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  1. Will my PC handle Battlefield 3?

    Well I want it to run good.. I can put off on BF3, and just begin building my new PC. Thanks for the input guys.
  2. This is going to seem a bit noobish on the tech scale. I am good with some software but I am a noob when it comes to hardware. I know my share. And my parts some are a bit outdated and in need of upgrade. But as I was wondering. Could my computer handle Battlefield 3 on atleast a Medium to High Graphics Setting. [color=#0000ff]- Nvidia Geforce 560 GTX SOC 1Gb - AMD Athlon 7750 dual-core processor ~ 2.70 GHz[/color] [color=#0000ff]- 8 Gb of RAM[/color] [color=#0000ff]- DirectX 11[/color] [color=#0000ff]- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit[/color] If you need anything else on information let me know. But if anyone could help, greatly appreciate it. - Arct3k (Aggressivefury)
  3. New =ADK= Shirt Designs Revealed!

    #3 and #1 look the best.. though they all look good. Those are just my opinion. but #3 for me.
  4. New Ranks and Roles for =ADK=

    Hope this is as successful as we think.. It is an amazing Idea, and I myself believe it will work beautifully. Thanks for the Post AOB!
  5. When champions reach level 6. .

    Whenever I am anybody, I let you know I have my Ulti....
  6. [color="#00FF00"][size="6"]Ashe - The Bitch of the Forest![/size][/color] [img]http://mobawars.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Ashe_SherwoodForest.jpg[/img] [size="2"][size="3"]Okay to start off I just want to say, "I am not pro, and no I am not the greatest. But I do have some experience with Ashe, and this is how I play her." [/size][/size] Ashe, if you do not already know, is a heavy DPS/Support character. Focusing Attack damage, Critical Strike, Attack Speed, She can wipe out almost anyone from a [size="2"]distant.[/size] So keeping that in mind, let's begin my setup, and possibly one of the best setups. [size="4"][color="#FFFFFF"]Masteries:[/color][/size] On Masteries I go 21-0-9. Focusing on DPS you want this. [color="#FFFFFF"][size="2"]Offense:[/size][/color] - 3 in Deadliness ( So you get that higher Crit chance.) - 1 in Archmage's Savvy (So you don't have to put a point in SMITE, or Exhaust. Plus increase alittle bit of your AP) - 4 in Sorcery (To decrease your cooldowns, so you can spam your W "VOLLEY", as fast as you can...) - 2 in Alacrity (Just to help early game. Late game you have items that improve your attack speed greatly.) - 1 in Archaic Knowledge (For that magic Pen. from your abilities although you are not buying AP items.) - 3 in Sunder (So you can pierce their armor Res.) - 3 in Brute Force ( Higher Attack Damage) - 3 in Lethality ( Raise Critical Damage) - 1 in Havoc (Increase your AD and MD) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="2"]Defense:[/size][/color] [color="#FF0000"]NONE [/color] [size="2"][color="#FFFFFF"]Utility:[/color][/size] - 3 in Perseverence (Increase Health and Mana regen) - 1 in Good Hands ( I choose this to decrease time spent dead, since I do not use Teleport or Ghost Spells) - 4 in Awareness (Increase the amount of experience you get, so your champ can level up faster) - 1 in Meditation (Further increase mana Regen.) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="4"]Spells:[/size][/color] - Flash (So you can get outta there) - Heal ( For when that moment comes) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="4"] Runes:[/size][/color] I do not have all my runes yet, but the ones I am using now are some from my Lux Rune page that I am using till I can replace them with the new runes. But these runes here are the runes you should get, as these are the runes I am working on getting. [color="#FFFFFF"][size="2"]Marks:[/size][/color] - 9 Greater Marks of Desolation ( Armor Pen. is the key ) [size="2"][color="#FFFFFF"]Seals:[/color][/size] - 3 Greater Seals of Vitality (I love the extra health I gain from them, Helps alot) - 2 Greater Seals of Focus ( help with Cooldowns) - 4 Greater Seals of Furor ( Raise your Critical Damage) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="2"]Glyphs:[/size][/color] - 2 Greater Glyphs of Potency ( raise AP for Abilities)( May use more undetermined at this time) - 2 Greater Glyph of Warding (beef up some Magic Resistance) - 3 Greater Glyph of Alacrity ( Raise up Attack Speed) - 2 Greater Glyph of Malice (Raise Critical Chance so those Seal Crit damage are more useful) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="2"] Quintessences:[/size][/color] - 2 Greater Quintessences of Desolation ( for that big bonus of armor pen.) - 1 Greater Quintessences of Swiftness (For more movement speed) [color="#FFFFFF"][size="4"]Items: (IN ORDER)[/size][/color] [color="#00FF00"][size="2"]1. Dorans Blade 2. Berserker's Greives 3. Zeal 4. B.F. Sword 5. Infinity Edge 6. Phantom Dancers 7. B.F. Sword 8. Black Cleaver 9. Frozen Mallet 10. Atma's Impalier ( could move this to number 7 if you want, but I usually get this last) Or you can go for Blood Razors[/size][/color] [color="#FFFFFF"][size="4"]HOW TO PLAY HER! QUITE SIMPLE REALLY, SO I WILL SUM IT UP![/size][/color] PLAY DEFENSIVELY! -No matter what people say, you want to stay back behind your teamates, and let them take the hits, while you dish em. If you are half to quarter health start moving back, or you will get raped. - You are pretty squishy as ashe if they stun you and you cant attack, So watch out, and dodge those stuns... (HIDE BEHIND TEAMATES ONCE AGAIN). As long as you are able to dish out damage, you will dimenish the amount of squishiness you are... - As long as you are landing your Volley and Ice Shots, you are slowing the enemy so take a step forward each shot, while still maintaining what is mentioned above. - Honestly save your Ultimate Arrow, for when it will def. hit something and be useful, if not dont use it... if you are going to use it for yourself, use it when you pretty close so you can make it to the enemy before they vanish. It is also useful when they try to escape and your teamates cant get them, though you will not necesarily hit them, you can still try and pull of wonders. - Volley is a good way to check bushes, when you do not have hawkshot ready... help your teamates out and fire it in the bushes. - You can reap gold for minion kills if you use volley early game once in a while on the minions. Signing off, AGGRESSIVEFURY
  7. Hello

    Hey cant wait to play with you... you should join us in teamspeak.. ADK.INSTANTTS.COM:3796
  8. Hello All

    Hey Ford, my name is Aggressivefury, and I love blowing up Ford's Gmod server with NUKES ahaha.. That was along time ago, now that I think of it haha. Nice to see ya posting
  9. Hello

    Welcome.. ! Hope to play with you soon
  10. Fix it

    Bazic you gotta make up your mind man... lol

    Glad to see your getting involved with us.. and Just want to Welcome you... Hope to play with you soon
  12. Uncomplicated hello

    Hello there Nevar! Welcome to the =ADK= community, your gaming life has just begun, and is spiraling towards greatness...
  13. Halloo

    And thank you again for your application... Just gotta stay on the forums lol
  14. One Word!

  15. Crysis 2 - WINNER!

    Congrats bro, when AOB ships it to our house, You gotta let me play it...

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