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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. ADKGamers - League of Legends Chat Room

    I still go on it, there is always a lot of people online but everyone is so quiet! XD
  2. LOL youtube legend! Must See

    OMG THESE ARE AWESOME! Lol I'm listening to all of them! XD
  3. ARAM

    I love ARAMS! It's usually all I choose to play unless I get invited to normals! I'm down to to play them anytime I'm online.   SN: 138 Olivia
  4. Firecracker Jinx

    WHO CARES, they are supposed to be hott. That's the point of pixels vs irl. XD
  5. Firecracker Jinx

      I don't own Jinx but it looks pretty cool, I might buy her now just to get the skin.  What do you guys think of it? I think the Nid one is cool as well but not a huge fan of the Kat one...They didn't make Kat sexy enough.
  6. Funniest afk reasons

    Best afk reason for me: About 1:15am & about 25 mins into a winning game. MY WATER BREAKS. "Hey sorry guys, um I'm going into labor!!!! Gotta go!"   While logging out I can noticed a few "WTFs" & "Congrats." My favorite reply that night was, "fucking scumbag." HAHAHHA.
  7. What skin do you guys think is the best?

    ^ Agreed, Arcade Miss Fortune. I freaked out when I saw it & bought immediately. :wub:
  8. Free skins

    I got Bittersweet Lulu...& I wish it was a MF skin instead. I already have Winter Lulu so I'll never use Bittersweet.
  9. how did you get you summoner name?

    Originally, my summoner name was OliviaJoy...BUT due to the fact that my name was obviously feminine, I felt like I wasn't getting enough constructive criticism when making mistakes...So I changed my name to JohnnyxSavage after my son...& now if I fuck up or play like shit I get told how to do things correctly instead of guys just telling me it's ok because I'm a girl! Helped my gameplay a ton!
  10. First of all, I'm patching & looking at the new Winter Wonder Orianna skin made me sit & think about my favorite skins in game. What are your top 5 favorite skins?   My Top 5 Favorite: 1. Arcade Miss Fortune 2.  Sewn Chaos Orianna 3. Kitty Cat Katarina 4. Panda Teemo 5. Bladecraft Orianna   Basically I'm sexist & obsessed with all the sexy female skins, Orianna included because she's a hott robot. (I own all but 2 of MF skins.) & Teemo is just too adorable to not like.  :D
  11. INCOMING! Update 4.22. Huge changes

    Wow double smites, that's pretty cool. That Ahri skin looks awesome!  :wub:
  12. Best Jungler in S5 jungle?

    I think WW will always be my favorite & one of the best. That ult is just too much fun. XD
  13. Hi everyone! ^^

    Hello ADK, my name is Olivia. I'm 24 from Southern Orange County, California. I found you guys from my guild CE in ArcheAge. I also play LoL so it's cool that there is a LoL group here as well. I have a 7 month old son & I love being a mom. I'm a huge Legend of Zelda/Final Fantasy fan...but really a huge Zelda fan. I love cooking, gaming, & listening to music. My sense of humor can be kind of warped sometimes, & I love people that can make me laugh! Everyone I've met in the ADK community so far have been really nice & welcoming! I'm hoping to make a lot  of new friends to game with. See everyone around! :3
  14. Players added to The Friends list topic

    Anyone can add me! I'm kind of addicted to ArcheAge so I don't play as much as I used to but I can always take a labor regen break & play a couple ARAMS or something with people! :D  Summoner name is JohnnyxSavage! 
  15. Favorite Champions?

    LOL yes it's actually really bad, you can't help but me melodramatic when you play him. I sit and mimic him every time he says anything...Rubyyyyy for vigor...Opal for harmony! People around me are like wtf really? & it's like uhh sorry...I had to.

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