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  1. New channel in the LoL TS Section

  2. Hello I am a robot. Beep boop deebledabble.

    Welcome to the forums! We ran some dungeons together last night! 
  3. League Of Legends 5.8

    Champs           Ryze - New everything kinda. Passive - Each cast builds a stack, at 5 stacks, Ryze gets all hyped up and gains a shield and his spells are on lower cooldown.    Overload (Q) - Is a skill shot now btw and has more range.   Spell Flux (E) - Got all his numbers redone, moar damage, reduces magic resist.    Passive scales with R   Ahri - Her charm no longer stops Malp, Hec, and Vi's R's.   Blitzcrank - He gets slower slower now.   Caitlyn- You can finally see Caitlyns W's sitting in bushes better.   Mundo - Q now gives all heath from killing blows.   Graves - He got his q nerfed, thank christ. No more Greenshaw stomps. (hopefully)   Jinx - Her R was nurfed. Yay!   Kha'zix - OMG KHA'S W GOT BUFFED, THE RETURN?   Nunu - W now targets closest ally if self casted.   Shen - R now "places shen between his target and the closest enemy   Sion - W Nerfs! LOL. F U VERD.   TWITCHS R NOW HITS INHIBS AND THE NEXUS, LIKE REALLY? ITS FUCKING 5.8 AND THIS IS A NEW FEATURE?   Yasuo - Passive buffs, inb4 blain midlane fed.   Thats all the champ stuff, to see the exact notes check this link. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-58-notes   Ty for you attention.   Edited by Rabbit
  4. Have you seen?!?!

    No Thats Triumphant Ryze! @[member='Phreaktaco']
  5. URF Champs

  6. Drink and DOMINATE the Rift?!?!

    Dont worry guys, She will just get banned for channel hopping. I can down a few shots for her!
  7. Quitter

    Aye! Welcome man! Glad you decided to swing by :)
  8. The Legend

    Welcome aboard guys! :D
  9. Dos ADK do lol training?

  10. Dos ADK do lol training?

    Im just so excited @Phreaktaco
  11. Dos ADK do lol training?

    So glad this came up! 
  12. Heyo, CptDynick at your service!

    @[member='CptDynick'] Welcome to ADK! :D
  13. LizardComax here..

    Welcome bud! NIce to have you around :D
  14. ADK In-house videos.

    4/19/15   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMslnHVQi2A    

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