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  1. The preseason is drawing closer!

    I can't say much abotu twisted treelin, never played it very much, but I do like alot of the changes they are making. The new match making system looks like it might be interesting. As a player who mains Support I love the buff we are getting and the change to warding. I'm a little worried about the changes to the pink ward (it will be permanent but it will be visible to enemy opponents) in the sence that it will give an advantage to the Twitchesss and Shacosss of LOL.I also like the fact that inhibitors will no longer make all minions strong when destroyed, only the ones in the lane that lost the inhibitor. I'd like to know what y'all think about the claims that the matchmaking will "inforce the meta"?
  2. ADK Competitive!

  3. Just restart on LoL

    I'm not on that much but feel free to add me.   -brotherhumble
  4. First look at the ARAM Queue

    Other than re-rolling you also have the opportunity of swapping champions with a fellow teammate in case they got one you are good with and you got one you suck with. That also helps.
  5. [Poll] Choose Your Tribe!

    I took Winter's claw cause all my friends took the other ones. One of them even stole my joke about what the Frostguard icon looks like..
  6. First look at the ARAM Queue

    I tried the map yesterday. I had never done ARAM before.  I thought the map itself was beautiful. I'm still trying to get used to how to play in this map, its quite different to the other one of course. I don't know what the big deal is about the shop keeper, sure he says some phrases when you spawn and buy but whats so awesome about that? Well I'm happy they added more stuff, it never hurts to have the game grow.
  7. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    BrotherHumble and I'm level 20 only.
  8. Xbox 360 Gamer Tags!

    My gamer tag is: [b]BrotherHumble[/b] I play very few online games MAss effect 3 a bit and some Street fighter. Still....look me up.
  9. The dark knight rises

    Yeah Bane was hard to understand atleast on the first half of the movie. Second half I think I understood him alot better. I think anne hathaway and joseph gordon-levitt totally stole the movie. [color=#B22222]+++Possible spoilers +++[/color] I had alot of gripes with the movie... and I don't mean to say that it was a bad movie, cause I still enjoyed it. I just wasnt Wowed by it. [color=#000000]1) Gotham felt really empty in alot of the shots. Maybe it was just me but some of the riot or anarchy scenes felt really empty.[/color] [color=#000000]2) Batman is suppose to be ultra clever dude that outsmarsts his opponents in a fight. Whats his plan for fighting Bane: "I'll punch him". That fails and he's gotta fight him again; whats his plan: "I'll punch him...in the face." I mean, really?[/color] [color=#000000]3) Nobody finds The Bat for five months wilst its parked on the roof of a random building.[/color] [color=#000000]4) The prison was NOT a hell hole. It was actually a nice-ish place: none of the inmates attack each other, he gets good medical treatment, there is nice chanting music, they even are allowed to attempt escapes.[/color] [color=#000000]5) The prison was described as a place of darkness. Bane was "born in darkness"...uhm...NO. The prison gets more sun than half the schools in America and Bane was not born there.[/color] [color=#000000]6) Batman is told he failed cause he wasnt afraid to die but to get out of prison he must not be afraid to die...ok.[/color] [color=#000000]7) the weight of the rope is holding him back but packing a thermos of food and supplies weights more than the rope isn't.[/color] [color=#000000]8) At the stock exchange they have 8 minutes to catch the batguy....so they leave the stock market with motorcycles, go through a tunnel and suddenly its pitch black outside O.o[/color] [color=#000000]9) Wouldn't most of the cops have died during a frozen winter underground[/color] [color=#000000]10) how come most of the cops were clean shaven when they exited from their underground entrapment[/color] [color=#000000]11) NOBODY believes or listens to the police commmisioner to go investigates the sewers? Nobody? Not even if it was an order?[/color] [color=#000000]12) BAtman dragged that "unstable about to explode" nuke all over the place and banged it against buildings and stuff[/color] See it isn't that any one of those bothered me, it was the combination of all of them. However...it was still fun. The music was great, the filming spot on, the actors brought their A game, and the whole plot was really good. I just wish he had stuck to his established comic book in the real world.
  10. The dark knight rises

    So...did any one else leave the theater feeling kinda "meh" about the whole movie? Also why the hell did they call that hover thing "the bat". It looked nothing like a bat.
  11. Got My New ADK Mousepad!!! Have you gotten yours?

    Cuzco got his yesterday...mouse pad I mean. I looked quite good but it's a bit big for my desk. Might get one to use for as a MTG mat though.
  12. Hello

    Hi, I'm BrotherHumble. I'm here cause Cuzco2585 says y'all are pretty awesome. I looke foreward to joining some of you in TF2 or Diablo 3.
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