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  1. A Space engineer server sounds amazing. I wish you welcome to the clan.
  2. Tokyo Ghoul

    So its going the alchemist route, that explains the second season. Guess I got some reading to do.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul

    I haven't seen an anime drag me through the human mind like this since Evangelion. I now watch the first intro because it reminds of a better time, if that says anything about it's impact Highly Recommend Season one + two Subbed on Hulu plus
  4. What is your IGN?

    Rusty409 Doing federation missions with the intent to visit SOL.
  5. Along with the ballot initiatives to reduce penalties of the drug policy and give people the right to sue if an officer tries to prosecute. http://wate.com/2015/02/13/tenn-lawmakers-seek-to-legalize-up-to-half-ounce-of-marijuana/
  6. Psycho-Pass

    Both Psycho Pass and Psycho Pass 2 are on Hulu plus under Psycho Pass. WC?
  7. Welcome CruelFish to =ADK=

    I do hope your adventure in adk will be a great and grand adventure :)
  8. Welcome to the party :) hope to bounty hunt with you soon, cmdr.
  9. Hello (Insert City Here). This be the very little known Ligerx409. Yes i do like zoids. I'm hoping to one day reach pro levels so any help in that direction would be much apprechiated. I mostly jump around from PS2 and Titanfall. but im always up for trying a new game. I am a introvert so dont feel bad if im not the most social. Hope to play with all of ou soon :)

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