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    The great white north like up above the states, the big land mass that the rest of the world hates.
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    Sippin' syrup
    playing hockey

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  1. Advice on a new mouse?

    I'm rocking the Corsair M90 vengeance, its really comfortable, lights up, and you can program it really well. It also has the greatest mouse wheel of all time. Its really heavy which in my opinion is a good thing. It's got a braided cable and really high dpi if you set it to that.   Some of the side buttons feel kinda clunky until you get used to them/break them in, and if you have small hands you will have to adjust your grip so your thumb can reach.   Alot of people have issues with the firmware not working right on arrival, but you can always read RAMGUY's posts on the corsair website and its super easy to fix if you follow the instructions perfectly.   This mouse was worth the 65$ I snagged for it and I'd pay another 65$ for it again if this one breaks.
  2. I lost it when I saw the images shooped on the sides.

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