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  1. The Cure (Upcoming 2019 Open World Survival)

    Just an update for everyone! Here's a link to our latest dev blog! https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCureGame/comments/9chegi/dev_blog_9218/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av1HEFks6u4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFVJ3IkD4zU BIG CHANGES WERE ANNOUNCED AND MADE!!!
  2. The Cure (Upcoming 2019 Open World Survival)

    I forgot to add this in the original post, but here's a nice dev blog to go with this. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCureGame/comments/993l34/dev_blog_82118/
  3. Hello everyone! Some of you may remember this post name before and for good reason. I started this project originally last summer as a solo developer and due to real life responsibilities, I had to put the entire project to bed... or so I thought. I was talking to a few friends about the project and decided the time has come to revive it and bring this project to life and release... with some very big changes. The game is an open world zombie survival sandbox (say that one 10 times fast lol). Instead of the standard "mountain box" like most survival games, this game takes place on an island. The game will have towns, villages, random cabins and more to loot. There is crafting for materials that will be used for base building and raiding. Base building will be a familiar style to a lot of survival players. Bases will be built upon a "foundation" style platform to surround with walls, gates and doors. Inside, you'll be able to place your prefab small and large shelters, stairs to higher levels (currently only 2 levels tall, perhaps in the future moving to 3 levels) and stuff to put in them. Crafting will also feature farming. You'll be able to craft fuel to use to refuel your vehicle... or as an explosive for attacking your enemies. We are currently a crowdfunding project right now but are accepting donations. Below is a few screenshots from the game's discord as well as a link at the bottom. If you have any questions, comments or whatnot, please feel free to comment below or find us on Discord (link on the website as I feel it rude to post it here). http://gamehavenstudios.com/
  4. Deceit Early Access Giveaway!

    Steam Name: DragYourHalo SteamID: DragYourHalo Stream Link (If Streaming): Bandwidth won't allow it Hours/Days that you can play: Everyday, 4-7hr/day
  5. Play?

    Not a problem. Life happens. I haven't played black desert, haven't heard of it to be honest. I'll try to get on one or two nights this week and catch up with you. It's been so long since I've played... I think my ship is still in Saktsak lol. Oh the good old times...
  6. Embarassment...

    @[member='Thunderousmight'] and I did some KotK because of  the issues JS was having with their servers. This is what happens when you forget you have a machete, no weapons and come up on a dude that's unarmed too. This is so sad lol   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qt8NY_EFDL4
  7. ADK Meetup - Midwest(ish) Late Spring 2016

    An STL boy eh? I lived just east by Edward AFB in New Baden. I was in STL all the time though. Cigarette tax was always cheaper! lol   I've been gone from ADK for awhile, but I would definitely be interested in rebooting this if everyone is still into doing this!
  8. Michigan people

    Damn son... is north of Fort Wayne in Indiana close enough? :P
  9. Cheap Server Project

    In my opinion, I wouldn't use a celeron pc for anything important. Historically unreliable and it doesn't have the processing power to handle much at all. I have my old gaming pc (i5 750) that I'm setting up as a plex server. If you're wanting to do budget, how about a raspberry pi or two? They are VERY cheap ( http://www.amazon.com/CanaKit-Raspberry-Complete-Starter-Kit/dp/B01C6Q2GSY/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1458419102&sr=1-3&keywords=raspberry+pi+3 ) and work great. If you decide to do one for a plex server, I have a great tutorial website as well as a custom linux distro made and built for Plex. I personally want to do one, but just setting up my old tower will be easier with my current busy schedule. Let me know and good luck!
  10. What's new ??!!

    Good god. I can't wait for this patch. To be honest, I've been slacking quite a bit with my Elite gameplay. Haven't really played in months. It would be nice to start playing again with some new major updates! I'd probably crap myself to see a nice pulsar, hopefully spinning like they really do.
  11. Play?

