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  1. 90N1NE

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1337172412' post='28740'] I am more than willing to ban him if you can dissect these 2 videos. So take those videos and create your own video showing each point where you say he is hacking, etc, etc. . We've asked people multiple times to give us detailed information and they say the same thing over and over again. We have evidence of him hacking (well in your opinion he's hacking) with all the videos he has posted, so PLEASE dissect them for us, and the rest of the BF3 community and we will gladly ban him. Not only will we ban him from our servers, but I will go and post the evidence for the rest of the BF3 community, and on facebook/twitter and any other media outlet that I can come in contact with. [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPfEBtZPP9Q[/media] [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOWkkgLGMOM[/media] If you're not willing to do that, then your words mean nothing. Because you think we are just going to ban off of words and nothing else and it's not going to work. He's been banned multiple times and been unbanned from those same people because of videos that he's given to prove himself. So where's the line going to be drawn of "someone is just really good"? Do all the CS top players hack? I mean they MUST hack, and if there was a battlelog for CS then they would ALLLLLL be hacking right? Not to be rude or anything, but I explained about the AA website, and you just say "whatever". . you don't even acknowledge the fact that it WASN'T him, and that it's been proven that it's not his account on there and that there is someone using his name. Did you ever look here: [url="http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/90N1N3/"]http://battlelog.bat...f3/user/90N1N3/[/url] The person that is on AA posted someone on the AA website saying that he wanted hacks for VEHICLES. . tanks to be exact I believe. Uhhh. . how often does 90N1NE play vehicle maps? Ever here of people trying to impersonate someone, especially to be able to black mail them. It's quite easy to do such thing on the internet. But clearly that's not the case here right? Maybe this topic wouldn't be so bad if you weren't the 10th person roughly that has come and posted and just given attitude without trying to prove someone is hacking besides just giving statements. If you say he's hacking, prove it with videos that you dissect. If you're not willing to do that, then obviously you are just like all the others that have come and done the same things. [/quote] Hey man not trying to start a crap storm just reporting to you what I see in his stream. Perhaps you should download the hack and try it out for a month or two on a dummy account and then you will be able to see why he is hacking no recoil and such. He toggles it on and off and it is clear he probably has it off in the video. As I do see recoil. The hack is highly customizable and can be turned on and of with a touch of a button also all features can be toggled on and off at will. I suggest you read this thread http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield3/comments/t7201/im_a_hacker_and_i_have_some_information_for_the/ Again if you have not used the hack and know how to customize it, it will be hard for you determine or confirm your suspicions on whether or not he hacks. I had to DL and try the hack out just to see what it was all about I have since stopped using it because I know what I am up against when people are using it. Regular players have no chance against the close hackers that only use certain features of the hack and use it in a way that they are not suspected, OR they are suspected but the accuser just cant be 100% there hacking. Thats what makes an undetectable hacker. He does not use it all the time I will say that but he does use it, not gonna go into the great detail to try to prove it people who use the hack are the ones that are probably calling him out. Once you use it and have many hours logged using it you will be able to detect hackers very quickly :-) trust me on that. Because you know what the hack allows you to do, this does not mean you accuse everyone of hacking these will be clear indications that someone is using the hack, with this in side knowledge along with viewing stats you will be a pro and banning hackers. My intention is not to get him banned but just to point out what I have witnessed. He will eventually get caught by a EB delayed ban and then you will have your confirmation :-)
  2. What's upperrrrrr??!!

    just a fyi this douche bag final got baned for hacking [PBBans:263220 2012-05-22] 4d7481c5ec85c5168524800171b1c02d "LordHiXecutioner" "74.199.*.*" "MULTIHACK 71177" he changed his name to Rydah__Synatria [url="http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/LordHiXecutioner/"]http://battlelog.bat...rdHiXecutioner/[/url] but that will not help him now. Jack
  3. 90N1NE

    ok guys think what you want, he has no recoil and his aiming jumps from target to target even though he has jump to target set to false in the bot, you can still see if if you know what to look for. If you choose to turn your eye so be it. But this guys is using the artificail aming level 3 bf3 hack. Im surprised he has the nads to run it while streaming but he has you all to defend him and plays on adk gaming servers so why not eh?
  4. 90N1NE

    ADK Gamers, I had been watching this user on his stream and noticed he was clearly using a hack, why and how do I know? Because I use the same one, while I admit I use it this player seems to be a closet hacker. And uses the aimbots feature to try to look legit. I will submit that this user has two accounts setup, one that he uses to tweak and test the aimbot purchased from artificial aiming.net and the other when he is appearing to look legit, after he has done his testing. I will say he has the aimbot setup nice when he is using it on the FL account, but to a user that uses the same features it is a dead giveaway. Please see the following posts made by this user under his name 90N1NE in the artificial aiming.net forums, unfortunately for him he was not smart enough to use a different name, you will have to regiuster to the forum to be able to view this link, sorry. http://www.artificialaiming.net/forum/search.php?searchid=48680 90N1NE 90N1NE is offline ArtificialAiming VIP Hacking Account, the one he uses to test his aimbot settings. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/90N1N3/ Legit Account where he plays and streams using the tweaked aimbot settings. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/90N1NE-fL/ And his youtube channel Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/90N1N3 same name as his artifical aiming account name. Take this information as you will, but I can tell you this user uses the aimbot, with the 3dradar functions turned off rotating angle turned to slow and no recoil and no bullet drop set to true. To a user that does not know how to tweak the aimbot which is highly customizable they would be thinking is this guy hacking? But would not be 100% sure. In order to see the aimbot functions you would have to be familiar with how it behaves. I write this because if you going to cheat then admit it don’t try to look legit. Jack

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