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  1. Share your year in review!

  2. Discord channel name ideas

    Name idea, Pantheon's Bakery
  3. Discord channel name ideas

    There we go, done it right now. I would like to change the names of the rooms "LFG" and "general chat". For general chat, im saying we use "Summoners rift" since its a "hub"
  4. Discord channel name ideas

    So youve added a poll now, maybe make it have options. Like you have just yes or no and we dont know what we are saying yes or no to? And then if they do want to change a name, have them comment which name they want changed?
  5. Discord channel name ideas

    Seems like this is just trying to replace anything the old league section had. Ex: club member list, inhouse night post. Dont see a mass cry to do this?
  6. Discord channel name ideas

    What exactly are we changing the channel names for though? Like i dont see anyone complaining about the names. Infact they were something that was complimented when people joined. Especially when compared to other sections and their channel names.
  7. Discord channel name ideas

    Im down for changing the names of the open chat and lfg lobby. The other ones i vote to keep.
  8. Introductions are for Nerds (which I am)

    Howdy kaylon, what all do you play in league?
  9. Ranked arams?

    The idea is cool, but the randomness is just to much for me to want it to be ranked. That being said, if could choose between say 20-30 champs id be cool with it; however, that would just create a meta for that map. So i dont see a good way they could implement this.
  10. Least favorite champions to play against?

    A good janna makes bot lane extremely boring and frustrating.
  11. Rank and Time

    Been playing since end of season one (wasnt ranked to get the kayle skin). Main is plat atm, have 4 smurfs in gold. Still missing the days of the old ap winamere.
  12. Who is your favorite champion(s)

    Shaco and apwinamere forever......
  13. Soooo is there more info to this? Im talking with taco now about some of the stuff. Anyways will it be standard 10 bans? Will there be a specific patch we are playing on? Elo limit or minimum?
  14. You do realize we are on patch 7.2.5 now? Been on it for 4 weeks now......

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