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  1. always working have no freaking time to play some games

  2. no it cant be its already shit it cant be nerfed i dont agree to this i will sue them 
  3. i think its getting kills with the bow is my fav now since its hard and when you kill someone with it they be like: OMG WTH  

    well my IGN is bulstercannon  i have a rich imagination... or not 
  5. help me i cant stop playing dota 2

  6. hello my namn is bulster

    to be honest im not allowed to shave because accordingly to my gf i look like a wife beater if im shaved 
  7. Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    i kinda miss the old pokémon when you had a big ass handheld brick to play it on and it was black and white
  8. GTA V  with the first person shooter function is the game i been waiting on 
  9. Anyone play SWTOR?

    i used to play it but i got tired of playing it since i was almost always alone in that game 
  10. metal band

    @Firewalkerrri think i know something you might like  Baby metal 
  11. Your Favorite YouTube video?

    this is one of mine fav  [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss7AQC79t2s[/media]

    most FPS games since i need to unwind after a whole day of hating ppl 
  13. GTA 5 Pc FINALY!!

    im so getting this game since it got  FPS view of the pc so  im getting this game even if it cost me an "arm" and an leg (both legs)
  14. Log Horizon

    af far as i think its the second season was so much better then the SAO second season 

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