    I was wondering this exact thing. I have been active on TS the past week and haven't seen anyone on yet in Elite's section. I was worried that you all abandoned this for something like the Divison (gag). I miss flying with you guys... and now that my wife has a PC as well, we might have to try to fly together soon!
  12. Before I continue this post, I want to state a couple of important things. First, I'm NOT a racist, bigot, homophobe or anything of the sort. If you choose to respond to this post, please do so in an intellectual way or I won't even bother to respond. Now onto my rants.   I've lost all faith in this country for several reasons. The reasons cover all areas, from the racist hate monger in office, to the healthcare, to recent events (yes even including the University of Missouri) and I will break it all down as clearly as I can for everyone.   First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe that most, if not all of the problems this country is facing is due to the president and his administration. I'm not stating that the country was perfect before him but things have rapidly gone down the drain since he took office. Every point in this post falls back on the president, whether directly involved, such as healthcare and the economy, or indirectly such as all the supposed "racist" incidents popping up all over the country. First though ,let's start with his policies, shall we?   We begin with the Iranian nuclear deal. With the "media", they brainwashed citizens into believing that we were helping the poor out and making them a booming economy. I call this the "Robin Hood Effect." What those morons never mentioned was the history of Iran as well as what they have and are saying about the USA and western civilization in general. Iran is the leading shelter, funder and breeding ground of terrorism. On top of that, when Obama was stating to the American public that this was a good deal, they were there burning our flags and shouting "Death to America". Who in their right minds would give them this? They stated that they will destroy us. They stated they were going to destroy Israel. The Prime Ministor of Israel has pleaded to stop it and our president just kept telling him no, further diminishing future relations with Israel. I believe that that deal was the beginning of the end for us and possibly the world and future generations will be taught all about it... if we are still around to teach them at all.   Next, I'd like to move on to a favorite topic for people of this country. The new healthcare system. Ask anyone if Obamacare has helped their family. Watch the distain on their faces. Obamacare has bankrupt the American people with their garbage policies they are forced to get because the healthcare market is gone. I looked into getting a policy for my wife, daughter and I (to avoid the ridiculous fines in tax returns) and found the cheapest I could get was for $1,400 a month. At the time, I was only bringing in about $1,400 net pay a month. How was that a deal or helping my family? The fines put in by the IRS... $695 per person this year for each uninsured person is only making things harder. Plus, after you pay the fines for you and your family, guess what? You're still not insured. Besides the government funded ads on TV and radio, I have never heard anyone speak highly of Obamacare.   Moving on, let's talk about immigration. Ahh yes, the main topic of Trump's campaign. Look, I'm not saying that I'm a Trump supporter at all but the man has a point. With all the illegal immigrants coming in and getting treated better than us actual citizens, it was only a matter of time before someone said it. I'm not trying to sound racist with this section but I'm not scared at all to post my opinion on the topic of illegal immigrants in this country. People want to come here to have a "better chance at life". That's all fine and dandy but why should my family have to suffer so you can succeed? Around where I live, a majority of the businesses are factories. I've worked in several over the years. Something I noticed is that more and more of my "coworkers" are becoming more and more mexican and you'll find maybe 2 out of 10 that will speak english. You're in my country, learn to speak my language. It's not racist to say that. Think how it is for the french when non-french speaking people are around. The language barrier kills a lot of it. There aren't jobs for these people. The unemployment rate, regardless of what they state on drive-by media isn't dropping. It can't be. I can pick up my phone right now and dial up at least 5 people right now that have lost their jobs due to "immigrants". How can this administration do this to the people they swore to serve and protect? Oh, and don't forget about the Amnesty money these people get thanks to Obama's Executive Action. Up to $24,000 if they qualify. You can read it http://www.factcheck.org/2015/02/amnesty-bonuses/ here. The same goes for the "refugees" from Syria or wherever. They need to change the Statue of Liberty. Seriously. She should look like this: http://s72.photobucket.com/user/borderwar/media/NoVacancyLiberty.jpg.html. Let us not forget the violators of the 14th Amendment, also called "anchor babys". The 14th Amendment has been so misconstrued out to believe that if an illegal comes to this country and has a child, boom, the parents get citizenship too. WRONG. Trump brought this to the forefront. You are required to be here for a certain amount of time before the nationalization process can begin, but again, the liberals destroy it and make it work for them the way the want it to.   