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  1. Let Me Inlight You!!

    Your mum sounds hilarious and like a good time at parties.
  2. Let Me Inlight You!!

    I think Cupcake and this guy's mum would be a better recruit.
  3. Let Me Inlight You!!

    Cupcake sounds amazing.
  4. Cleaveland Introduction

    Ooh exciting. Welcome to the community.
  5. Hello, I'm ZomaUno

    Welcome. What servers do you wow on?
  6. ADK E:D Aspirant :)

    Hello fellow Aussie. Have you thought about playing dayz? It's a great game.
  7. Pussycat.... meow motherfuckers.

    You already have  Chad, I killed you and took the chopper. :)  
  8. Pussycat.... meow motherfuckers.

    I am happy to play with anyone.  |B)
  9. Pussycat.... meow motherfuckers.

    Well, they can always decline me. But it's worth a try. lol
  10. Pussycat.... meow motherfuckers.

    Thanks, I don't know if I can deal with the fact that your post was repeated. But I am sure my mind will deal with it somehow.  :angry:
  11. Hello friends. Well I have been playing on the DayZ servers for a little while now. I have decided to make ADK a bit of a home after 12 months of  head admining (head admining does not mean giving blow jobs) on an Australian server. I recommend never admining, it takes up to much play time.  :ph34r:  I have been gaming a long time, its fun, I love it, many laughs are had. I tend to play one game as my main game at a time and just ignore other games. I used to be really into battlefield 3, but now my heart is on DayZ and I haven't managed to shake it. I love being as quiet as possible, if I can snipe I will. Otherwise close quarters combat gets a bit stressful. Bikes are the best form of transport in DayZ. Weird fact is I am terrified of zombies. If I play to much DayZ then I have nightmares about zombies and I get barely any sleep because I constantly wake up. If an actual zombie apocalypse happens, i am most likely just going to tap out.  :Eating Zombie:  My friendliness level really depends on how you approach me. It can be pretty hit and miss. haha  
  12. Hey guys, french guy here !

    Bonjour William, Je me appelle Pussycat. Well that's about all the french I know. :P Looking forward to shooting you in game. <3
  13. hello im xxl1

    Hey xxL! I joined as well. :)
  14. This is Mike

    Thats a lot of information Mike, this isn't a dating website!
  15. Hey Guys


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