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Everything posted by BookD20

  1. 3.0 Usernames!

    In light of 3.0 coming out and a starry future ahead - I'd like to kick off this post asking everyone to post their usernames so we can add each other on contacts and play together!!! BookD20
  2. Star Citizen Trader Raider

    @justicarAB's Spelling: Engineer Tier Hope to see you all there!
  3. Team Instinct Logo

    Third-rate pokemon trainer
  4. Team Instinct Logo

    Zap em to oblivion and Enjoy!
  5. Anyone playing 2018?

    3rd gen is out... weather systems are cool (pun intended) .... heck yeah!
  6. Count to 1,000

  7. ADK D&D

    @MisterGrimm @-the-seventeen-other-people-in-every-dnd-thread:O
  8. Cuddles' Intro

    Welcome! What is it like being a bear? Do bees bother you and on a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you enjoy honey? Look forward to seeing you in the Destiny2 section!
  9. Faction Rally

    Maaaaan makin me choose? Why can't I get check boxes to mark more than one for my alts!!
  10. Razer Phone - It's Finally Here

    Or provide search terms, as anyone looking for it should use the ADK amazon referral link
  11. Halloween 2017

  12. axis and allies advanced squad leader napoleon in europe (avalon games vers) memoir44
  13. 3.0 release date?

    ptu aimed for citcon end of the month for sure. considering the current evocati pace, patch rate, and how much ground there still is to cover... it's going to be a long couple of weeks....
  14. The END Of The BF Section Journey

    I feel like this could have gotten a way meme-ier article picture instead of being just blank. Sad to see BF go :( good times.
  15. Recreation of this channel is pending the October 24 launch on PC.
  16. Looks like a good idea, I've had plenty asking me about this game. Request fulfilled.
  17. Not sure if that's really accurate though - not what I'd call crossover any more than HotS already is. It's more of a merge of Garden of Terror (siege plant) plus Dragon Shire (dragon knight) in that you have a summonable pusher mech. They mixed a little of the two-player ChoGall stuff in it seems but other than that the whole thing is pretty straight forward as HotS maps go.... The lanes/mercs/etc aren't too different otherwise. The closest to 'crossover' in that sense as HotS has come was the /last/ map with the cart-pushing mechanic.
  18. Hi Everyone

    Welcome! Overwatch is definitely good people around here, you'll fit right in! Were there any particular MOBAs that caught your eye btw? We have a lot of folks into League -- if you're looking into Heroes of the Storm or DotA2 let me or ADKmercer know!
  19. Hi im jos

    Welcome! I've seen you hopping around discord and hope you've been enjoying your stay! Whats your favourite gun choice in CS/PUBG?
  20. BSOD's Introduction

    Welcome! I hope to see you on the discord as well soon for some gaming! So I'm going to have to ask the burning question -- what's your opinion of pineapple on pizza?
  21. PUBG ADK Custom Games

    Yeah you have to be partnered with pubg to do it atm.
  22. Heck Titan, you can even ride my dragonfly or nox into battle

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