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  1. Smokers

    I would like to hear if anyone uses a smoker and what they prepare on them.   I have joined the cult of Traeger users and use it year-round.  Ribs, pork loins, any kind of beef and beer can chicken are usually on tap.  I even make desserts such as coblers and pies on the Traeger.  Whole turkey's are awesome and are easy to do.  And..... Earl Campbell Hot Links are the best.   This is not be be confused with little smokies which are done in the crock pot (which is a discussion for another day).
  2. Rorsch Mk-1 can be quiet fun....

    The Rorsch is op....... But a lot of fun!.
  3. Favorite gaming food/beverage?

    Tacos.  Definately tacos.
  4. Any Poker players amongst us?

    I have been known to play some Texas hold'em every so often. :)
  5. My College Football Saturday.....

    I trust everyone is happy with the Bowl Game that their team got this year. This assumption is based on there being no TCU fans here. Ohio State slid right into the playoffs!
  6. Favorite Baseball Team?

    I am a KC Royals Season package holder.  I also like the St. Louis Cardinals which is a problem because of the whole 1985 World Series "incident".
  7. hello my namn is bulster

    Hi Bulster.  I am pretty sure I have played on your side and against you before.   Welcome and see you on the field!
  8. My College Football Saturday.....

    Michigan's stadium is definately one of the "Must-do" if not the #1 Classic College Football stadiums of all time.    Since you are a Michigan fan, I am sure you are like me and routing for Wisconsin today.  Ohio State is wearing everybody out by "pre-complaining" that they are on the outside looking in on the playoffs.   A couple of upsets could make the whole thing interesting!
  9. My College Football Saturday.....

    I definately want to go to a game there now that my Tigers (MIZZOU) are in the SEC. Missouri and SC already have gotten in a few "spirited" games. I just hope the Gers don't loss by 50 to the Tide this weekend! Rugger
  10. IMRugger

    Thank you Jokerz and thanks for helping me get to 10 post! Ps - I wield a pretty good repair torch. I like to carry anti-air and shoot down opposing fly boys while repairing scout helos and/or boats in BF4. It is not good for my k/d ratio but it makes for good scores and fun teamwork. And helps to win matches.
  11. Kansas City anyone?

    What a great season for the Royals though.  Only what, 120 days till opening day?
  12. IMRugger

    Cool.  I am IMRugger in-game.   See you on the field!
  13. IMRugger

    Thank You LBC.   :)
  14. IMRugger

    I am IMRugger (Tony IRL).  I wish to become a member of this community.  I started gaming with Command and Conquer (before some of you were born I am sure).  I have played C&C, COD, Battlefield (2142 and 4) Civ 1 thru Beyond Earth and now War Thunder.  I also am dedicated to Astro Empires.  I have belonged to several clans and guilds, met a lot of awesome people and made some great friends.  I left Unknown Soldiers in good standing about 6 months ago because my company was going thru a merger and I needed to focus on work.  I am interested in joining to share Team Speak and work together in game. I also would like to learn from other members in a variety of games.  I always want to improve.   I hope you will consider my application.

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