I'm super excited for this next section. I've been looking forward to typing out this next section most of all. Racism in this country. Everything that is happening in this country in terms of racism is just going too far. I mean come on people! Someone calls you a name, do what we were raised to do. MOVE THE F ON! Or as my mother used to say "get the F over it". Have we really become a nation where we are being forced to believe that "the white man" owes everyone of other color or nationality something? I get that slavery was horrible. I can't say I was directly effected by slavery other than saying that I'm part native american, so in a weird way I do. Anyways, there are so many misconceptions about slavery in the south that the liberals continue to teach our kids. Not everyone in the south was a slave owner. Here's an article that explains better than I can (and it keeps my long post a little shorter). Click this: http://townhall.com/columnists/michaelmedved/2007/09/26/six_inconvenient_truths_about_the_us_and_slavery/page/full. The recent events are just a reminder of what liberals are teaching. A teacher at Yale I think it was was out walking and students were complaining that someone's halloween costume was "too scary". The teacher said exactly what we were told by our parents "then don't look." That teacher was bashed nationally for it. Why? What did she say wrong? The costume wasn't racial by any means. Besides, how many halloween costumes are REALLY scary nowadays anyways? The most recent events, the events at the University of Missouri are sadly a product of liberal teaching. They have taught our kids that if something makes you feel "uncomfortable" or "sad" or "scary" that they should stand up and protest about it until someone makes it stop. Really? I was raised that there are some parts of life that are going to be scary or make me sad. Perfect example: when you're driving in your car and you see the person in front of you swerving all over the place, do you get scared? Or does it make you uncomfortable? The educational establishments haven't become a place of higher learning, they've become a place to dull down and shelter kids and make them a bunch of pussies (for lack of a better word). Also, what I don't understand is how racism in this country works. If you are white and you kill a black or brown or any color for that matter, it's a race crime. If a black kills a black or a black kills a white, no one says a damn word. When's the last time that a big case was made for a black killing a white? I don't mean on your local TV news, I mean nationally someone saying "An African american killed a Caucasian man today"? You haven't. Let me explain why racism is slowly becoming real. Things nowadays have become a country of walking on eggshells. Let me give you an example. My wife and I moved into a townhouse right before our daughter was born (Feb 2014). Our neighbor was a 50+yr old black woman. Everything at first was great. Shortly after our daughter was born, her late nights of blaring her music got old real quick. Always waking our daughter up. I'd go and politely ask them to turn it down (I even recorded a few of the encounters) and she usually told me to go to hell. It sadly became a regular thing to be on the phone with the police at 2-4am asking them to force her to turn the music down. I'm not a cop caller by any means. If you mess with my daughter though, that's when papa bear gets angry. One of the last encounters we had with them before we were advised to move out by the local police, was when the neighbors called us racist and threatened to file charges against us. The police had even told her that they could hear her music across the parking lot and we are racist? The police came to our door and warned us that because of the recent events in Ferguson, they weren't really allowed to much anymore. Situations like that, when people feel empowered by their self given authority and that the world owes them something, that becomes the seed of racism. This whole country needs to take off their girl panties and put on their big boy pants and get along. We are all here. We aren't going anywhere. We all want to better ourselves (at least most of us I should say) and take care of our families.   Lastly, let's talk about Obama himself. The man is a pathological liar and a communist supporter. Now now, let me explain. He's a liar because if you remember back on his first term, no one could find proof that he was in college. To this day, seven years later, no one has found his college transcript. Where is it? Now onto the statement that he is a communist supporter. Check out this link and google it yourself. This link explains EVERYTHING http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/06/23/just-like-obama-valerie-jarretts-family-investigated-by-fbi-for-communist-ties-fbi-files-included/. The national debt is now higher than all the presidents ever combined have made it. If we were to go to war tomorrow to keep and protect our country with... say Russia, how would we fight? Obama broke up the military. He shut down a bunch of ships and carriers. The entire military force has been stripped. Why? With ISIS and Syria, Russia and China building up their fleets and pushing ever closer into our waters, we need them more than ever. We have no money to buy or build anything (thanks debt), the government has taken or at least made it crazy difficult to purchase or keep our guns and ammo, companies are fleeing faster than ever to take their businesses out of the country and now Obama and his administration are inciting what is turning out to be a race war. How can we fight others when we are fighting ourselves? We can't.   This long post is drawing to an end so I will leave you all with this. If things continue down this path, I truly believe the end of this country is just over the horizon. Whether it's tomorrow or in a year from now. I have had a couple of conversations, especially lately of moving just over the Canadian border before the shit is fully engulfed in the storm. I'll do whatever I have to to protect my family. 
  13. Need help picking a GPU

    This gives me an excuse to get a better GPU lol. Shhhh.   Please see my response above lol. I WANT something kickass but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it.
  14. Need help picking a GPU

    So I'm building myself and my wife a new gaming PC but we are doing it piece by piece. I've got the motherboard and CPU but now I've come to the gpu. I currently have an ATI radeon r9 270x and its worked really well, however I'm going to have to replace it soon because the bearings on the fan are going out. So, my question for you all is this: What's the best NVIDIA graphics card on a budget? I mean $200 or less but still able to play everything on the market at high like I can with my current card. I've posted the CPU and mobo link below for reference. Thanks! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/H9C3sY
  15. ADK Meetup - Midwest(ish) Late Spring 2016

    Not a chance in hell. Look, I love you but your driving scares the ever loving shit out of me... and I survived the war.

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