
  5. PVP Experiences - Stories?

    Perhaps I am just within the barren parts of Saktsak, but I have yet to find another player, or have the heart to shoot them down. Has anyone had any experiences with player dog fights or anything? I know a lot of people enjoy the PVE but I feel like PVP is an unexplored topic almost amongst the TeamSpeak.   If you'd like i'd love to hear any stories.                   vvvvvvvvvvvv    
  6. What is your IGN?

    If you're ever in or near Saktsak I usually hang out there and would be more than willing to help anyone getting a start with Bounty Hunting or explanations of the game, ect.   My big ol' user name is as follows - RazorCamel   wow, I know it's hard to type. but, I promise, if you close your left eye and watch Tim Allen movies while adding me you unlock a Game Shark that will allow you to meet James Franco in person.  
  7.   It took a little while to hook up, but once I got it down my flight skills are unmatched.
  8. Herro all da nice people!

    Of course man, always in the TS
  9. Herro all da nice people!

    Nashville :D
  10. Herro all da nice people!

    Herro, my name is Kyle (RazorCamel) and I like playing video games with a bunch of other big ol' people on the internet. So if you wantcho self a good ol' time we can always play something.. it sounds like an advertisement for a hooker or something but I assure you that's only on Tuesdays.   Anyway, glad to join. For now i'm gonna be in the Elite: Dangerous Team Speak  

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