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  1. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    I'm with Bromance on the Nvidia/EVGA... I would go with your choice here [url="http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2827136&CatId=7387"]http://www.tigerdire...36&CatId=7387��[/url] & Bromance stop with the greasy good cheese burgers dude your avatar always makes me hungry
  2. I upgraded....

    I looked it up it looks real nice congrats on the upgrade
  3. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    [quote name='=ADK= warspite' timestamp='1353685134' post='55540'] [color=#ffa500][size=4][font=comic sans ms', cursive]Yeah, that is the one place that you can almost count on a pre-built OEM skimping. The unsung hero of great gaming rigs, a solid power supply is always worth its cost. If you can, get one from a solid vendor and read the customer reviews. Big considerations are stability and reliability. Always get the best one that you can afford. [/font][/size][/color][color=#FFA500][font=comic sans ms', cursive]Another bonus is that once you get a good power supply, you can move it from rig-to-rig as you upgrade, so they are always money well spent.[/font][/color] [/quote] Fully agree with this statement & wattage will be a factor in upgrading in the future... You want a decent amount of watts... I wouldn't go lower 750 to 800 watts personally... silver cert if you can afford it
  4. Building A Gaming pc For a Friend Help

    No edit option on my post? ... WTF?
  5. Building A Gaming pc For a Friend Help

    Vishera... barely .... 4 core INTEL better than a 6 core AMD in my book .... best reason to get AMD CPU is to save $... but it's worth the extra money to go INTEL It all depends on your priority & what you like to run ... For me it's INTEL CPU ... NVIDIA Graphics If you want the better performance Hardware.... If $ is an isuue that much AMD/Radeon whatever can be the solution you are looking for
  6. Building A Gaming pc For a Friend Help

    [quote name='RoccoMac' timestamp='1350471597' post='50128'] 750w PSU with that system is pretty overkill.. could probably cut that down to a 550w or even a bit less and be more than ok and save a fair chunk of change. I run a system very similar to that one on a 430w corsair psu with room to spare. [/quote] It's better to spend the $ for the better PSU now .. If he's gonna want to upgrade this thing with parts that take more power In the future... I think
  7. Chunsah Trolling WhickerBasket with Pokes

    Whicker you have your own stalkers
  8. AOB MIA from PC for unknown time.

    [quote name='xSteeLer' timestamp='1353029019' post='54183'] No get a PS3, they are better. [/quote] LoL
  9. hello adk players

    Hi megatron congrats on the code ... I remember getting transformers for Xmas when i was a Kid
  10. Got Dem AOB Tags

  11. JckDanielzz....Who Wouldn't Love Me?

    LoL I like you already Jack daniels is my favorite drink ..... Look forward to seeing you in game and on teamspeak welcome to ADK
  12. Server population order

    You got it , thx for the clarification... i hope everyone else reads this
  13. Got Dem AOB Tags

    [quote name='xRingmastressx' timestamp='1351559698' post='51909'] Totally Jealous... ;'( Where's muh AOB tags :'( [/quote] you have to earn them Ring
  14. Windows 8 Upgrade review

  15. *I'm an idiot for making a title in caps and spamming*

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1352684512' post='53522'] Use common sense next time you want to do something like that. Thanks! [/quote] Just like the old saying goes common sense is not so common

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