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  1. Family Name and Style of play

    This topic is for expressing to others in the Black Desert Online community, your own choice of gameplay.     Hey guys, I am sharpeyes in teampseak. I know big shocker right? But do you know who I am in Black desert?     My family name is Posato and my first character I made is Teroy. Teroy is a Wizard, my second character that I am playing as is a Warrior known as Haidou.     So far I can say that gathering is more than a hobby to me, I am a Skilled[3] gatherer as of 3.15.16     .............   Who are you?    
  2. First War 3/13/16

    @[member='Spyderbyte88']   Didn't know that and frankly didn't want to risk it with wasted time and casts
  3. First War 3/13/16

    @[member='Muhrder'] I flagged because 'our' guild retracted though theirs didn't. I didn't give them the opportunity to have the drop on me. I had to flag because we were no longer at war with them. They can attack us with a minor loss to their karma, however I could not.
  4. First War 3/13/16

    I was almost ganged up on by two stealth members while I was killing a Cyclops ... that is until I seen the one while I was kiting the cyclops. I healed up and drained mana off the cyclops lost agro on the road. They were still following me, so i took a stand. I flagged for battle and I froze the both of them , and ran behind the warrior known as Chamboss and popped my sage's memory. took down his buddy with my Ultimate(Lightning) he was squishy and froze Chamboss a second time, I used a mana potion and set up a blizzard and crit countless times. sadly though this warrior isn't as easy as most other classes in Black Desert. He soon got close to me stunned me and had me in his grips until I used a HP potion, escaped came out behind him lightning chained him exploded him, used my earthquake skill which dropped him on his back then used mana drain, popped a quick heal, went around him and used lightening and used Residual lightning another mana drain and had him at a quarter of his health. His buddy came back and I froze him long enough to finish off Chamboss and then killed his buddy again with a couple Magic Arrows and a lightning chain and explosion and just to Overkill a bit while he was stunned I laid down the hurt with a Meteor. I didn't see them again.   That was probably the highlight of this war. So far this game has great potential, I do agree that PvP/ GvG come be pretty sweet and look forward to all our future battles.
  5. Guest Pass Request/Giving thread!

    [ HAVE  ONE ]  I have one pass left and have given out one of my two already.
  6. Hey, I am new here

    Freeroamer I played a CS:GO game with you today and you were too negative. You need to change your attitude bud, you made me feel like shit in-game. Please get an attitude adjustment or you wont be playing with anyone anytime soon.   -Sharpeyes -Ssgt.Lazarus.Man.
  7. im new, LOVE ME

    @[member='Phear']   Glad to see you here man and welcome to the forums.
  8. Im Fluffy

    @[member='Dr.Fluffy']   Forum spammed ROFL
  9. Im Fluffy

    Rofl hahahaha ... Hope you can make it in adk buddy
  10. =Saturday in the Skies= March21

    nice pictures
  11. Looking to kick ass in H1Z1

    Now that is one hell of an intro. THATS HOW THEY ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. H1Z1 Live Streams

    I am definately getting this.
  13. sharpeyes

    Honestly when I put that down, that is what "I" thought it might have meant in my perspective. It was not to make fun of or insult anyone. The question was "What does ADK stand for" or something similar. I wrote just that, whatever was said in response is on that individual, not me.
  14. Sikosis

    I love this guy's humor lol I wish i could sit down and write like this guy ...
  15. Fraps + BF4 = WTF?!

    I prefer shadowplay personally.

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