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  1. Favorite soda/pop?

    I enjoy a nice glass on really cold Pepsi, so what is your favorite soda/pop?
  2. BF3 forgotten?

    I play more BF3 than anything else. When I first started here there was a lot of ADK playing, but here lately been just couple.   I know my skill level has gone up .01, but no need to stop playing. Just stay out of my 10 foot radius and you will be fine, so get on TS I mostly the only 1 there between hours 8pm-2am est........lol
  3. I miss Bf3 guys, Metro what did u do to us?

    wow this thread got little of topic for a few... :D.   Everyone loves our rush server, and the tdm has players on it every second of the day, when most servers are dead or just few players on them.   BF3 will be around for another decade so lets all enjoy it. I try daily to get folks on TS, and for recruitment. It all starts with ADK players, admin or not to say HI when you join server. Chat with the other players, and be respectful always.     now could someone, or a business sponsor a server and bring back metro server? Would this be possible, and cost is what $500-$600 a year?
  4. I love this community...

    Well spoken kind Sir!!   My feeling are as much the same as yours
  5. Pennsylvania Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

    lol I sat here and watch 2 more videos from these guys...very funny!!   @Chaos1907
  6. Hello ADK Community

    @[member='zombiewolf']   Welcome to the forums and ADK community.
  7. Hello, I'm Jimmy

    :)   Welcome Jimmy!!  I hope to hear from you tonight you should of gotten your mic by now. We need to get your hours on TS in so you can become a full member.   Great Player (better than me but thats not hard),  chats with everyone on server nice to see, and always welcome.
  8. The t-shirt I got for Christmas

    around here pizza hut place been closing. They could use this idea, this would certainly help the business.
  9. I miss Bf3 guys, Metro what did u do to us?

    I would be up for a metro server for sure!!!
  10. BF3: the lost star

    I play everyday 8pm-2amest. sometimes I will be online here and there at other times, but will always be online at that time.   Also I have gotten 2 to apply for recruitment in past couple days. Give it time and me time, and I will get many to apply and be playing regularly soon enough.
  11. Veteran Admin Promotion - 12/18/2014

    Congrats Fuzz!!
  12. Admin ?

    I play a lot with Tasty a great player, also has been on my friends list for awhile now. Nice to see the interest Tasty. You can grab me anytime i'm on to help out, we seem to play same times at night. Hope to see You and your buddy themagic_cold perhaps join us, and help fight the never ending cheating battled...lol   Jump on TS/team speak TS.ADKGamers.com:3796  no password, get to know us. Great community here I think you would enjoy.   @[member='FeatherSton3'] @[member='theTastyy_Waffle']  
  13. BF3 Medic Spree.

    Very Nice i did see that you was laying them down left in right. Oddly enough i got in similar situation last night got 14 streak was on a different map though.   When do you play I have yet to see you on that I know of. I play from 8 or 9pm to 1 or 2 am est every night 7 days a week.
  14. BF3 Medic Spree.

    What happened? I'm sorry i'm old and slow, but didn't see anything wrong.
  15. Is the BF3 Rush Down?

    I do not see BF3 Rush anywhere and was wondering if it is down for repair, crashed, or turned off for good.     Thank You!!
  16. 2 Nights in row on BF3 rush server

    No one has been on the BF3 rush server for this the 2nd night. I tried some last night but no luck on getting players to join.   Lets get this server full again  :(
  17. 2 Nights in row on BF3 rush server

    spent 3 hours finally got it full.   Thanks for the help @[member='FeatherSton3']
  18. Scratching that itch

    No matter what you chose you will have a really nice, fast computer. Good Luck on the build!   Let us know how it turns out and what you have chosen!!!

    Medal of Honor, BF3  -  Helps me unwind from long day of work. Fun game play, cool community of players.
  20. My College Football Saturday.....

    Ohio State is going to lose by 13 tonight  I sure do hope anyways. I dislike Ohio State with a passion   Go Badgers!!
  21. GTA5 - Banned from Target

    I played GTA for hour hated it. One game the world could really do without. We all know there are a lot of questionable games, but it is up to parents to know what is good and bad for the kids. Bad parents should be banned and removed from the store shelves.
  22. I wanna build a new rig.... casing?

    Don't think you can go wrong with the Corsair Obsidian 900D. Plenty of room for everything including pretty good cooling system. Things could has enough fans installed to possibly use it for an airplane.
  23. Dear Denver Broncos Fans

    @[member='Tehrror'] lol that's about right!! NFC to busy with 2 hand touch football. You all ready for real mens football try choosing a real team in AFC.
  24. BF3 forgotten?

    @[member='FeatherSton3']   Nice!! That is a great college, and the football team kicks butt every year. I like watching them play!!
  25. The Hunger Games

    @[member='The'] unTHRESHable   Very well put, I could not of said it any better.

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