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  1. Role Call

    I Am IAmNotThomas in-game (say that 5 times fast)
  2. Pokemon GO anyone? :)

    Is the region lock still in place in Canada? Maybe that might make our experiences differ.
  3. Pokemon GO anyone? :)

    Yet Pokemon have to be server instanced, for example yesterday I gathered 8 people during my break to catch a exeggute and we all got it at the same exact spot, and that particular Pokemon had the exact same CP for all of us, which unless we just ran into the worlds least likely coincidence, means that the Pokemon are server instanced. I have tested this multiple times but this was just the largest example.
  4. Pokemon GO anyone? :)

    @BookD20 You make some points I do agree with and some I don't, but since this game is fairly new and not enough details have come out about the core mechanics I'll yield to the judgement of the more experienced trainer, I'm only a measly level 8 at the moment.
  5. Pokemon GO anyone? :)

    I may be mistaken but from my experience I don't think it works like this, mainly as Pokemon are on the map for everyone in the vicinity and I can't think of a way that it could function that way based on an individuals personal effort. But that's only based on observation so if anyone has more concrete evidence then let me know.
  6. I am surprized alot of BF4 havnt seen this

    Huh, I have never noticed that and I probably never would have if It hadn't been pointed out to me, gotta love the little details you find in games.
  7. Pokemon GO anyone? :)

    I work at a park, and today I witnessed a group of seven or eight kids walking around playing Pokemon GO. I then heard one kid scream "CHARMANDER!" and when I looked up I saw them sprinting full bore down a hill. Today was a fun day.
  8. Introduction 2.0

    Thanks man! Also badass GIF you have in your signature
  9. What is yes in sheep? ~HansJob, 2016

  10. Introduction 2.0

    Hey ADK, for those who don't know me I used to be a member and I'm coming back again for another go. I play pretty much everything but at the moment I'm binging on Planetside 2. Outside of gaming I work as a lifeguard at my local pool, so that eats up the majority of my summer, but at least I have the money to supply my gaming addiction. I look forward to playing with y'all!
  11. Carl's Little Introduction

    @[member='carl526'] Welcome to the forums! What do you spend most of your time doing in E:D?
  12. Ayy lmao, my name is atex

    Ayyy welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay!
  13. Blackbird4503

    @[member='Blackbird4503'] Welcome to the forums! If you ever get bored down in BF4 (Which i doubt, the guys down there are really cool) come join up with us in planetside, plenty of teamwork up there!
  14. USAS-12 labeled as explosive

    @[member='War_Adm1ral'] I feel you man, did the same exact thing but managed to kill a group of 3 with it, and lets just say the chat box wasn't very positive.

    Essentially how I feel, welcome to the community!

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