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  1. adk

    When are they going to accept the =ADK= users???
  2. LoL

    Hey guys feel free to add me in origin ZappaRed21 cheers ...
  3. Ormarr Kai

    Welcome to=ADK= my friend see you in the battlefield
  4. for the weekend.

    Ok I am in South Africa in my time see you soon
  5. bf4 maps

      Each of the multiplayer maps in Battlefield 4 have actions that can be performed to change how they are played called “Levolutions”. While most of these actions are catastrophic events such as buildings and bridges collapsing, some are just as simple as moving a flag from one point to another. With our guide, we will tell you which levolution action happens on each map, how it affects gameplay, and how to trigger it to make things a little more hectic.
  6. for the weekend.

    hey guys and girls please tell of any events for this weekend on =ADK= # servers. Just let me know. Cheers.
  7. hey guys what is going on for this weekend?

  8. hey guys what is going on for this weekend?

  9. hi there guys feel free to to join me Thursday night in ADK#7 see you there.

  10. Weclome to my introduce

    Hi welcome to ADK when you see me in bf4 give me a poke
  11. hi im Donovan ZappaRed21

    Thank you same to you to
  12. Hi there!

    Hi there if you come across bf4 let me know cheers
  13. hi im Donovan ZappaRed21

    Hi i am Donovan im from south africa-noth,west.Lichtenburg.   I am a bf4 player i am that pype of person who communicata with people. just need to know you guys better   p.s thanx for reading...
  14. My Introduction Post


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