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  1. People not wearing ADK Tags

    In a different thread, someone said that if a Member was not wearing ADK tags in a game that ADK has a "large footprint in," they would have their member status removed? Is this true? If so, why does it give you the option "Yes" or "No" for wearing ADK tags when you fill out an application?
  2. wowwwww

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1354951044' post='58530'] Nope sorry try again. [/quote] Dat metro 64 ugh
  3. wowwwww

    [quote name='AOBLXIX' timestamp='1354942354' post='58503'] even more proof that our server is the best out there. but we need to get that other server full! [/quote] *most popular Dat metro 64
  4. Yeah but IMO, that isnt where the game went wrong. There are more ppl in game then voice coms (TS is not the only one) because not everyone wants to. Again, take CoD or MOH for example. The coms are rarely used. In fact some of the same people who wanted VOIP in BF3, never even used it in MOH. I think the lack of a spectator mode, the suppression effect, the blue tint, and client side hit reg are where Dice went wrong.
  5. Hmm..never heard of that.
  6. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    Yeah sign ups are open until January 3rd
  7. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    Sign ups open, 5v5 Conquest. http://www.cevo.com/event/bf3-season1/
  8. [quote name='ph4s3' timestamp='1354578892' post='57792'] TL;DR. Communication. The fact that any team-based game could ship without working voice comms is ridiculous. [/quote] People will use Mumble, Vent, etc no matter what. CoD/MoH for example. The only ingame conversations are about who did what to each other's mothers.
  9. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    Yeah its like people think you have to be a "god" at the game to play competitively. There are/used to be teams with pretty average individual players, but play well as a team. You don't even have to take it seriously, PKP Bipod claymore all the way
  10. BF3 XBOX?

    Nah but I play Ps3 when I get sick of PC, which is quite often.
  11. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    [quote name='frekillz' timestamp='1354170434' post='56708'] id try to start a team but i suck. wouldnt go far [/quote] aha Nah its all for fun, BF3 desperately needs more teams.
  12. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    Conquest, sorry should have said
  13. CEVO Battlefield 3 Tourny

    http://www.cevo.com/forums/topic/472/cevo-battlefield-3-game-format-poll/ CEVO will be starting a new BF3 tourny and is asking for what gamemode format. *PLEASE** vote 5v5 even if you dont care, it will bring back more teams. If anyone is interested in starting a team with some people, it should be coming up somewhat soon.
  14. Gran Turismo 5

    I used to have it, but sold it towards another game And I completely regret doing so. Great game.

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