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  1. I am asking #1 for your help pointing out games playing games with champions you KNOW how to play well. #2 pointing out people who play champions you don't know so they can be reached out to to help too #3 Keep being AWESOME  
  2. I have been bantering back and forth on twitter with @Riotsupport about providing how to's on Champions and their current META. This includes recording a lot of games + doing video editing in my vision on the scale of American football stopping and doing play by play in slow motion on how those champions did what they did.   Any thoughts and idea's to improve this as i have seen some of this out there but nothing doing the whole slow motion and explain in detail how and speculate why they went with that play.

    at first i was like woah, then i was, WOah and once i get the game i'll be WOAH !!!   digging my teeth into this hard core now.

    * blinks * WOAH
  5. Teemo Shroom Map ( Teemo Taunt Supa Effective )

    Depends my mom calls my dad that sometimes so maybe ????
  6. Do Not Feed the Kat.

    kat is weak and her ulti has no cc immunity. Feed her and let her ulti then yeah she's OP stop her ulti she's paper thin
  7. Season 5 Ranked Begins!

    I'm really tempted to wait until the skin for the season is announced before I go all hard core on ranked
  8. Teemo Shroom Map ( Teemo Taunt Supa Effective )

    Sorry ran out of green and purple crayon otherwise there would be no map
  9. Music of the league.

    Ohhh, i love good lore Riot seems to be back on track with giving the game substance than just moba fight fight fight.    Also it goes back to my theory that they are making the game cuter to bring in more female players.   Downloading the music now.

    Woah, this is one of those games on my OMG this looks EPIC List
  11. Funniest afk reasons

    My best and most annoying would be, my support said nothing. Then came back 15 minutes later. When I asked him I was informed that he had had taken a shit so hard he though be split a hemroid.  needless to say we lost that game.
  12. The General Rule of thumb I follow is watch your opponents movement patterns and follow this as a guide if they go into the bushes alot then shroom it. If not then focus on where they are moving.
  13. best champ mid?

    Syndra Mid got me to Gold
  14. Lets talk Boom Boom

    I see Riot's strategy, #1 They make them cuter. #2 This brings in more female players. #3 Eventually Female talented players will make it to the finals. #4  PROFIT !!!!

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