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  1. Squad Steam Group

    Was just released can purchase it for 40 bucks on steam!
  2. Arma pilots dreams

    Yeah those SOAR pilots are bad ass.
  3. Arma pilots dreams

    https://videos.funker530.com/bitmotive/public/funker530/v1.0/videos/funker530/0d3b3526ae58f6fbf8cb581959240560/854x480.webm     Incase you want to see full story ( https://www.funker530.com/little-bird-pilot-showing-off-during-an-extraction/ )
  4. Rocket League Teamwork

  5. Rocket League Teamwork

  6. Hey guys its Sean!

    Welcome to ADK sean. Juanv1 me csgo m8
  7. Build me a PC

    Who has a pc over 2k?!?!
  8. Hello

    My name is daniels i'm a pc gamer i enjoy playing shooter and adventure games such as arma & csgo.
  9. Anyone here in Florida?

    Tampa here.

    It is we play competitive matches all the time! would love for others to come hang out and join us.   @[member='ThatBoyAlex']
  11. Squad Gameplay!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcgJ5UubU1w   This game is fucking awesome looks 10x better then insurgency and has a 10x bigger map can't wait for full release!
  12. Ts3 CSGO

    Hey buddy try out the csgo section http://www.adkgamers.com/forum/149-counter-strike-go/ < Your welcome :D   Btw our csgo section is already looking into these kind of things if you are interested in joining feel free to talk with me, @[member='ProtossMaster'] or @[member='homeboy55']
  13. Hello Everyone!

    He's a pretty cool kid know him for a good year or so. Glad to see you join man :D
  14. Hello, I'm Nick

    Welcome nice to meet you man band looks bad ass btw :D. When you get rich can i have a million dollars?   @Nick   Edit: Wow we live in the same city small worlds huh!!
  15. Hello

    Glad to have met you man hope you  become a member :D

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